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  1. I definitely think all those paired footers look like they'll be for A-frames similar to an inverted coaster. I don't see a pattern like that on any B&M coaster above the track.

    what paired footers, there aren't that many, the real action is going to take place where all the land is cleared, if it is anything but a giga, i'll be suprised

    Ok, look by what will probably be the station and train shed area. The set of footers which will support the main track IMO have footers which will have supports on both sides of the track, which means it would be for an inverted coaster as all B&M inverted and flying coasters have those A-frame type of supports for the final brakes/train shed/station. Sit downs of any kind have single tube supports at those areas. Go compare the supports of ANY inverted coaster to any sit down coaster at those specific areas and you'll see what I mean.

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  2. I'm going to throw a monkey wrench about something I potentially see. In thinking outside the box, what if, perhaps, the ride's end could be coming from the direction of Adventure Express instead of going into the lift, and the station is facing towards the old SOB site instead of towards Action Zone?

    In other words, reverse the direction of previous drawings and sketch ups. Remember, we still have yet to see how the footers down in the valley line up.

  3. Went to KI today and took a look from the telescopes atop the Eiffel Tower. Lots of rebar at the end of Flight Deck's helix as well as digging going on further down the hill. Those footers are HUGE. There was also this weird green pipe thing sticking up close to Delirium.

  4. TR June 25th, 2013

    This was more of a fun day at the park. It was pretty hot and muggy today, so I took my time and had fun with things. I'll let my ride list speak for itself





    Eiffel Tower

    Congo Falls

    Flight Deck

    Drop Tower


    Adventure Express



    White Water Canyon

    Backlot Stunt Coaster

    I tried to sneak some of the Coney Mall flats in there as I needed a break from thrill rides and lines were pretty short save for White Water Canyon and Flight of Fear's atrocious line. Most rides were either walk on or per normal for a Tuesday in June. However, the air started to feel really warm and muggy after lunch, which combined with some of the more intense rides, did a number on me. I didn't get sick or anything, but after I got off of Backlot, I was drained. I probably should have looked at going to Soak City today. Overall though, it was a fun day and nice to have a spin on some of the Coney Mall flat rides I usually neglect to ride. I also took a break after WWC and spent $4 in quarters blasting people with water cannons, which is always a fun diversion. grin.gif

    There are a few rides to note though. Beast had a bit of a temper today with the heat and all the faster turns were a bit uncomfortable. Diamondback on the other hand ran absolutely great today. Rode in 3-2 today and the floater air was out of this world.

    There was also some digging going on at the base of Vortex's lift as well. Don't know what that was all about.

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  5. Actually, Alpengiest is the tallest B&M/full circuit inverted coaster. The actual tallest inverted coaster is Wicked Twister at 215 ft. And for those who are picky, the fact its a shuttle coaster doesn't take away that it is still an inverted coaster.

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  6. I had an incident on Firehawk once a few years back in which the line extended past the main entrance. When I reached that point, in full view of a ride associate no less, we witnessed a woman cutting in the line, yet they didn't stop her. I then asked why they didn't do anything and they actually defended the woman, even though I asked about the park's line jumping policy which I had a map in hand too which told of the policy. The associate then threatened to call security on me (he also called up 2 more employees working Firehawk at the time), which I then just gave up as I was in a lose-lose situation. I got angry enough to get out of line right then and there and went to Guest Services to file my complaint, which when I got back to the Firehawk queue, the associate in question was pulled away by an area manager.

    I realize they can't catch them all, but really, not stopping it as it's happening?

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  7. OTSR's exist for good reason. Imagine if you will the amount of movement your upper body, more specifically, your neck, goes through on an average ride on a coaster with OTSR's, particularly on Arrows and high intensity Intamins. Now imagine that kind of movement without them. I believe the whole idea is to limit the amount of room your neck has to move, so whether your head is straight or turned, you won't snap your neck through a high g transition (especially on the likes of Maverick and I305). Yes, techniques like heart-lining do help, but they only do so much.

    My only pet peeve with OTSR's is why they don't have anything softer for your head to hit against instead of the rubber-esque material of the restraint.

    Yes, I'm aware that some coasters have been converted from OTSR's to lap bars, but I have to question some of those decisions like lap bars on a boomerang or an SLC (yes, both exist). Even FoF kind of pushes it a bit in the 2nd half with all those s-curves w/o an OTSR, not that I'm complaining.

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  8. Inversions are a novelty. The general public fears rides that goes upside down.

    Do you guys really want a b&m jackhammering into inversions? You guys will have cauliflower ears.

    Seriously, you are THE only person I've heard or read on forums that refers to B&M's 'jack-hammering'. Are you overly sensitive to touch or something (unless you've rode the likes of Iron Wolf or one of The Vortex duo, but those hardly represent the entirety of their work)? And that is a serious question.

    Also, really? GP fearing inversions? Then why have parks built and continue to build coasters with inversions in the first place?

    Please, never work for the amusement park industry. Ever.

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  9. I have a few to go over.

    First- Son of Beast. I would only ride it in the front 2 seats during the loop era, but after the 'refurb', it was totally un-rideable.

    I know they weren't designed to be fast or thrilling, but Thunder Express at Dollywood (used to be where Tornado is) and Hershey's Trailblazer were just boring to me.

    Lastly, I hated Viper at Six Flags Great Adventure. I found it rough and a bit claustrophobic with those rings (I know it was designed that way, but it was still an uncomfortable experience for me).

    Those are the only few I really have a dislike for. Most other rides I've done have had some redeeming quality.

  10. I have to separate it wood and steel. This is how the coasters fall in my overall rankings (out of 45 steel coasters and 15 wood coasters). This list will include defunct rides I've done at Kings Island.


    1. Diamondback

    8. Firehawk

    12. Vortex

    13. Flight of Fear

    23. Invertigo

    24. Backlot Stunt Coaster

    26. Flight Deck

    27. Adventure Express

    39. King Cobra


    1. Beast

    4. Racer

    11. Woodstock Express

    14-15- Son of Beast (14- with loop, 15- without loop, yes, for my list, I count them as 2 separate credits)

    If you want context, check my profile page under "About Me" for my full rankings.

  11. As a life-long Cincinnatian, I will say (in my personal opinion) that the LaRosa's food inside the park pales vastly in comparison to what comes from the restaurants. The pizza sauce tastes similar, perhaps a little better outside the park, but the food in general is prepared much better outside the park. Also, LaRosa's has a great menu outside their pizza. Their hoagies and calzones are awesome.

    Also keep in mind I'm a west-sider, so I frequent the Boudinot store (aka, the original and THE best location IMO) a lot, which is a lot to live up to.

    Of course, being a UC student, I can attest that LaRosa's still falls short of quite a few stores in the area.

    silver2005, now craving Pomodori's and Adriatico's.

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  12. @ Big Sexy- Isn't Intamin using a different track system now for their hypers/gigas (see I-305 and Skyrush)? If you saw their infamous box track (a la Millennium Force), then perhaps it isn't for a hyper/giga but rather for a different type? Then again, Intamin tries new stuff all the time it seems, though they lack consistency.

    I also hear that Intamin's new 4 across trains on Skyrush aren't exactly the best, though that might have more to do with Skyrush's layout than the train designs, plus Hershey has had maintenance issues with them as well. Heck, I-305 had major issues as well.

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