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  1. Lol pit. I will make you a list of somethings after I get home from band camp tomorrow. I like helping out people when it comes to drumline. I would invest in getting a drum pad and a metronome and a pair of sticks your line uses. I'll also send you a link of those things too. Just out of curiosity what are you playing in pit?

  2. Hmmm I would start practicing now. I was playing at a high school level when I was in 7th grade because all I ever did was drum lol. Guessing that Lakota east plays matched grip I would stick to playing that technique to help build up your muscles. If you want I could make you a list of some cool pieces of sheet music, warm ups, and DVD's that will help you A LOT.

  3. My school you can start in 8th grade. My first year I played 2nd Bass then I moved onto snare my second year. Now I'm a sophomore and I'll still be on snare. Are you wanting to try out for a certain position in your school's drumline next year?

  4. What do you play in marching band?

  5. What's wrong with Adventure Express?

  6. You must have problems if you hate Adventure Express.

  7. I was pretty sure your name was Matt and I knew you worked admissions so I just guessed it was you lol

  8. Thank you for the hand stamp.

  9. Were you taking pictures of Delirium last night around 10:30 pm?

  10. Yes i was wearing a blue shirt and i was sitting with a big kid in a white shirt.

  11. First I thought you were taking pictures. You looked at me funny lol

  12. I saw you walking around the Eiffel Tower yesterday.

  13. well wouldn't that mean you waited 34 hours to wait for Firehawk this year.

  14. how did you ride Firehawk 34 times it always has like a hour wait.

  15. How many days a week do you go to Kings Island because your ride stats are freaking crazy.

  16. between loveland and milford

  17. goshen its a small school

  18. I like your signature about Son of Beast

  19. haha cool i play snare

  20. are you in lakota easts band?

  21. I think you doing it to get your posts up.

  22. why are you posting so so much?

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