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    roller coasters, wrestling, and golf <br>I love to play poker and take photos <br>ohhh yes the ladies cant forget the ladies

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  1. hey guys, I am a screamster up at Cedar Point and the word was that you guys were doing a great job down at Kings Island with your haunt. If theres any screamsters reading this keep up the good work and let make sure Cedar Fairs scares are above everyone else. Good luck guys
  2. beastdude

    The Crypt

    hmmm i think the statue might stay and thats it, the rooms will always be open and there will be no more preshow.
  3. Who ever said it was fine to be the same as everyone else? Certainly not me. I just do not believe that CF should be thrown into a catagory by themselves when there are many others out there just as guilty. Let's not give out any false impressions. While I do agree that there are worse and comparable situations in the industry, this is a board about Kings Island, with people who will be planning trips to Kings Island and spending money at Kings Island that they could choose to spend elsewhere so the high food prices do factor in quite a bit. I'm sure if someone complained to Guest Relations about high food prices they wouldn't say "well everyone else is doing it!" At least, I hope they don't say that. I believe they would say are prices have been reviewed heavily upon the growing prices of the economy. I assure you we have done everything possibly to keep your stay as enjoyable as possible. I have had to answer this same question countless times and this is what I say(btw I dont not work for KI)
  4. add faygo its cheap and yummy but honestly to me it doesnt matter because i mainly get water, I would love it if they had unsweetened iced tea. Heres a tip for those who dont want to spend a lot of money and have a healthy yet cheap drink. OK buy a speacilty cup from the park have it filled with water then have a tube of the crystel light. mix them together and you got a tasty drink.
  5. I went to geuaga lake for the 4th and 5th of july and road dominater 16 times in two days. mainley because there was no wait. I must say it is a great layout for a ride and ever seat has a different feel. I really thought it would make a great fit in KI darn
  6. ill be there fri,sat,and sunday
  7. the best one i had was at Cedar Point in the old dogems two were dragster is now but me and my friends got to ride non stop for about 7 times in a row he kept on askin if we wanted to go again and everyone said yes till there was people in line. like 25 minutes of non stop bumper cars.
  8. i did it ,thought it was alright it was just weird having people staring at you through that big window.
  9. ship them down from geoga lake ( spellng)
  10. so I hear everyone tell about the stores there told by working at a certain rides like wwc (tower 2). Id like to hear those stories and i know a few others of us who dont work at the park do to
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