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About Me

Updated as of August 4th:

Hi, my name's David. I'm 29 years old and my neighborhood was recently attacked by zombies. My fiancee, Laura, and I are on the run now, hitting WiFi hot spots that are still active for updates in hopes of rescue. We packed up all of the canned foods and Yoohoo's we could muster before leaving the house and had to abandon the dog because he kept giving us away. Still not sure of our heading.

Updated as of August 5th:

After a few arguments and running into other survivors; we've decided to head to the east coast in hopes of finding safe passage across the sea. Local reports show that the infestation is too widespread to stay in the country much longer. The roads aren't safe with vagabonds and marauders looking to car-jack and murder anyone lucky enough to have wheels. We move again after sun down.

August 6th:

Saw a man stuck in a tree today. Had to have been 20 zombies parked around the trunk trying to figure out how to get to him. More on the way. Nothing I could do to help but use his misfortune so that Laura and I could sneak by. If one sees you, it moans which alerts more to the area. There can be thirty of them on your trail in as many seconds. They're slow, but while we have to break to rest; they don't.

August 7th:

Joined up with a guy named Cory. Tells us he lost his wife and kids back in Columbus before the explosions. He's still holding hope that they made it out in time, poor guy. We said he could stick with us. I'm kind of glad to have another guy around to help if we're attacked. Laura has been getting weak. We'll need to get more supplies in the next town.

August 8th:

Cory's really been a big help. Yesterday we were in a town market getting what food hadn't already been taken and one saw us. Before we knew it the town was alive with moans and the horrible sounds of dragging feet. Cory told us to meet him at the next town and he took off, making as much noise as he could. He had a whole undead parade after him, but sure enough, when we got to the next town he was there. He used to run cross country or something and made a wide 13 mile loop to eventually lose them. We made sure he ate well that night for saving our chance at supplies and our lives. We're about to enter a lot of farm country so I'm not sure when I'll be able to update again.

August 15th:

Things have gone really bad. We hit a town for supplies a couple days ago and on the way back through a field, Cory got ankle bit by a zomb with no legs. Never saw the creep just laying in the grass. We took care of it quickly, but Cory knows what's going to happen. He's put on a brave face, but we can see him getting weaker. We haven't had the conversation yet about what's going to happen next, but we all know and we're too afraid to face it.

August 20th:

Cory got worse and worse as the days wore on. His skin began going gray and he was pruning up. He had horrible fits with stomach pain. His moans kept me up at night. Not surprisingly, the noise he made did not in the least attract attention from the zombies outside of our hideout. They must have known he was becoming one of them. Laura and I fought over our next course of action. We both said some things we shouldn't have. I made it seem like it was all Cory's fault and we both knew I only said that to make it easier on myself. The day before we left him I put my gun to his temple and he looked at me with sympathetic eyes. He knew how hard this decision was for me and that I had made the right choice. But I took the coward's road. Laura and I left him there to his fate. I think she's glad I didn't do it, though I can't shake the feeling that I've made a mistake. A big mistake.

August 27th

It's been one of the more pleasant weeks since the uprising. Laura and I have made pretty good time and even ran into a group of families heading the same way as us. Of course, we told them we were heading off in a different direction after a few miles, but it was nice to have company for a while with others. One night we chanced a bonfire and told stories. Laura and I seem to have gotten off pretty easy losing only a dog and a friend along the way. Some of the people had tales that made my skin crawl. Stories of loss that I couldn't imagine. Atrocities by our own government. And worst of all, some of them believe that the zomb's are learning...or at least remembering. What that could mean for our chances, I'm not sure. I was truly sad when we took our leave of the group, but if I've learned anything from this situation it's that the more people you have with you, the greater the risk of discovery. We're not far now from Baltimore. I can see the smoke.

September 5th

The smoke is something I won't forget...


I thought Dayton was bad, but this was epic. Hundreds of buildings on fire. There were packs of zombies roaming around the highways. We didn't even have to cross highway 695 to know we shouldn't go into the city. We'd be like trapped rats in there. I couldn't image the people still living with all that smoke. We occasionally could hear shots fired or the muffled echo of an explosion. The original plan was to make it to the University of Maryland Baltimore County campus, get some supplies then head toward the airport. After meeting with the group a week ago we abandoned that plan for the city. Now we see no choice but to head to the college. Hopefully they've made it this far.

September 6th

Cory was following us. It seemed crazy, all the talk about zombies remembering things from before they died, but that's the only explanation. We made it to the University at night fall, but we didn't have to make it far before we heard the moans. They were everywhere around the campus. We ran into one of the nearby buildings in case the moans weren't meant for us. Then we heard the shots and the screaming. We made it to the second floor and I could recognize some of them. It was the group of people we'd met along the way and they were surrounded. I don't know how I spotted him in the group of what had to be around five hundred zombies, but there was Cory, almost like the ringleader. He knew our original plan and must have stuck to it; bringing with him every zombie he could muster along the way. It's all my fault those people died last night. If I would have stopped him back before he turned, things would have been different. Eventually the last shots were fired and the struggling stopped. Laura and I were trapped but figured once the new zombies emerged from what were once kind and decent people, they would all disperse; but it could be a while. Cory's still out there; probably confused as to what to do next. Like a child waiting for his parents to come pick him up. I feel like I should take revenge on him...do what should have been done weeks ago. But really, this wasn't his fault. It was mine. It always has been and always will be.

September 12th

Things are really getting scary and updates can't be made regularly. We left Cory and the University behind us the following day and made our way directly towards Curtis Bay in hopes that the Coast Guard might still have some semblance of control. The scene at the bay made my stomach turn. Boats just floating aimlessly. People in make-shift rafts trying to stay afloat from certain death below. You know, when zombies hit the water, they just keep going. They don't recognize a difference. The water in the bay was alive with countless creatures floating around or sinking and bobbing around. The ones that don't sink to the bottom flail around like a children who haven't learned to swim. When they grab something or someone, they hold on with that horrible grip they have. If they're under the water and they get a hold of a person, there is no way to escape. One guy who had commandeered an oil rig (and appeared to be stuck) thought they could help everyone by dumping their cargo and lighting the water to burn the zombies. He got the ones on the surface, but then he also got people just trying to survive and nearby vessels. The wild fire eventually lit his own boat. The explosion was ungodly. We turned, unable to think of where to go next. Do we go south along the coast in hopes of finding a boat we could trust? Do we head back towards the Appalachian mountains and try to make a fortified area for ourselves? The machine gun fire to the south alerted us that the Coast Guard must not be in very good shape either, so south was not an option. We decided to head back west for a bit to get away from the water. Funny that we thought it would be our way out, but it felt more like a wall keeping us in. We hid out in a few buildings for a couple days. We even hit a mall. I couldn't help but sense the irony from watching Dawn of the Dead all those years ago. But this morning we saw what might be our best chance to get out. A commercial plane flew overhead towards the Baltimore airport. It flew in low with landing gear down and I didn't see an explosion in the distance so it must have landed. That's our heading. They must be trying to re-fuel before taking off again. It might be a futile mission but we have to try and get on that plane.

September 13th

The airport is a disaster, like that's anything new. The plane is huge and they're lining people up to board. The pilots seem really on edge and want things to move quickly, but they're checking people very closely for any type of wounds that may lead to them turning while in flight. Last thing you want is a zombie in such close quarters miles above the ground. One of the pilots just keeps looking around the area and shaking his head. It's odd and I'm not sure what's supposed to be meant by it. It's like he knows something we don't. The line is really long; a lot longer than I anticipated and there's a chance we won't be able to get on.

September 13th continued...

As we approached the door to the plane while in line, we had renewed hope that we were going to get on. We were close to one of the pilots so I asked him who they were with. He said that they were with the National Guard and took this special assignment to grab as many Baltimore survivors as they could. I then asked if this was the only plane or if more were coming. He said that at least one more was supposed to make its way here, but it was late. As if on cue, we heard it approaching. It was dark out and its lights weren't on so we didn't see its altitude until it was almost on the ground. I'd never seen an explosion like it before. It came in with the left wing hitting the ground first and bursting into flame. Then the belly hit. The landing gear wasn't all the way down. After sliding a couple feet, the rest of it plane went up. The heat was incredible. A lot of the people fled the line, but I held onto Laura because we were getting on this plane. After the fire seemed contained to its section of the runway, people started to get back in line. Then the fights broke out. Some people were saying that their spot was farther up and others called them liars. Then a sound I won't soon forget slowly started to creep through the city. It was a siren. It started quietly and was joined by several others. One of the pilots yelled to the others that it was time to go. I felt the rush behind me so I pushed as well. Laura and I got separated and then I grabbed her and pulled her up. We were on. The pilots were trying to push through the crowd. We weren't going anywhere without them. Then they pulled out some pistols and fired into the air. Some people cleared back but there were still a lot fighting to get on. The pilots fired into the crowd. I don't know if anyone was killed, but the crowd moved and the pilots got on. They slammed the doors behind them and didn't even take time to look at who had pushed on or if anyone was infected. They ran to their stations and got the plane moving.


Laura and I found seats and buckled in but the plane was overcrowded after the surge so some people had to stand. The pilots took us around the runway in a fast reckless fashion. I was so afraid about what was coming. They took us through some of the burning debris still on the runway from the crashed plane. I wasn't sure if we were going to lift off, but they got the speed and we slowly made it into the air. I wasn't sure where we were going, but it appeared that they were taking us west. Then suddenly there was a flash behind the plane. It was the brightest light I'd ever seen. Then I knew what had happened. The maniacs. The shock wave hit the plane and all of the oxygen masks fell. People were screaming and the plane was shaking so hard that I thought it was over. But it passed and we were alive. I never got to see the mushroom cloud that I only assumed was behind us. Why did they do it? Was it a test? Were they planning on doing this to other cities? Where were we going to be safe?

September 15th

We've made a couple stops over the last day or so. First spot they took us to appeared to be an army outpost. They circled the plane above it, but it was on fire, so they didn't land. I'm assuming that was our original heading. Since then it's been a little random. They'll circle airports or army bases to see if it looks safe for fuel and land. I'm not sure where they plan on finally stopping, but nobody seems to want to leave the plane. In fact, a couple people that took refuge in the back restroom haven't come out in a while.

September 16th

Still zig-zagging across the country. They aren't risking flying long stretches in case we can't find a good landing spot later on. They want to make sure we have plenty of fuel to move quickly if we land somewhere hostile. I can tell we're nearing the West Coast as we've crossed some desert in the last few hours. We stopped at one airfield yesterday evening and we were almost taken, and not by zombies. Laura and I joined a bunch of the passengers outside the plane while the pilots refueled and then we heard a loud air horn. Suddenly, screams erupted all around us and shots were fired. One of the passengers was killed instantly. The pilots couldn't finish fueling the plane completely, but we had enough to last a while. We quickly closed the door to the plane before the attackers got to us with their motorcycles. They fired at the plane, but must not have hit anything vital, or I wouldn't be typing now. It was a close call that we got out of there at all. Savages. The world isn't safe be it from zombie or man. We do have a minor problem at the moment. There is a passenger in the rear restroom who apparently slipped in at Baltimore who was wounded. They locked themselves in the restroom, apparently to hide, and from the sound of it; they've turned. Zombies aren't the best at opening doors that are locked. But they're extremely adept at breaking them down. You see, once they focus on a place they want to enter, they start slamming against it. And they feel no pain so they'll keep hitting and hitting and HITTING until they either damage their appendages to where they can't hit any longer, or they break through. We've barricaded the door as best we can, and the pilots are trying to find a safe place to land so that we can dispose of it. I hope they find someplace soon because the moaning and the banging is really getting to a lot of us.

September 16th Continued...

We're going down. We're going to crash.....

September 27th

I don't know where I'm going. I woke up in the wreckage of the plane, I'm not sure how long ago. It appears that most of the people in the plane died as we crashed. But some were missing, including Laura. I was in the desert alone with just my memories to get me through it. I remember a few things happened at once. We heard a loud bang to the side and we saw one of the engines burst into flames. It appears that our meeting with the bandits at the airport had indeed left a mark on us. So the plane started to shake and bounce and just then the zombie in the bathroom busted out. It was like a horror movie. It ripped through the door and grabbed the nearest person and bit into his neck. Then some genius with a gun started shooting at it and blew out a window so we started losing cabin pressure. At that point we knew we were going down. I told Laura that I loved her and we buckled up. I don't know if the zombie was taken care of in the back or not. That was the least of our problems. I looked out the window and saw the desert sand getting closer and closer. They must have tried to land us as best they could but with all the dunes and rocky terrain, I figured we were toast. I took one last look at Laura and then that was it. I woke up with a splitting headache and I had a bad gash on leg, but other than that, I was fine. I'm not sure how I got out of the plane as it hadn't exploded. Anyway, I took notice of the position of the sun and headed west. After navigating through some pretty harsh terrain and more than once feeling my situation pretty hopeless; I wandered onto a road and followed it until I ended up on the Desert Winds Golf Course in Twenty Nine Palms, California. I heard shots fired in the distance so I followed them to the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center. After a tense moment where shots were fired in my direction and I had to prove I wasn't a zombie, the marines let me in their base and that's where I am now. Seems that these guys haven't had anything to do for a while and are more than happy to help me look for Laura. They even have an idea of where she could be. They're going to brief me in the morning.

September 28th

The briefing with the marines was just that; brief. They stated that there was a known cult which has set up camp at the airport in Palm Springs which is about 30 miles south west of our position. They believe the cult has been kidnapping people in the area for reasons unknown. They are heavily armed and the marines believe they have control of a couple small airplanes and a helicopter. There are about 50 marines on this base and he's going to send 10 with me on this mission. First they're going to put me through a very quick version of basic training to make sure I'm ready to go with them. There's no way they're keeping me from going if it means helping Laura, so I'll ignore the pain in my leg and get through this. For her.

September 29th

Tonight we strike. They're going to chopper us just past the mountains north of the airport where we'll repel down and scope out the situation. If it looks too hairy we'll call for an air strike with the chopper to break things up. Hopefully we can keep things quiet and get in and out with Laura and whatever other prisoners they have. I'm really anxious about what's going to happen. I may not make it out of this one. Up until now I've felt pretty confident in my abilities to handle the zombies but these are weapon carrying humans which is a whole different animal. I'm taking my laptop in my bag against my better judgment, but how else am I going to get you guys updates. This habit is about the only thing I have that seems normal anymore. Well; we're getting ready to go. One way or another; I'll see you on the other side.

October 6th

Wow, it's been a while. I guess you can tell I made it out of the desert. And Laura's fine too. It was a mess, but what hasn't been so far. To make the long story short, this cult was worshiping zombies. They captured humans and sacrificed them to this mass group of zombies they had bunched up in what looked like a huge 12 foot deep hole. Messed up, right? The marines and I arrived just as they were getting ready to push the survivors of my plane crash (including Laura) into the hole. Those Marines were amazing. They sniped all 10 of the cult guys on the platform before anyone else knew what was happening. Then all hell broke loose. Everyone started running and people were shooting everywhere. As the Marines kept the gun toting cult members pipped down, I ran across the airstrip and grabbed Laura and the other survivors and ran back. I was hit in the back by something and fell but got up with little struggle. We got back to the Marines and they called their chopper in. They picked us all up and we were back off to the base. During the flight I found out that I was hit in the back by a bullet but it had just bent in the metal case of my laptop, but the laptop was broken. Laura also filled me in on the crash. She said she thought I was dead at first after the crash until I started snoring. Then they heard gun shots and vehicles approaching so they dragged me out of the wreckage and tried to cover me with sand to conceal me. Lucky they did because they took anyone who could walk prisoner and shot anyone who was injured. There was a lot more to the store but I don't have time to tell it now. After we got back to the Marine base, they gave Laura and I a jeep, some guns, a walkie talkie and a transmitter that we can use if we get in trouble which will guide them to us. We're now on our way towards the west coast to see if there's a way out of the country. We're currently on the outskirts of San Bernardino and I found an abandoned Best Buy that I was able to get another lap top from. Like I said, I'm addicted. Anyway; we're heading to the coast, most likely Santa Monica, but travel by vehicle is probably more difficult than by foot, but we're going to see how far we can get.

October 13th

We got through most of San Bernardino but beyond that it was almost un-passable because of fires and gangs still fighting over turf. So we headed south on highway 53 and my eyes lit up when I saw a sign along the road pointing towards a magical place. So...we took a detour to Disneyland. I figured if there was one place we should check out while in California, we might as well go down to a place that might bring us a smile in this horrible world. Would you believe it? The park was empty! We broke into one of the shops that hadn't been looted and grabbed some souvenirs and I was even able to find a discarded roaming character head. I wonder what people would have though seeing Goofy wandering the park with an automatic machine gun. Of course, the rides weren't working, and we had a nice short stand-off with some zombies at Sleeping Beauty's Castle; but good times. Anyway, we're back on the road heading back north west up highway 5. I don't doubt this will be a tough section to navigate with such a dense city, but we're going full throttle and no man or...whatever...will get between us and the coast.

October 14th

Explosion in the city made me swerve off the road and crash. Laura's fine, but I broke my leg. Jeep's totaled. Couldn't take all of our guns with us. Moving very slowly now. Seagulls nearby so ocean can't be far.

October 15th

Things aren't looking good. Had to shoot a couple humans who thought they could take our guns. That alerted some zombies which we had to take out, but distant moans tell me that more are on our trail. I'm moving about as fast as a zombie right now. Mentioned to Laura that she should just leave me but she's shrugging it off.

October 16th

We're on the Beach. There's a book called On the Beach that we read in High School about the end of the world. I wonder if that's what this really is. I've had to pretty much shuffle along down the sidewalk through Venice Beach. We're heading up to Santa Monica Pier. I can see the ferris wheel from here. It looks like a pretty place. As good as any to make a last stand. This area used to be called Muscle Beach but now it's just deserted with the occasional dead body poking a limb out of the sand. Time to make a last push for the pier.

October 18th

We got to the pier and found some survivors along the way who weren't trying to kill us. We've worked together to set up some fortifications. We've built a make-shift wall our of boards and parts from the old carousel. There are about 15 of us at this point. Some of the others are racing back to where we crashed our vehicle to see if they can find some of the guns we couldn't carry ourselves.

October 19th

They made it back with as much as they could get. We have a pretty good arsenal now. I'm not sure how it will hold up. They said they met a lot of resistance during their trip and there were a lot of zombies on their tracks. They tried to go through various side streets to confuse them, but I'm not sure if it worked.

October 20th

They're on the beach. Hundreds of them. All converging on one point...us. I don't know if we have the ammunition for this kind of fight. I'm near the front lines since I've proven to be one of the better shots. Must have been all that time playing counter strike. Those days seem so long ago leading up to this point. Gotta stark shooting. Will update on the fight as we hit breaks in the lines.

October 21st

First couple waves weren't so bad. Mainly head shots took them out easy. It's late night and they're still coming. We have to wait until they're almost to the wall so that we can ensure we're making a good shot. I can't tell how many are out there right now. We'll get a better view with the dawn. It sounds bad out there though.

October 21st continued

At first light we could see that the beach was covered. It's like the invasion of Normandy. We can't make it through this.

Laura has triggered the transmitter to the marines back in the desert, but they radioed us saying that they're getting attacked themselves. We might not get a rescue.

October 22nd

They're to the wall and banging against it. It's like shooting fish in a barrel except that it seems that when we take one out, two more take its place. We're running low on ammo. We haven't heard from the Marines since yesterday afternoon. So far we're still all okay, but it's getting harder to concentrate on headshots. We're all sleep depraved and these all night shooting fests is not helping anyone get any shut eye.

October 23rd

During the night the fight got really heated. The zombie bodies are piling up and the active ones are able to shuffle up near the top of the wall. Soon they'll be on us and will topple this thing. The smell from the bodies is almost too much to bear. After the wall goes we'll have about three hundred feet of pier to work with toward the ocean but we won't be able to hold that long. The other survivors are trying to make some fortifications behind us including breaking up the wood in the pier so that they'll just fall through. Small steps that could buy us time; but time for what? We got some sound from our talkies from the marines last night, but it was choppy and we couldn't understand them.

October 24th

Chopper came with the marines. Came just in time. I was left behind. Got bit while defending pier. Laura didn't want to leave but I told her I'd be okay and that I wanted to see Disneyland again. They're off to Hawaii. Hope things are better there. Leg that was bit feels pretty numb. On the bright side, I won't need to buy a Halloween costume this year. From the sounds down the pier; I'm not going to be unique at the costume party. Maybe if I put this Goofy mask on.


Now I'll be just a little different. Getting cold. Hard to type. I wonder what it's going to be like. Probably won't realize what I'm doing. I miss Laura already. Wonder if I'll run into Cody. Diamondback rulz.Cakeizalye.eetmorchikin.soopacallafragilistkexpeeeeealeeeedosheoussssssssss


Okterber 25fth







The End

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