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  1. I have a question about the name mentioned, "Banshee". I don't know what the fuss is about? The name of our other beloved (my KI favorite) is The Beast. It cannot get any more demonic than that. I accidentally wore my "Beast" shirt to a church picnic, and I got harassed about it. I was not meaning any harm (it;s just a roller caster name) I actually love the name Banshee for a roller coaster.
  2. This is another choice for a woodie at Kings Island. I saw the video on youtube, and thought WOW!!
  3. I saw an interesting clip of Smiler at Alton Towers. Looks like fun.. 14 inversion,Gerstlauer coaster. I can't imagine doing 14 inversions on a coaster.
  4. I am not up for another megacoaster that is steel and similar in a ride experience to Diamondback. I know it would be somewhat different, but, sorry I am not that interested in building another B and M coaster higher and faster. It needs to go a different route on selecting a new attraction. Maybe relocate Big Dipper and Raging Wolf Bobs. That would be cool.
  5. I start at the back of the park. Beast and Diamondback and work forward.
  6. This is the coaster I vote for: Balder
  7. I have only been once, but it was on a Sunday (first week of June) The crowds were not too bad at all. Started with Raven, then to Legend, Voyage had no line, so we hit it twice. We rode a few small flat rides, hit the water park for a few hours, ate, the took one last spin on each coaster. I took my time to enjoy the entire park, instead of running around from ride to ride. Hit a few shops and took photos. I really hope you enjoy your trip, if you have never been, Holiday World will exceed your expectations. Friendly and helpful staff, great food choices and at a reasonable price, plus fr
  8. Past attraction: Bayern Kurve Present ride: Log Flume or whatever it is called??
  9. I agree with jcgoble3. How on earth does MF valley? The coaster is so fast from beginning to end, it is hard me to fathom exactly how this could happen. If I remember correctly, (I am probably wrong) besides the lift hill, isn't the final break run the slowest of the course at 55 mph? The concept to me of MF to valley is plain crazy.
  10. The other coaster was the Whipper Snapper (I think??) I vote for that name.
  11. Isn't the new coaster (cough, cough) at KI gonna be called Banshee?
  12. Upon entering the final brake run, the coaster train does sway quite a bit. Then if you notice the entire section of track shakes (vibrates) pretty hard. I always thought the train comes to a stop very quickly, and the train still has a bit of "energy" remaining, thus the train swaying.
  13. I was on Roller Coaster Data Base and saw a Vekoma SLC named "Firewhip" Seems like a pretty cool name
  14. As my username indicates, I would love to see a wooden roller coaster named "Thunderbeast"
  15. How about F-14 Tomcat (Isn't that the aircraft from Top Gun?)
  16. I just saw this story on my local news this evening. (WSAZ Huntington, Wv) The end of the story, which focuses on amusement parks, mentions many accidents were reported on arcade and mall rides. Is this an unfair statistic? Mentioning of arcade and mall rides (which are NOT amusement parks) and may not have as strict of ride inspections or even a ride operator.
  17. Yes!! New woodie. Gravity Group, (snickers) I hear makes a pretty awesome wooden coaster. Btw, The Voyage is my new favorite wooden coaster (sorry Beast) Unless.....Kings Island can come up with a new woodie to dethrone the "New King"
  18. I have dreams of Kings Island with the rides not being the same as in real life. The Beast may have a different track layout ect. I have had a dream of traveling to KI, and not arriving in time enough to ride anything. (I live three hours from the park)
  19. I agree, please repaint The Racer to the red, white, and blue. It really needs some love. Btw, please run one side again backwards/sdrawkcab.
  20. We cannot live in fear. Going to work or attending a sporting event or an amusement park might be a target for an attack. I work in a hospital and sometimes worry about something happening. I live in a small town, which seems pretty safe, but I am always aware of my surroundings no matter where I am. I am not scared or fearful, but I am careful of whatever I do.
  21. Flight of Fear. I just wish that the video short would be updated. I heard a rumor several years ago, that FoF would be re-themed as a Rock-n-roller coaster type attraction. Music pumping, light show and fog machines ect. I hope not. Just wish they would lay off the mid-course brakes just a bit.
  22. Did they mean this year...if so, recaR ehT, isn't either. No, that was about 4-5 years ago. or (When ever they were running The Racer backwards last.)
  23. I had someone tell me that The Beast was running a train backwards, I kindly told them that it was The Racer running one train backwards.
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