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  1. I wonder if this ride will be red too.
  2. ... This thread is full of ignorance now.
  3. My Integra gets 30 mpg. Meh
  4. Anyone else hoping for a gravy buffet?
  5. Whatever this may be, I'm sure it will be good. My money is on a giga though.
  6. 1. Boulder dash 2. iSpeed 3. i-305 4. Black mamba at Phantasialand 5. Diamondback 6. Takabisha 7. Wooden warrior 8. Raven 9. S&S screamin' swing 10. Eiffel Tower
  7. I have a few of these VIP preview posters and that's about it.
  8. I had a roll back on Backlot once.
  9. Balder at Liseberg, which was built in 2003, was in the 10 million dollar range. Same type of ride as El toro but smaller.
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