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  1. ^ I wouldn't say Fallen...out of...Holding on for dear life maybe?
  2. Its hard to search for some of the more juicy topics from back then. Really the best way is to find a really old member that you know posted in the more out there topics and search their posts. Reading some of them now amazes me. PKIU was dominated by park employees, primarily the rides department. Back then everybody was a smartass. Back then if this was happening, people either couldn't have cared less, or if you made them mad, they would rip you up so badly that you would never want to come to the site again. Peoples posts were much more goverend by opinions rather than facts. EDIT: Man some of these old topics... I wish I could link them but I know the links would get removed . Oh how wrong you were. PKIU was ran by Mafia like organization to which we had a botnet of hamsters in a cages typing out witty banter...or what was witty when your 19 years old.
  3. Congress always votes a pay increase but the deal is the current congress cannot get it. The next congress gets it.
  4. People need money right now. Heck I'd be looking at KI if i hadn't found my job.
  5. This smells fishy just like pimp my ebay auction?
  6. If the price is right why not pick up a fully built resort on the cheap? As far as debt load goes if GE defaults the loan and they want to sell it for a quick 40-50mil. That would be a drop in the bucket for CF to pick it up. This could be a purchase that could pay for it self fairly quickly if the opportunity knocks. The place makes money but Great Wolf it self just can't afford to pay for the place all at once. This move could make the shareholders very happy because the park would be picking up a profitable unit and can be made more profitable once you merge operations into the company itself.
  7. Something tells me Cedar Fair may get there resort for Kings Island after all. Let it default buy it cheaply rename all the rides Water slides as generically as possible and boom! resort!
  8. The TPR DVD's are a good value if you like parks from all over the world. Plus they have gotten much better over the years.
  9. How many nickels does that come with?
  10. I think opening the indoor stuff up at 4 is a great idea and would reduce some of the lines. I know plenty of haunted houses t hat do RIP passes as well. Which is basically a Qbot.
  11. Great for standing up for yourself. If it was this much of a scene I am shocked a ride op didn't say anything. Its not like that ride has a big line to begin with.
  12. Hey during media day in 2004 for Boomerang Bay I slipped and fell getting off one of the slides on Jackeroo Landing got a nasty nasty scar to this day from it. I didn't sue I didn't whine. I got up limped around for a bit got a advil and went about my day. Back in 2003 The park had a few preview days before memoral day when the waterpark was open for schools and then at the end of the day for normal folks. Funny thing was none of the students were allowed to go in the waterpark. I went after school while my friend worked and basically had Water Works ERT. Had a great day until.... I get tossed off one of the old waterworks slides I think they call it Sydney Sidewinder now. I fell off in one of the corners and basically rolled down the rest of the slide into the splash down. Scraped my leg up pretty good and had a bloody nose. I did get yelled and laughed at by the lifeguard Oh and I beat my tube down by 5 seconds. Moral of these stories are it can happen. Both times I got laughed at by the life guards...i also don't do water parks anymore.
  13. Actually straight from YouTube Late 1970's Footage of Kings Island - Cincinatti Ohio I also believe this was put up by a KIC person.
  14. Yeah they they fired em out of a cannon. My grammer and though process broke there so I am not even gonna bother fixing it.
  15. Exactly and thats why even if they did get blown up the GP will still remember this story and it may be a factor in someone visiting the park or the zoo.
  16. Thats your choice. I am sure others will step in. These 4 have learned a valuable lesson already, one way to get things done in this country is to go to the media. Journalists do dig there claws in and don't let go. How it was edited was suspect but at the end of the day action is being taken. Remember if it wasn't for things like the I-team or don't waste your money or troubleshooter people would get away with a lot more.
  17. I'd be a bit miffed too if I paid 3G's for to learn about another country and and ended up a sweeper at KI whos day includes waking up eating going to ki and going home. Seriously WTF why couldn't they get furnished apartment. They expected them to pay for that as well. I would expect for anything over a 2 week stay to be either furnished in an extended stay hotel or a furnished apt. At least it seems the people of Cincinnati are not going to sit idly by and let KI and this organization ruin these kids summer. Were on a KI FANSITE which means whatever the park spits out is gold. Hyped to death or not, these kids were mis treated and its going to be up to our own citizens to help show them that Cincinnati and the US isn't about the will of KI or the Organization that brought them here. When you blow the whistle you are never popular, but hopefully next year KI will provide better conditions for them and spend some extra scratch instead of having to pay the PR battle. This isn't going to end with the newscast. KI is going to have this stigma for years and some people who are going to chose weather to go or not will hear "well i heard a story about how they treated their workers like zoo animals and such" Recovery will not be swift. People STILL think SOB killed people
  18. Those photo don't show the mounds of bird crap or the cops raiding the place for illegals on a weekly basis. trust me I have been in them and know people who lived there It is a nightmere.
  19. Sorry Ryan I am going to call BullS*hit They put em up in Woodbridge on the lake. I lived next to that complex for 3 years. They have been "remodeled" more times than I can count. They have also burnt to the ground a few times. They are DUMPS. Not to mention the drug dealing that goes down in the parking lot or the fact that the fire department is there atleast 3-4 times a week cause the fire alarm "malfunctions". When we moved out of the complex next door they had to have patrol the complex with a mounted patrol because of how much crime there is. There had been 4 rapes and a like 20 shootings. It hasn't gotten better. Its called "the Ghetto of West Chester" for a reason. Here's what people have to say about the place http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/OH-We...n-the-Lake.html oh and 1200 is laughable. Rent was only 450 for a 3br. The 1 broken PC in the "business center" does not make for internets. Kings Island does treat most of there seasonals like crap. Yeah its "great" money at 16 but ya know working a double for 8 days then having 1 day off is awful fun. Min wage ain't great money. Getting in touch with HR is a joke so its not that far off. When you "lose" a application that in a database that's really funny. Were busy but leave a message and we can get back to ya.Kings Island pulls the same crap on the local kids. Advertise how fun it is and the "perks" These kids sound like they are coming from universities to learn skills to help there careers but instead are given pretty much nothing and told to go get another 10,000 gallon drum of skyline. At least Disney tries to put you in a position to learn something. 2nd METRO DOESN'T RUN IN WEST CHESTER. They have a park and ride on Tylersville and that's it. You can see a grand total of a Wal-mart a shell gas station a speedway and a Wendy's. Your right next to I-75 and there is no sidewalks. No wonder they can't go anywhere. As for the cabs its around $2.00 Per mile per person in some cases plus any other fees they come up with. As for firing them. Yes firing whistle blowers isn't a smart move and can be the cause of pesky pesky investigations. I am sure the park will find another reason to have them "quit on their own" by doing what all managers in low wage crap jobs do cut your hours. If they only work 5hrs a week they can't afford to live on that. That's manager tatic 101. As for getting in touch with the I-team. Perhaps someone called on their behalf? Or hey maybe they happened by a TV with it on. Still the park is in the wrong here and could set an example of how to do a international program well. Don didn't seem to handle this well either. It seemed that when its not a fluff story for the park its total shock to the PR and marketing department. Theres no good way to spin this for them. We got em a bus and some of those free reds tickets that get showered onto the park. Oh wait its July summers almost half over for most of these kids. This group is pretty much going to hate the rest of there time even if the park makes good on this they are still going to feel jipped. I know I would if I spent 3000k to come here and get stuck where they did.
  20. Having worked a Pride Night in 2001 everyone was very nice and had a great time. I have no qualms about KI having a day. People shouldn't have to hide because they are attracted to the same gender. We need to move on from such petty things and rumor smasher congrats for being open about it and not making a huge mistake.
  21. Funny too that CBS is Viacom and a NEW Viacom was formed when they split and the OLD Viacom became CBS. So it was the same handlers just different hands.
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