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  1. I wonder if this ride will be red too.
  2. ... This thread is full of ignorance now.
  3. Fear the Four

    eek! Top gun!

    My Integra gets 30 mpg. Meh
  4. Anyone else hoping for a gravy buffet?
  5. Whatever this may be, I'm sure it will be good. My money is on a giga though.
  6. 1. Boulder dash 2. iSpeed 3. i-305 4. Black mamba at Phantasialand 5. Diamondback 6. Takabisha 7. Wooden warrior 8. Raven 9. S&S screamin' swing 10. Eiffel Tower
  7. I have a few of these VIP preview posters and that's about it.
  8. I had a roll back on Backlot once.
  9. Balder at Liseberg, which was built in 2003, was in the 10 million dollar range. Same type of ride as El toro but smaller.
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