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  1. Dive coaster seems to be a popular desire as a replacement, but I don't agree. I do believe the replacement will be an intense looping coaster. My favorite replacements: 1) New Vekoma looping coaster like Lech Coaster, but on a larger scale 2) Intamin blitz like Maverick 3) Mack Multi-launch that is more intense than Copperhead Strike
  2. If there is movement to be had in the shed, could there be a hydraulic system in place that can make a section of track tilt in any direction and move slightly side to side? I can see the hydraulic system making the track seem to shake and make jostling motions as if it was tumbling. That's my guess for the shed.
  3. You dare try to break the 11th commandment! haha, but to be serious, I don't see Adventure Express leaving soon. Its big and fun enough to not be classified as a children ride, but not a super thrilling attraction. AE is there to help ease to the bigger rides. Also the queue is almost full on most Saturdays and a somewhat decent lines on others days. Not to mention plenty of people adore the ride.
  4. I got classic two days ago on android and I love it. There are two problems I see with the game. I find the lack of real parks saddening because I loved playing those, and that the toolkit add-on is worth the same amount as the base game itself. I'm happy they released it and it worked on my S4.
  5. Diamondback. Banshee had a very brief amount of downtime on Opening Day while Diamondback was very smooth in operations. Diamondback is also the favorite ride to a lot of people ever since in opened.
  6. RF2? Ravine Flyer 2 @ Waldameer is what Logan is referring to. It is known for its bridge that crosses a road. https://rcdb.com/3917.htm#p=21487
  7. The more you know. At least the park isn't closed just to do decorating. I always thought it was to allow them to go around the park and decorate even on the weekends without the public.
  8. The park is closed for the next two weekends to prepare for Halloween Haunt. The park reopens Friday, September 23.
  9. According to the scale given on the drawings for the Area of Work, extrapolated out for the entire length (3250ft), the straight section is at most, 280ft long. From that, our height would be between 140-160ft based on the incline angle. If they push the incline to 35° that would get them to 196ft. You also have to take in account a length of track for the slope up to the incline and the top of the lift to transition from lift to drop.
  10. Anyone else notice a figure on the bottom right corner of sign in the tree? I don't know if it has been speculated to or noticed.
  11. Looking at the projects that B&M have over the year or two, I don't believe B&M will be the manufacturer of this new ride. There are 6 B&Ms to open in China and Vietnam by the end of 2017; three wing coasters, a dive machine, a sitdown of sorts, and Time Machine being reopened. So far, GCI has InvadR on their list for 2017 and nothing else. Am I completely ruling out B&M, no, but there is far less of a chance that B&M builds a coaster for KI for 2017.
  12. I could see this event turning out like the dinos at dusk event from a couple years ago, a smaller upcharge for the event and the ice cream with it. I don't know the financial details, but this could be the model they follow. It does sound like a good time for passholders.
  13. I have been on BLSC when it rolled back from the helix. That night of Haunt shall not be forgotten.
  14. really, unless a major malfunction causes permanent closure of the ride, Vortex will not go anywhere. it is indeed one of the highlight attractions and the park. added on that it is the only traditional sitdown inverter at the park, and it would only be replaced by a coaster of a similar style in my opinion. since my next prediction for a coaster is a modern woodie, it will be a while until KI decides to replace Vortex
  15. I rode Diamondback tonight and counted the airtime. I clocked 32 seconds in row 14 and started wondering why Kings Island has not gone for the record. The Big Three at the park would have a world record. Banshee with longest invert, Beast with longest woodie, and Diamondback with most airtime.
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