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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

gold pass processing and early ride times

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I recently bought a gold pass online in form of an e-ticket. Me and my friends are going on Saturday and they all have gold passes that they have renewed from last year. I have the e-ticket printed out and ready to go, but it says on the KI website that processing times start at ten. I don't know exactly what processing is. I want to know if I will be able to get in at early ride time with the rest of my friends. It would really be a bummer to makie then wait to go in a ten. Could someone please help and soon as we have to know by Thursday what time we are going. Pleas help soon! Thanks!

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If you are able to get to the park sometime this week to process your pass, that would be your best bet. Processing lines are horrible opening day. I would imagine the pass processing place will be open early, but I don't know that for a fact. I would call the park for a definitive answer.

EDIT: You get your picture taken during processing and your physical pass. You can't do it online.

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So it will be open early on opening day? It said the building was opening at ten, and I was planning on going at ERT.

From the email that KI sent out yesterday:

Parking, Pass Processing and Ticket Sales windows will all open by 8:30am.

From plenty of past experience, the earlier you get there the better!

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I'm just hoping a 2011 Kings Dominion Platinum Pass works at Kings Island this year....if it doesn't, I may get Bart Kinzel to work on this soon, tee hee...

The KD pass did not scan at KI two weeks ago.I went there to check if it did and it, uh, didn't.However, a Carowinds pass scanned fine.

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^ Which is kinda making me want to cancel plans to go to Carowinds for opening day next year. KD was awesome opening day 11' but if I go through a lot of trouble processing, well... I just don't want another headache and making the trip takes a lot out of me. Is it worth the hassle if my next CF trip starts with major frustration? I'll probably still go but why doesn't CF care that they stress their customers out like this, sometimes it taints the day.

Another example, Millie opened late everyday I was at the point last year. I felt like they didn't care and were trying to save a nickel or something. It's hard for me to get there for ERT and offensive when all I get is a single lap on Millie or Maverick because they were down. Lost perceived (actual) value is not good for getting customers to return. It was so bad last year that we actually have a tradition of starting on Raptor because...after waiting in line for down rides every trip, we're glad to just ride something during ERT... even if it will be walk-on later.

Why does this company make it so painful and frustrating to give them my business? It's not like this for me at other parks! I just don't have the same problems that I do at CF parks... and CF parks are my favorites (I'm also equal distances from KI and CP so I'm biased by close rides).

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