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  1. Even though Helbig said there would be one when he spoke at the Off Season Blues Party, Ryan has gone on record to say that there would not be a KIC event this year.
  2. He IS very wise indeed and one of the very nicest guys I have ever had the honor of meeting. Here is to another 20,000 Terp!
  3. Whats this have to do with Kings Island? Kidding. I was lucky enough to play one of the "Bobbys" on the Bobby/Cindy Racer re-ride last year!
  4. You should really skip KI this year and do the Coney/Strickers combo. While I have to help my sister move to Lexington on that Friday, the 4th of July Saturday, my whole family is going to Strickers. You really should go to Strickers with us! Have you ever been? My wife would really like to meet you! Thats what we all really need to do...have a KIC meet up at SG. It is free to get in, just costs for the rides: From the SG website: 4th of July Celebration, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! FREE ADMISSION (walk into the park, no rides) If you wish to ride the rides, we have two pricing options.
  5. I will be at Strickers as well. I loved the fireworks there. I am getting tired of KI over hyping the 4th fireworks every year. Biggest show ever? Oh whatever.
  6. It was also open to the public this past memorial day! This year, it will be open to the public more times than I ever remember it being open in the past. Memorial Day 4th of July Sunday, August 9th 2009 Labor Day and although it it not listed yet, they usually open up in October for the last operating day of the season. The day we went, May 30th, it costs $10 a person and this included all the ice cream, snow cones, popcorn and soda you could eat/drink. Plus they fed us an all you can eat grill out lunch of burgers and hot dogs. The best deal EVER if you ask me!
  7. Maybe just a little smaller. And lets not forget about the Teddy Bear's neighbor, The Tornado. You know, the coaster that a DOG has ridden!?!?!
  8. Took my 3 year old on the Teddy Bear at Strickers this past Saturday and here is the result...
  9. WOW! I was very late on that one...seen it just as I was about to hit the floor at work and posted it really fast. My bad!
  10. You know, I was just thinking the same thing! Proof reading is your friend!
  11. On Saturday, while using the single rider line, JUST as we I was about to make the bend to the steps with about 15 people in front of me, I was asked for the 100th time "how I got such a good pass to go to the front of the line!?" So after explaining myself for the 100th time that the single rider line is available to everyone, this kid hops out of the regular line and hops into the SRL. So I explained to him that where he was in line at, he would reach the station long before I would. So he tried getting back into the regular line and the people there would not let him. I started laughing
  12. I guess "media day" was this morning on these slides. FOX19 was there and the people/tubes were moving very slow on them. I mean, super slow. I didnt think slides had to warm up to provide faster slides. Am I wrong?
  13. Who thinks a free Collective Soul concert at Timberwolf will "sell out?" Anyone? I dont. How relevant are they anymore?
  14. When they would use the passes, the greeter would give you a pass at the entrance of the SRL and you would surrender the pass when you were given a seat. I was told yesterday that they were no longer using the passes, so take it for what it is worth. The very best thing I can say about the SRL is if it is closed when you walk up to it, wait it out and give it a couple of minutes. When they reopen it, head on in and you will be darn near the top of the steps!
  15. I used the SRL line a total of 6 times last night, never waiting more than 10-15mins for my ride. I recognized a person getting into the regular line the same time I got into the SRL and by the time he got his one ride, I had ridden TWICE. Say what you want about the SRL, but until they get rid of it, I will be using the HECK out of it!
  16. Yeah, I know hard it is for you to behave on that one!
  17. I knew I should have ridden it tonight. I was GLUED to the single rider line of DB. Got 5 rides in with in an hour while the normal wait was 30mins! SCORE!
  18. Good trivia question! Does anybody know what the very first song played out side the front gate opening day morning? I know....do you?????
  19. I miss the classic rock they were playing a few weeks back. Heard Zeppelin played a few times. Good Times, Bad Times.
  20. Hey Kitten, it was nice seeing you again yesterday. Thanks once again for the blue ice cream cone. It was a perfect birthday treat! Glad to see your season pass and first rider t-shirt are getting some good use!
  21. Tom? Really? I mean....REALLY????? Get a life dude!
  22. I am pretty sure that is Diamondback.
  23. I got there at 6. Seen a few KICers. Rain stopped and they opened DB a little after 7. Rode once. BLSC and then a walk on Firehawk ride. THAT is super rare for me! Racer twice, AE twice and Deli twice. Stopped on the way home and got a Mt Dew Throwback. If you like Mt Dew, you have GOT to try one of those!
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