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  1. i just got a question so please dont make fun or bashing. but is there any chance that Kings Island could closed its doors for the whole season because of this coronnavirus and if so is there a chance that Kings Island cound refund are money im not saying that it will happen but i was just wondering thank you
  2. may i ask why dont Kings Island allowed rock groups to at Kings Island anymore or any other groups did something bad happend would love to see kiss or motley cure poison play there
  3. hi my name is Kevin and on Friday Nov 29 me an my wife will be going to the winter fest an we were wondering does anyone know if they will be having the mac&cheese station like the truffle mac&cheese also can anyone tell me if they have a list on where we can use are dinner plan pass thank you and god bless
  4. hi me and my wife would like to know is Kings Island really bringing back winter fest if so what are the day they are having them and what time and also if we can use are gold pass
  5. me and my wife went on opening day i was so happy when i went in then i told them 2 for a booth then they try to seat us at a table that someoneeles was already there then we sat at a booth we order are food we both had the red leg buger it was very good hot yummy it took about 10-15mins to bring it at first they brought us the ppl sitting behind us there order. not to bright then my wife went to look around i waited for the bill it took 25mins to bring it then when i went to pay it the guy try to keep my change. alot of ppl had there order messed up when i go back i hope they got it together
  6. im sorry but i think this is bs. ive been coming to Kings Island for 8years and never had any problems with bringing old cups. i wonder if any other parks will be doing the same
  7. ok so im not alound to bring a souviner cup that i bought last year into the park anymore for a refill of pop.
  8. Well you are 5'11" - same height as my dad and he's 210. He fits on every ride perfectly. If you were say, 5'4" it would be a different story... well im 6-2 270 some rides i can ride some i cant i think Kings Island should redo all there rides so us big ppl should be able ride they better
  9. Sunny Jim is just an old nickname that people gave each other. I'm trying to bring it back thanks i did no Sunny Jim is just an old nickname that people gave each other. I'm trying to bring it back ok thanks i did not know happy new year bro
  10. sonofbaconador could you plz tell me what is sunny jim you said expansion sunny jim welcome to kic
  11. im kind of new to this but does anyone know what will be built where sob was and thunder alley. just wondering
  12. somebody should start some petition to bring back some of the rides i never road on like The Bat king cobra exct.i moved here in 2005 and i never got to ride them becauce they were gone befor i got here
  13. can someone plz tell me if this is true or not about the crypt if its really closed for good or is someone just bs me
  14. hi i was thinking Kings Island should do zombie land ppl plz look at this and let me know what you think
  15. will sob be open this year because i never road it befor and i wnat to know what was it like to ride it was it better then anyother rides
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