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    I like roller coasters, biking, reading science fiction and thrillers. I am a huge naval history buff and love playing chess. I am active in seeking a cure for Parkinson's disease, which I have had since my early 40's.

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  1. I am  back.  I was last active back in 2017 when I had my heart attack and cervical spinal fusion surgery.  As most are aware, I am a long time employee of Kings Island with 1972 being my very first season and one of Kings Island's original employees, hence my user name.  Well, the 2018 season was my 23rd and final season.  Due to health issues with my Parkinson's disease and concerns for my safety also, I relocated and moved to Secaucus, New Jersey in mid July of 2018 and moved into an apartment above my sister's two family home.  I only live 5 miles  from Manhattan and the skyline is very visible from my apartment.  I am thankful that I  could transfer my housing voucher and use it to pay my share of the rent.  

    I will try to visit the park in 2020 and visit my friends that  still work there.  I would had visited this  year but I am having some health concerns with my heart and badly needed back surgery that I need to have performed.  

    Until later,

    Michael Perin



  2. In 1972 when I started working at Kings Island, the minimum wage was $1.60/hour! Lots of money for a 17 year old teenager from Kings Mills, Ohio!
  3. When I was hired at KI in 1972 as a litter gitter, I remember working with a Bill Balfour. I wonder if he is the same person and does anyone know when he was first hired at the Park and in what position? When I viewed his picture the Entertainment Junction website, it sure looks like him. Just wondering.....
  4. My first of 21 years working at Kings Island was in 1972 when I was one of Kings Island Original Employee(s). I was hired as a "litter gitter" which is now sweeps in Park Services. I agree in that position was the best in the park as we had the entire park as our work area. I spent the vast majority of my years as a "litter gitter."
  5. As most people speed because others on the road are speeding, otherwise you will get ran over, especially in the toll roads in NJ. You use the excuse as you explain the officer, "I was only keeping up with traffic" as you are given an expensive fine. Which reminds me I was speeding 20 mph over the limit on I-76 going west towards PA when it it all of a sudden dawned on me, I can use the excuse of keep up with the traffic when there was no traffic! I think the troopers are looking for the erratic driver. Same goes for trespassing where people think it is no harm if no one is watching them or others are doing it, so why not me?
  6. I have a good friend whose family was one of the first settlers that made Warren County their home and he has family buried in that cemetery.
  7. I would think that the Park would had consulted with traffic engineers and the City of Mason as to the traffic flow going into the new parking toll entrances and to make it as efficient as possible.
  8. One good thing about the new parking toll booths will be having modern restrooms for a change or I hope they though of the employee's personal needs.
  9. That white skunk is well known at the park. A couple years ago during Haunt, I noticed a white trash bag lying on the ground in the dark of night in the dog walking area in front of the Kennel. I walked to pick it up and as I got within 15 feet of it, it started to move and it was that white skunk. It is a good thing it was not frighten as I was well within range of its potent weapon!
  10. I can only relate the surgery that I have had. I had cervical spinal fusion of my 6/C-7/C-8/C back in 2003 and 4/C-5/C-6/C back in 2010 and secured with screws and pins. I have a total of 5 disks fused and even though the sever pain that I had prior has gone away, I still get an occasional stiff neck. While I might feel that I can ride a roller coaster that does not have loops or cork screws that jerks you neck all over creation, I chose not to. If you remember there was a Bengal football player a few years ago that broke his neck and had to have cervical fusion surgery (performed by the same surgeon that did my own) of the same cervical disk that I had (6/C-7/C) and he decided it was best to retire from football rather than risk further injury. That is why I will not ever ride a roller coaster, not even a more milder one. I would discuss this issue with your surgeon and get his/her advice. My advice would be as Terpy had said, your health is not worth the risk and heed the health warnings as not to ride if you have back and or neck issues.
  11. I have had two cervical spinal fusion surgeries since 2003 and I do NOT ride any roller coasters. I value my health more than any thrill that I might get from going down the hill or around the bend on any roller coaster. Terpy is correct when he said none of the coasters should be ridden. Warning signs are posted and I heed them.
  12. This thread regarding advice on motels close to the park reminded me of my first trip to Washington, DC back in 1984. I was searching for places to stay in DC that was clean, safe, close to all of the monuments, museums and most of all, within my price range. I purchased this book titled, "Washington, DC on $35 a Day." It gave me good tips on affordable places to eat and most of all, decent hotels. What got my attention of a hotel called, The Hotel Harrington, which was located 2 blocks from the FBI HQ and 3 blocks from the Mall. The rates were around the $60/day range. I decided to make reservations at The Hotel Harrington for 5 days. Because I was very concerned about this hotel, I made reservations as a national motel chain 10 miles away. I was concerned that this old hotel was a haven for "ladies of the evening" and other unsavory elements. But I was wrong. As I drove up to it, it was a nice building, clean and saw lots of families and tour groups going in and out. This hotel reminded me of the old Hotel Gibson in downtown Cincinnati. It had been rehabbed in and out. It was very clean and well kept and maintained. Like I said, it was just two blocks from the FBI building and I walked there in time for a tour. I enjoyed my stay there and stayed there there again on my next trip to DC. So I can understand when families are asking about good places to stay near the park. Like me, they want a clean and safe place and not too expensive, but most of all, a place that provides a good place rest after a hectic day at the park
  13. The Shaker Inn in Lebanon has been in business for a LONG time, since the 60's at least. While I have not stayed there, it is always busy and has a nice pool in front. As for Lebanon, it is a lot quieter than Mason. They have a nice downtown area with nice shops, including a very good ice cream shop. If you like trains, there is a very good scenic train ride that goes from Lebanon to Mason and back with the station located just below the downtown area.
  14. I was applied at a huge box store that sold computers and accessories (they had not even opened for business yet in the early 90's) right out of college and they called me in six times for an interview and at the end they admitted they didn't know where to place me. Therefore, I swore NEVER to work them for that very reason. That was the only place that treated me like that and I could only hope that they changed that method of hiring. At least Kings Island is NOT like that or other places that I have worked for. Good luck with working at Kings Island, you will not regret it.
  15. I remember it was in the summer of 1967 that I first rode a roller coaster. I was in the 6th grade and my family and cousins drove down to Coney Island for a day of fun. We were in front of the Shooting Star and I decided to get in line for it along with my sister and cousins. I did not really want to ride that ride and I kept saying to myself, "NO! NO! NO! there is no way that I am going to ride that thing", But I walked in the line as we moved towards the platform to get into the car. I had sweaty palms and was wanted to turn away and leave, but I went along with the flow and finally was seated in the car. I was seated in the very first car and as we left the station and I could hear the clanging of the wheels on the track and then the noise from the chain as we started going up the hill and as we past that sign that read, "Don't stand up", I grabbed onto the front bar and hung on for dear life. But as we reached the top of the hill and turned as we reached the drop of the hill, I could see fate that was in store for me! But as we crossed that threshold of no return and as I was staring down that drop and my stomach was trying to leave my body, I was screaming for joy!!! I loved every dip and banging against the side of the car when it changed direction. As we entered the station at the completion of the ride, I could not wait to get back in line again to have another ride on the Shooting Star!
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