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  1. Whatever would go in the area left by SOB would be a better made ride.
  2. I think he means if it was your first big coaster.As in not in the kid's area.The backwards Racer was my first big coaster and I liked it a whole lot more than forwards.It was because you couldn't see where you were going and it was hard to anticipate the next drop.When American Eagle at SFGAM was turned backwards for its 30th anniversary last season,I had to make a trip there to ride it.It was the first time I had been on a backwards racing coaster since The Racer in 2007.
  3. I am very saddened to hear of Keith's passing.He was always a pleasant man with a smile on his face.When I think of him the first thing that comes to mind is standing in line for DB.He was there frequently and for ert.I also remember the unusual way he would squat down when bowling.He would release the ball and then immediately squat down and watch the ball hit the pins.I was on The Racer train last year when it stopped on the lift and everyone started saying,"Keith!You broke the ride!"He was very devoted to his two boys.I remember the last time I saw him in June outside DB's entrance.He had lost a lot of weight and his voice was a whisper.His sons were with him.Even in not the best of health he still wanted his boys to spend time with their dad at KI.I had heard that he likely didn't have too much longer.I didn't want to believe it.Farewell Keith.The next time any of us are at KI take an extra lap on DB for Keith.
  4. The best thing to do would be to call the park and get a definitive answer.
  5. Diamondback's queue area was defaced pretty quickly with graffiti and gum,especially the part with the wood fence that goes under the lift.
  6. Looks like a shark.I don't know if it's from a specific cartoon or just a generic character created for the ride.
  7. Sorry if I struck a nerve! (I am also POSITIVE that I do like some things that you yourself would find embarrasing...i'm just not going to help you out with that info. ) Some of us were kids then and absolutely loved the Smurfs at the park.
  8. We were told at the GOCC party that the schedule for 2012 will likely be similar to 2011.Opening day will be at the end of April and daily operations will start in May.
  9. It's interesting that the sky ride is featured in a number of the photos.It was relatively short lived at KI,but the one at Kings Dominion lasted until 1995.Thanks for all your hard work J. D.I really enjoyed this thread.No I don't want it to end!Wwaaaahhhhhh
  10. The "islands" have been there as long as the park has, as seen below: April 29, 1972. Photo courtesy Paul Holzschuher. Regarding the '74/'11 comparison, I think this is one of my favorite shots so far. I like how similar the shots are and how many buildings and attractions have survived. Once again, thanks for taking the time, energy, etc. to put all of this together, J.D. You can see in this pic how The Racer's exit was originally on the opposite side.In teh pic of Race For Your Life Charlie Brown,it's interesting to see how the wood covering the trough have been removed making it bare looking,Catwalks have been added,possibly for easier maintenance.Also of note is that the movie Race For Your Life Charlie Brown was released by Paramount Pictures.So in a way there is a Paramount movie ride added (or re-themed) by CF to KI.
  11. Not too sure that's it's really that hard to maintain.They still have one at KD.SFOG also has one.
  12. In that first pic you can see the original exit for The Racer(it was on the opposite side from where it is now).These DVD sets can be bought brand new at Half Price Books for $9.99.That's where I got mine.
  13. Well if you really want people scared...
  14. Everyone has been talking about the changes to the waterpark,but has anyone paid attention to this?The trick or treating is no longer free and is now a 5 dollar upcharge.There's bound to be plenty of disappointed families over this one.
  15. The painting of International Street is actually Kings Dominion.
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