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  1. I hope there is some difference from obviously fake rumors and stuff thats OMG REAL!!!!!!! Cause ya know Racer is being replaced with villain.
  2. CONFIRMED: Ryan and Dane lay the smack down on people who make up silly rumors! Source: KICentral.com!
  3. All of which are HIGHLY snapabble. Just if its allowed or not.
  4. If the weather isn't bad this weekend I will head up and take some photos after work on Saturday.
  5. Dane is actually a T-120 created by skynet to enslave us all.
  6. Beastfreak


    First, it did not happen. But, second, coasters that have had deaths usually do continue to operate. See, for instance, Raven at Holiday World, Rolling Thunder at Six Flags Great Adventure, Timber Wolf at Worlds of Fun, etc. I had never heard that someone died on Raven... when did that happen (not doubting you, of course, but just curious)? Yes someone did die on raven in 2003 The lady unbuckled her seatbelt and had her lapbar up and was flung out during the event Stark Raven Mad.
  7. Ipod Touch's and I phone Beam advertisements to them via the Wi-Fi connection!
  8. Oh no start with SOB. That way every other ride in the park will be MIND blowing
  9. Its a legend because you don't remember your ride after the brain damage.
  10. I wouldn't worry the family has been running it for a while
  11. So you get the work done BEFORE you do any major work and you get grandfathered in.
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