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  1. You have clearly never ridden the Jungle Cruise.
  2. My thoughts: Best wooden coaster I've ridden. No doubt. Granted, I haven't traveled that much. But enough to classify it as best so far. As far as the shed, I appreciate the attention to detail. A little underwhelming, and over hyped. But better than a standard brake run. Overall, my favorite ride at Kings Island. Love it.
  3. I am hoping that MT will age well, considering most of the ride is low to the ground.
  4. My review: Simply fantastic. Kings Island has one of the best GCI's ever created. Shed was awesome but a little underwhelming. Overall I would rate it a 9.5/10, especially at night!
  5. I really wish they would invest in a resort similar to Hotel Breakers at CP. However, it probably won't happen any time soon. I would love to know what the occupancy percentages are during the summer at Great Wolf & the hotels surrounding. They could be holding out on it until most places reach a occupancy % they know they could benefit from. If you have no idea what I am talking about, here is an example. If a hotel is 90% full throughout the entire season, that basically means a new hotel could be built and it wouldn't empty out the other. Leaving more guests opportunities to book rooms, which = more people in the parks. I think Disney has a percentage rate somewhere around the 80% marker. That 80% is across all hotels they own, and that is when Disney knows to build a new resort. Cedar Fair might have an eye on this considering all the work they are doing at Cedar Point resorts. I assume Kings Island could follow this trend.
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