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  1. hey kat, guess what.

    there's airtime on magnum xl-200.


  2. I would really just like to know why you posted such a negative topic in a forum that is for enthusiasts. You take the risk of someone disagreeing with you every time you make a post. Everyone cannot agree with you all the time. You know for a fact that there are people on here who love MF, therefore posting this thread was opening a can of worms, and I think you knew that. I am one of the few who doesn't enjoy Beast like many others do, but I'm not going to make a huge topic about it like you did about MF, because doing so would be asking for trouble. Simply put, I know better. If you can't handle that, don't post such a controversial topic next time.
  3. "can you tell me where I said I did not like coaster?" Disappointing and ordinary? Yet you claim you say it's one of your favorites? Make up your mind, please. "Or do you blast anyone who do not agree with your opinion?" LOL. I'm not like the n00bs and trolls on here who post topics just to get attention. Negative topics like this are why I rarely post here anymore.. it seems all anyone's intent is, is to make others riled up. MF has not changed a bit and you know that, so I really don't understand why you posted this topic in the first place, unless you were bored. I get that some people don't like some coasters and that is a fact of life, but is it really necessary to post a long-winded topic about why you dislike a coaster? The last time I checked, this was an ENTHUSIAST site, not a place to discuss why you don't like coasters in great detail. It's depressing to see that in the eyes of most members of this site, this is what being an enthusiast has become. I don't put down coasters my friends enjoy, because I RESPECT my friends and I do not like to tick them off. I guess some people still have to learn that.
  4. This thread is cracking me up. It's like some of you suddenly act as if it was your first time on MF. Anyway.. For ejector air down the first drop, ride in the very back. For floater air over the 2 airtime hills and the bunny hill by the station, ride in the front 3 seats. Rustbelt: If you don't like a coaster, don't come on here just to bash it. That is really immature when you know that there are people out there who love them. It angers people like me who enjoy Millennium Force for what it is.. a smooth, fast, trimless masterpiece. MF was built for SPEED, not for ejector air. If you want ejector air, go ride Magnum.
  5. I'm reading this with my hands over my face and one eye showing between my fingers.. I can't bear the thought of Greezed Lightnin being scrapped, or worse yet, left there to rot.. isn't it one of the few Schwarzkopf weight drop shuttle launch coasters left in the world? But then again, it seems to me that no past, present, or future owners of KK have a soul..
  6. hey, I know we've butted heads in the past lol. If you ever want any GOOD Cedar Point advice, I have a lot of tips for you including historical rides, where to ride for best effect, etc.. I love to find hidden gems and REALLY experience a park.. let me know! :)

  7. Exactly why some people have started taking matters into their own hands. This is nothing but an excuse to avoid confrontation, and I've only heard it at KI. There is no two-group policy at CP. You line jump, you're out of there. And it's futile when the line jumpers have cut far ahead of you and you don't get to the station in time to inform anyone working there, so they go unnoticed and are allowed to ride anyway.
  8. I am glad you enjoyed Magnum, Maverick, and TTD! I absolutely love the Magnum crew too! TTD in the front row is absolutely mind blowing, I'm glad you got to experience it.. with as many times as I've been to CP, that launch still blows me away! But you skipped out on Millennium Force?.. I'm sad. I was curious to read your review of the coaster that was a turning point in my life as a coaster lover..
  9. I'd really like to know what is going to happen to Greezed Lightnin.
  10. With all due respect to anyone on this board who works at KI that does not tolerate line jumpers, it seems to me that Kings Island is far more lenient about the situation than Cedar Point is.. At CP, I have witnessed on several occasions: security physically removing line jumpers, and employees at several rides having zero tolerance for line jumpers (refusing to let them re-enter no matter what the reason, firmly insisting that they go to the end of the line and re-enter properly). I've actually witnessed a Power Tower ride op grab the phone and call security when a line jumper refused to follow her orders. It makes me feel good to go to a park where I can be confident that the employees follow the rules, and do their job. At KI, when someone line jumps and either an employee or security catches them, the line jumpers argue and argue with them and they are let back in line. What is that all about? Why do they let the line jumpers argue with them? Why do the employees and security guards not stand their ground? That doesn't just tick off the enthusiasts. I've seen GP get angry with line jumpers on several occasions at different parks. I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen a line jumper at KI actually removed from the line. Just something I've noticed..
  11. Dragster's station is the worst when it comes to that. So is Magnum's station toward the front. I always kindly ask people which seat they are waiting for.
  12. If I accidentally separate a group while entering a line, I'll let the people behind me go to their group. If someone is trying to get through with water on an extremely hot day, I'll let them by. I've seen far too many people pass out in line for rides and have to be taken away by first aid. There are times when if it's just one person, I really couldn't care less. However.. A group of people line jumping will undoubtedly tick me off. If one or more people rudely shove past me, I yell EXCUSE ME and politely tell them where the end of the line is. If their response is "My friends are up there" (which 95% of the time it is), my response is "If they were really your friends, they would have waited for you." That always gets them thinking for a second, and it's hilarious to see the look on their face.
  13. hey, let's go snap some scooters tomorrow.

  14. Oops, I forgot that one! Thanks for pointing that out. *I'm not referring to everyone on here as kids, it's just the ones that are being rude and hateful about it that are (and have been) getting on my nerves, along with several of my friends who do enjoy the ride. My point of view is "as I see it," and is not intended to be argumentative, so I'm sorry if it sounded that way.
  15. I honestly used to loathe SOB. I rode it a couple of times, and hated it. I then gave it another chance, and I ended up loving it. It was not long after that, that it closed. In the meantime, I have gotten a reride on Georgia Cyclone, come to enjoy Blue Racer, and lapped Voyage an astounding 24 times in less than 3 hours at Holiwood Nights this year. I certainly wouldn't mind giving SOB another chance, and I too hate seeing it sit there with no trains, and no riders.. it makes me wistful. I don't mind people saying they dislike the ride because it hurts them. That is a valid reason not to enjoy a ride. But sitting here saying "z0mg lets have a weenie and marshmallow roast" or "taer it down!" just to be cool and get attention.. seriously, grow up. The last time I looked, this thread wasn't titled "Official SOB Bashing Thread," and those of us who do enjoy the ride really wish some of you would give it a rest. The main reasons a coaster is torn down is: because it is a maintenance nightmare, they fall into disrepair, or it is being moved to another park.. not because they don't fit everyone's idea of a fun ride, and certainly not because a few dramatic kids on a forum are jumping on the I Hate SOB bandwagon.
  16. I saw Snoopy Rocks On Ice for the first time yesterday.. WOW!! The costumes are gorgeous and I was very impressed with the extremely talented skaters (there were two of them that PERFECTLY landed a TRIPLE AXEL!!)! I LOVED it, I highly recommend it to everyone!
  17. I absolutely LOVE Signed Sealed Delivered!! If anyone hasn't watched it, take half an hour out of your day to sit and watch the whole show.. you will not be disappointed!
  18. I noticed that too. Didn't affect her performance one bit though!
  19. I couldn't have said it better myself. I also agree with Tyler and Mark about the PM issue. I get bashed and insulted for posting my opinion and being honest, which has all but chased me off from being a regular poster here. I really think some people on this site need to grow up and/or find a better place to start their drama.. that is not what the forums are for. All I ever read is "Cedar Fail" and "Son of Beast hot dog roast" and "I haven't been to (insert park here) but judging from the POVs, I can pretty much conclude that the park is not worth visiting" -- really? Is this is what being a roller coaster/theme park/amusement park FAN or ENTHUSIAST is about?.. I think not.
  20. That looks wicked. I really need to work on getting a passport.
  21. I'm in the minority. I voted Racer, Slingshot, and Congo Falls. Oh well.. to each her own I guess.. that's what makes it fun!
  22. I've ridden DB, Intimidator, and Goliath at SFOG. My vote went to Goliath. DB is great as far as airtime, but that's it. The turnaround is weak and the helix is forceless. Intimidator's MCBR grabs much harder than DB's, but it BARELY touches the ride's speed, whereas DB's MCBR kills the ride and slows it down to a cruise. Intimidator's turnaround and helix pull you through with relentless force. The airtime isn't as pronounced on Intimidator as it is on DB, but it's there. I rate Intimidator over DB. Now, as for Goliath at SFOG: WOW. From the first drop to the brake run, it's merciless. Great airtime. Nonstop speed. The helix is so intense it nearly made me gray out. I knew after my first ride that it was going in my top 5 steel. I love airtime, but more than anything I love a coaster that is relentless in its elements while delivering nonstop speed. This is why I rate Goliath > Intimidator > DB.
  23. I'm not really a big fan of water rides in a dry park, except for Congo Falls at KI. I liked Pilgrims Plunge at HW too. I haven't ridden STR yet.. I suppose I will eventually, lol. I prefer to be soaked, as that's how I believe water rides should get you.. but normally if it's a blazing hot day, I just grab my flip flops and bikini and head for the water park.
  24. Oh absolutely! We rode 11 rides in 8 hours and still had time to sit down and eat, and enjoy the fireworks on the beach. I found it very odd if not a bit spooky how jam packed all the lots were, yet the ride lines were barely half full if not a station wait. But I wasn't complaining!
  25. All the boat docks were even full yesterday. I really wish I'd gotten photos, but without Space Spiral open, there was no way for me to take photos of the insanity.
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