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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I have to agree also with what DVO said "I'd like to see them take out the Action Theater and expand in the back of the park." removing Days of Thunder and putting a ride like from Canadas Wonderland (once owned by Paramount) Sledgehammer. Removing the Action theater will make a good size trail to the backside of the park lots of rides can be built back there. Now for my added ride Tomb Raider that has to go, it replaced Kennton Cannal which was alot more fun, after Tomb Raiders first year its hardly ever busy i rode it once and said that sucked! I say improve Congo Falls with better theam
  2. Id like them to get rid of Italian Job and bring the antque cars back. Have alot of memories on those hehehehe
  3. Why would they take it out that ride is busy in the hot summer days, however it doesnt have long lines on the weekdays. Id like to see them improve it like Disney World did with thiers.
  4. Dont know if you all care but to the left of the Tower they will be taking out the walk of fame. Its were the had the Paramount movies ingraved in the big stone blocks. They ground out the top of the stones so they are blank took out the star ship enterprise and the idol from indiana jones so they are canning the paramount theaming. However are the coasters going ot go threw a name change as well? I would say yes and maybe change the name back to Beastie as it has been always known.
  5. They closed it cause they couldnt find people who knew how to play guitar. Its sad kids of today love the sound of electronic drums and a beat from a yamaha keyboard. This generation dont want to take the time to learn how to play an instrament where it takes hard work and REAL talent. Anyone can dress like a thug, grab your own nuts, and shout profanities in a microphone. Ask any of those rappers like 25 cents or m and m how to read music and see the dumb look an thier face.
  6. Yeah, but I tell them to cover it up. its a family environment, not Hooters! LOL Funny I see girl ages 15 to 42 wear thier cloths like that not differant then being at the water park! If thats what thier parents let them do then there is nothing you can do to stop it. Im not a pervert looking at a female that is willing to show off what she has, nothing wrong with that in my book! If you want to look at dudes hey thats your cup of tea all I can say is go for it dude, but not me sorry. Times are changing didnt you know? Hell they have daycare centers ant elementry schools now. B
  7. Id rather have Lone Star, Olive Garden, or Smokie Bones Cedar Fair doesn't have a track record owning those franchises...they do at owning/operating Friday's franchises. I'm a big fan of Famous Daves at the Cedar Point marina! Well I wasnt talking about them owning anything. As for that they dont own Subway .... but they have one right by Racer! However they can franchise it like they did subway. The food at T.G.I. Fridays is the same you can get at the park plus its been known as a "swingers place" not the type of thing they dont want around familys agreed?
  8. I miss them too also I really miss the Old Fashion cars. Sounds like i wasnt the only one who had fun on the antquie cars when we were teens. That was the spot, I kissed my first chick on them and other things hehehe. Me too. It needs to come back. ... the Revnge of the Maestro I like it. That was just another place for teens to make-out. lol
  9. Its not a coater but they took out the larger log flume ride (Kennton Cannal not sure of spelling) for Tome Raider that was the biggest waste of money, space, and a better ride! It was big when it come out but died the year after eveyone rode it once or twice but dont line up for it anymore. Thats how you can tell whos a local season pass holder and who isnt.
  10. What brings me to the park is the beautiful ladys and Beast! Nothing like seeing all these chicks with bikini tops and open shorts on all day.
  11. Id rather have Lone Star, Olive Garden, or Smokie Bones
  12. Ya but why do I feel like were going to be treated like the redheaded step child of CF?
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