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  1. lucky you.. our last day is this thursday.
  2. a lot of the time guests dont mind more unfortunate guests to go ahead of them but if you fake it.. then thats just wrong. if you are able to wait in the cues, you should.
  3. ride ops job is to tell them to put it out. if they don't and hassle you about it.. then you can get security in on it. mostly when you are in uniform, they listen to you because they know they can get in trouble. i usually have no problems with getting people to stop unless i'm not in uniform.
  4. FOF was closed because of maintenance... it was not a fun day.
  5. most smokers do respect other people's choices. unfortunately the ones i ran into on Sunday were quite rude. I went and rode rides after work so i wasnt in uniform and this guy was smoking in Racer's line. I politely asked him to put it out because I'm an asmatic. Instead of being polite, he blew smoke in my face. I almost died, it was so rude. I tried to get supervisor Adam's attention but he couldnt hear me and by that time, the guy was lost in line. Ugh.
  6. the first time i rode DZ, i started freaking out but the more i ride it, its not as scary. i still love it though! i always have to make my friends ride it coz they are wimps...
  7. no brad you're just a pansy is all.. hahaha we have no life? well, yeah i'll admit that i dont but thats a given. and for the record, i speak to members of the oppposite sex regularly.
  8. i rode TR:TR on saturday for the first time. i tell you what, thats a great ride. i was scared to death, screaming my little head off. so my list also has changed since the season started... 1. Zephyr 2. TR:TR 3. Delirium 4. Bumper Cars! (hahaha) 5. Drop Zone the more i ride Delirium and Drop Zone, the better it gets. However, the bumper cars rule coz you get to ram people! YESSSS!
  9. Also, as a ride op.. if I ever see or smell smoke - I stop it. If FOF has extra people, we usually send people into the cue areas and play a little game i like to call "handrail nazi" which includes telling people to stop smoking. PKI tries their best to keep it under control but there is only so much you can do. FOF had a slight problem with smoking a couple weeks ago, and it gets ugly... but there we did what we could. Its just common courtesy for non-smokers not to smoke in line... but i dont think the park should be smoke free. Thats not fair to smokers.
  10. wait, im confused? free fear fest admission? i work there.. what are the questions.
  11. i take i 75 on the way home and i havent seen any billboards. im so unobservant. where exactly is it located so i can look for it!
  12. at least it wasnt pouring like last weekend. now that would stink if you were by yourself in a storm like that.
  13. ok, math and science day sucked. partially because FOF broke down a lot. the train got stuck in the launch tunnel... and it was just bad all around. but zephyr as always was running smoothly and was quite a relief after the mayhem at FOF. oh well, just another day at PKI
  14. maybe the person just got confused because we were talking about FOF and Zephyr being a ride pair. Still, no one said it was a flat.. prolly just a misunderstand. FOF is awesome, thats just my opinion.. partial or not.
  15. You are totally right dragon. Its no big deal, the park on a friday night during this time is going to be busy regardless. So it doesnt matter about how long the lines are, they are going to be long anyways. Chill. Edit: Lets try incorporating capitalization into our post next time.
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