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    I have ridden at least 114 roller coasters.

    Some of my favorite coasters include:

    Kings Island - The Bat (aka Flight Deck formerly Top Gun)
    Six Flags Over Texas - The New Texas Giant
    Dollywood - Thunderhead
    Busch Gardens Tampa - Montu
    Stricker's Grove - Tornado

    Parks visited:

    Darien Lake
    Canada's Wonderland
    Kentucky Kingdom
    Indiana Beach
    Camden Park
    Beech Bend
    Cedar Point
    Holiday World
    Kemah Boardwalk
    Six Flags Over Texas
    Stricker's Grove
    Kings Island
    Coney Island Cincinnati
    Busch Gardens Tampa
    Universal Studios Florida
    Disney World (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM/Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom)

    Coming Soon...ish:

    Michigan's Adventure

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  1. Maelstrom is a fun ride. I think part of the backlash comes from it being the last of the non-modified 1980s rides at EPCOT. Or maybe because, instead of finally adding rides to other country pavillions, they are removing 50% of them by closing Maelstrom. The park doesn't really resemble the theme of what it was when it opened in 1982 (education, science, optimism about the future, oil industry sponsorships, etc.). Bringing more Disney characters into the World Showcase section just further muddles the theme. Then again, maybe everyone's just blowing the removal of a classic ride out of proportion. After all, it's not like anyone regrets Mission: Space replacing Horizons. Right?
  2. I always look forward to Haunt season. A little disappointed that my favorite maze, Holiday Horror, won't be returning. I knew fall was officially here when I walked up and heard "Calendar Girl" blaring through the speakers. Board to Death was a welcome addition last year with a similar sense of humor. Here's hoping KillMart is just as fun!
  3. Agreed with the above comments that both parks are worth a trip. We usually go to Stricker's on Labor Day. They have a great Super Mario pinball machine that sometimes works. They often have free soda, as well. If you just need credits, Stricker's is the easy choice (Tornado and Teddy Bear vs. [Pepsi] Python).
  4. I also had an interesting experience on Thunder Run. My first ride was so much fun, I went around for another -- this time in front row. Just before the train was to depart, a ride op asked who was excited to ride Thunder Run. At that precise moment, there was a loud thunder. Some people seemed to think this was an effect through the loudspeaker, but it was actually the start of a heavy storm. The op then announced the ride would be closed due to weather and asked everyone to exit the train. All but one person understood this request and concern for safety. This passenger continued to sit on the train, shouting all types of four letter words. At first, several people in line seemed to interpret this outburst as enthusiastic sarcasm, but the park guest just carried on with the profanity. I was disappointed, as well, being next in line for front row. I decided to weep silently on the inside, though, and simply returned after the rain stopped.
  5. I once found keys near Hank's Burrito Shack. I sat around for a few minutes in case an owner came looking for them. No one showed up, so I took them to guest relations. Figured they'd eventually notice they were missing when they tried to leave the park.
  6. I purchased the season dining plan on opening day. I'm still not clear if a drink is included or not, as it was hit or miss throughout the day. Seems like it will ultimately be a good value, though.
  7. Tomb Raider has been mentioned, but I guess I'm technically the only poster on this thread who wishes The Crypt were still around. I never rode it as Tomb Raider, so I don't have memories of the "glory days" to compare (though, I've seen videos of TR and understand how people could have preferred it). The Crypt offered up a level of theming that really stood out as interesting to me. An extreme indoor thrill ride in the dark, combined with epic music, is an experience I miss. I go through the Haunt attraction primarily to catch a glimpse at what remains of The Crypt. Phantom Theater was gone before my first visit to Kings Island, though I would love to see something similar in the park. Dark rides are trending toward the shoot-lasers-while-riding genre. While that has its place, hopefully, non-interactive dark rides aren't a dying art. Horizons didn't have lasers.
  8. The Bat logo from earlier this summer can be found here: http://behindthethrills.com/2013/08/kings-island-new-coaster-leaked/ At first glance, it looks like a simple change in color scheme, but there are actually several differences.
  9. Banshee logo is great and the font reminds me of Kumba, so no complaints there. Preferred the "leaked" Bat logo earlier this year to the official one, but for Banshee vs. The Bat... I'm voting for The Bat.
  10. How was the event? Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it out to Coney that night. I really enjoyed it last year, though.
  11. Is the feast back this year?
  12. Trabant and Scrambler have always been my favorites at Coney Island. I recently rode Galaxi at Indiana Beach and it was a surprisingly very different experience than (Pepsi) Python to me. Perhaps, it was the different style trains.
  13. Kentucky Rumbler is a great coaster. It's at least the best operating coaster in Kentucky! Just wish they would allow re-rides on slow days. The magic show and cowboy show were a hoot last season. Definitely worth checking out. If you're a big fan of carnival rides, it's nice to have so many in one place. Where else are you going to ride something from Michael Jackson's personal park?
  14. Where was Screamin' Demon located? Could that have any relevance to the unidentified "evil phenomenon"?
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