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  1. This could be a match made in heaven. However, are they bidding for the whole entity or just Seaworld FL, Aquatica, and Discovery Cove? I'd think that they would want to buy Texas and BGE as well, since they would fit in with their whole Location-Based Entertainment idea.
  2. that's so cool! I'm glad that unused characters will return to the park, even for one day. Great idea KI!
  3. I'll miss you Nickelodeon Parade, it was fun. Maybe Squidward, Susie, and Danny Phantom will be out at meet and greet this year though.
  4. Well, Nickelodeon is way more relevant to today's kids than Hanna-Barbera. It would be beyond stupid for Cedar Fair not to renew Nickelodeon's Licensing. It would be even worse should they decide not to extend it to other CF parks. Peanuts is ok for the little tykes, but use Nickelodeon for 6-14 year olds. Snoopy is of no interest to them, and will most likely not be until Snoopy gets a movie or TV series again.
  5. I wish they would just add mega mess a mania back to the theater. I used to love the one at great america (if anyone has any video or pictures of that show, please let me know!). Slime needs to be reintroduced back to nickelodeon, so They could make it look like a 21'st century mad scientists lab with green and orange splats on some of the machines. If only they could retheme the nick u area to be four different areas all contained in nick u. there would be an updated splat city, the runaway reptar, river adventure, and phantom flyers as part of nicktoons corner, the avatar area as nickelodeon central: where nicktoons live, and the rest as nick Jr neighborhood. At least they added the show back to the nick theater!
  6. If they brought back Phantom Theater, they could loosely theme it to danny phantom, and redo the outside to look like an even better haunted theater. They could add new animatronics made to look like ghosts from danny phantom, add a new jimmy neutron themed flying eagles, and add the gerstlauer coaster that Airromeo4Ever came up with and call it an expansion to nick universe.
  7. Gosh i miss that show. If anyone has any pictures of that show, or of the splat city area in general, please post them!
  8. Hey, could you post the pic of the nick block party? I saw it when i was 7 and i want to see if i can remember most of it. Dagget: "Is it slime time yet?"
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