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  1. Holy crap your alive! At least on here...

  2. If I'm not workin, you better belive I'll be there!
  3. Wow. I haven't been on here in quite a long time! I will most likely be working the gate or sales that night, so I unfortunately won't be able to attend. I did however want to work that night this past season, but was unable to due to my age. I hear that it is the one night when guests are generally actually nice looking forward to it!
  4. I have seen coupons from Wendy's, but mostly, people get them from their school.
  5. To me KI isn't really big enough to need a tranportation system like CP's. just my opinion.
  6. aaahhh haha, ok cool. nice job. :D

  7. I was pretty sure your name was Matt and I knew you worked admissions so I just guessed it was you lol

  8. you're welcome...? haha how did you know "I" gave you a handstamp?

  9. Thank you for the hand stamp.

  10. haah yeah, I actually am. I noticed that on facebook, you liked a lot of coaster things, and I thought about seeing if you were on here too. haha :D

  11. Dude I totally forgot you worked in Admissions!! You probably know who I am. I'm Hayes, the supervisor that just recently got promoted? This isn't Matt L is it?

  12. New one. same topic. Standing in line for Drop Tower yesterday.... Girl pointing to SOB: "Which one is that?" Guy trying to sound smart: "I'm pretyty sure thats Diamondback." ..........really? come on.
  13. couple standing behind me: Girl looking at Vortex: "Which one is that?" Guy: "Oh thats that new one, Diamondback." Now keep in mind that this took place walking down the pathway in front of Backlot Stunt Coaster. So, tehey were staring RIGHT AT Diamondback'S HILL! hahaha
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