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  1. So what would be a good time ti arrive at Kings Island tomorrow for opening day? I was thinking 8:00 - 8:30, or is that too early to get there? (I know they don't open until noon.)
  2. About the lack of a dropping floor, they may add that later. They still need a concrete foundation underneath, which might be what we see in the pic.
  3. It seems like only yesterday that they announced Banshee! I can't believe how much is already built.
  4. My friend decided one day a few years ago to put me on Flight of Fear. I was really worried because that was before i had really ridden any thing yet and didn't know what to expect. So as we are boarding the train, just as I had closed and locked my lap bar they told my friend to get off because he was just barely under the line.I freaked out but not for long because then It launched. Now it is one of my favorites.
  5. Last year in eight grade we went and it was probably the most fun I have had at K.I. because most of the people i was with don't go there often.
  6. Do they still hire 15 year olds and if they do what jobs are there for a 15 year old. I want to work there.
  7. Roller Coasters, Youtube, The Walking Dead, my iPhone and Minecraft.
  8. What can I do at Kings Island being 15?
  9. I saw a crane dissembling the hill in between the rose bowl and lift hill. You can see it from the High school.
  10. I will be there too! I dont know though, as haunted houses scare me to death but in the end im always laughing.
  11. A shorter title! Just Kidding my choices are: 1.The Beast 2.Vortex 3.FOF 4. Adventure Express 5. Shake Rattle and Roll 6. ummmmm lets see, i guess flight deck 7. idk i cant remember the rest so yah.
  12. I have a SOB shirt from 2000, a ride warriors shirt, a beast statics train,and a top gun mug from "Paramount Parks" so i'm guessing they sold it at K.I. and Carowinds. EDIT: I forgot my Halloween Haunt map from 2011, and my 2012 park map.
  13. COuld not agree more!
  14. I know this happened when i was at dc with my school and luckily we were going to this mall for lunch and souvenirs so i just went to lenscrafters and in like 10 minuets they fixed them for free.
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