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  1. 6 minutes ago, King Ding Dong said:

    I have to wonder if SIX and FUN roll this stuff out to all the parks this year (that are allowed to open) or if they will just run pilot programs at a few select parks this year.  This all a lot of new systems and procedures.  

    What could possibly go wrong? :P 

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  2. So far for me (omitting Orion), it's Diamondback followed by Mystic Timbers, Banshee and Firehawk.  DB was the first B&M at the park which they really needed for capacity's sake and it was odd for a park that big not to have one, plus it showed CF's seriousness about their ideas of developing the park.  MT was a real big hit with the families and still delivers great thrills, Banshee filled in the inverted coaster gap, and Firehawk is my least favorite of the bunch as well as a hand-me-down from a defunct park.  I honestly think Dominator and Firehawk should have switched the parks they landed at.  

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  3. Trims do not a bad coaster make.  B&M purposely tries to attain close to 0g's on the crests of hills, hence the use of trims.  A bunch of coasters I favor have trims and don't make them bad in the slightest. 

    That is, unless that coaster is a wild mouse.  Trims kind of ruin the purpose, as I experienced on Dorney's.  I also don't care for launch coasters that launch straight into trims. 

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  4. Just took a drive by the park.  Didn't get any pics as it was raining a bit hard and there isn't a good spot to stop and take photos without trespassing somewhere.  Orion looks dominating in its presence and it kind of evens the skyline out with DB.  They actually kind of look the same size from afar. 

    Also, the campground by the McDonald's and Wendy's is coming along a bit.  Didn't get a good look due to driving and rain.  The interchange on Western Row at 71 is also done.  

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  5. Shooting Star wasn't anything close to compact.  Imagine a ride with similar stats and layout to 1 side of Racer there.  It would require something be removed in some direction and would be pretty under capacity.   I think someone may be confusing Shooting Star with Wildcat at CI.  

    Though, Grizzly at KD isn't much to write home about, especially compared to Beast and MT already on the premises. 

    I'm still on club RMC as The Vortex replacement.  I'm not too concerned on inversion count because they're great rides even without inversions.  Something of similar size would be more of a concern, something in the 140-170 ft range. 

    My second choice would be Mack launcher with some umph to it.  Not Copperhead style, I'm thinking more of something that can get up to 70+ mph (a few Macks have gotten to the mid-60 mph range so its not too far off to expect from them).  

    My last choice, and this is coming out of left field, is an S&S Free Spin.  They have better capacity than some are letting on as I found demonstrated when I rode Joker at NJFTP.  It had a smoother running line than even some of the B&M's (Superman and GL) and Kingda Ka there.  It would definitely be an attention grabber like Vortex was.  

  6. 38 minutes ago, TombRaiderFTW said:

    "Mom, I wanna go ride The Beast right now!"

    "No, Timmy. Ten more minutes watching the dirt."

    From a distance, a security guard glares menacingly.

    Wait, is @VortexBFForever becoming a security guard?

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  7. Just got an email from Skyline corporate and they say they'll be letting dine in open up on the 21st and that it would be up to each individual store on how to go about opening up again, even within the corporate stores.   Also stated much about keeping social distancing and some stores having plexiglass between tables.  I also would think for the safety of table workers that there'd be no one sat at counter. 

  8. I have heard that BGT wasn't keen on upkeeping Gwazi pre-Millennium Flyers, so I think that has something to do with it, too.  I don't recall Wildcat at HP getting a re-tracking and it certainly didn't feel that way when I rode it a few years ago and it runs stellar. 

    I also think warmer climates have something to do with it as I hear SFMM's (who also isn't good at wood coaster upkeep) Apocalypse can be disappointing in its roughness.

  9. To me, Millennium Flyers are my favorite wooden trains out there by a mile.  PTC's do have their own character, but I find myself limited to where I sit on them because there are only certain seats to me that are comfortable (front wheel seats on 4 seaters and front and middle rows on 6 seaters).  On MF's, all the seats are good and you can do more intense elements due to the fact that they are articulated designs over the more clunky multi-row designs of PTC's or others.  GCI's also age incredibly well due to how they track better.  On GCI's, I feel I'm more out of my seat than in them in terms of airtime. 

    Timberliners, to me, are over-engineered.  I felt on Kentucky Flyer, it was hugging the track to much and I could feel every little bump through the course.  It felt not unlike driving on the rumble strip on a highway the entire time.  Not a fan of the restraints either (not entirely detrimental, but being so used to PTC and MF restraints, TL's are inferior). 

    PTC's are my favorite in terms of multi-row trains to me.  The only other companies' trains I've done in this category are Gerstlauers (which are alright on coasters not named SOB, but they bump you around more than PTC's), Intamin (no complaints there, but they use a different method to build their woodies so its kind of like an apples and oranges comparison) and Premier (the original SOB trains which are garbage).  I've yet to ride Morgan wooden trains so no opinion there. 

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