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  1. Delirium is like a swinging ship on steriods! Its crazy! Even though your wife wont ride you NEED to ride this one of a kind ride. Its so awesome and is the best ride(not coaster) in the park!
  2. Skyline is so good and so is La Rosas but Id go with Skyline! The hot sauce is so good! I love it.
  3. Im saying Cedar Points games are awesome and Pki has some awesome games too! I love Cedar Point And I work At PKI so I love it in a different way.
  4. maybe he means like walking through and soaking up the atmosphere or something but we already know whats there and its just a matter of ridding it!
  5. I hope it will be so pretty to see all the light on evrything. I went to it along time ago and I enjoyed it. At least I think i did I was pretty young but i remeber bits and pieces of it.
  6. Key words >>my supevisor have said something about it to the crew about it. I wasn't there but that's just what I have been hearing from my friends on the crew. Ok we all know you are new to these forums and I respect ya because I was new not to long ago but I will believe this when I see it !
  7. I wish there was a pov of the old ride that would be awesome.
  8. well first I heard that the reason why Fast Tracks was removed is because my friend aid he saw somebody slide down the steepest slide and somehow end up on the slide next to the step one. I was like right. On the fast tracks this isnt even possible because there where 4 slides the really steep slide and the slide that was at a 45 degree angle. The other two are the ones with the 2 humps that where fun to race on. Second thing i've heard people say was Pki owns the land the Beasch is on? is this true? This seems more likely than the slide thing I've heard. Does anybody know about this stuff?
  9. The park will not get anything like that.
  10. I like Top Gun and how it plays the movie music
  11. Congo falls WILL NOT be going anywhere for a while. they will not remove that.
  12. Yeah Delirium is so cool. I rode Sob in the middle of the car and it wasnt to bad I actually liked the ride.
  13. I remember the ride barely but I remember having fun on it.
  14. Thats so awesome Action Zone should play this stuff not Nick Central
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