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  1. I will be there right after school. 1st ride I wanna do is scooby doo. I will be meeting up with a few other people. I hope its not as cold as last year.
  2. Its all been said. Its popular and fun ride for the kiddies and its newer so I doubt it. Nick central would be a better place for a FSS.
  3. http://enquirer.com/ The artical talks about the new food and stuff
  4. Last time I checked mine was in my profile but here it is anyways degen78xp
  5. Packing light lets see I usually pack my diskman and cd wallet,Change of shorts and shirt for WWC I dont think there will be a problem with me.
  6. I'll be there no matter what. War isn't going to stop me from going.
  7. What I would like to see is a cleanup of the park I think that has been said enough. I would like to see alot of adult trees planted around Son of Beast to give it a bit more of a beast feel. Make it look more like beast by Filling some dirt around some spots and creating a artifical ravine and hill area. Tunnels also. I would like to see some sort of shows in Action Zone. Its just kinda blah and you have the stuff there to do stunt tower shows again. Smaller free concerts in timberwolf. Speaking of timberwolf get some different bands in there. Some alterntive music would be a nice change from the christan rock and the pop music. The chilli visons or whatever there called now should have content that pertains to the area Maybe have cameras for guests to see shows that they they can't get out of line to see. Coney should have neon lights and all the rides should be lit up at night. Vortex and Racer are a bit dark. Rivertown looks good but maybe that "The Hunted" ride could go there cause it could fit in with the TRTR theme a bit. Make the walkway from International street to River town active again. Have it be a part of coney mall and have a few newer flats there. you can fix the car track up so a few nice rides would fit. Its empty anymore so its a good Idea. Waterworks should get a few new slides. And more shade I liked the idea of having a teen party type thing at the park. Having certain rides be open really late and have names of bands that teens today like have concerts. Then maybe for the older crowd have a backlot type party. Have the festhaus have kinda club atmosphere and open up Action Zone. Also have few cameras in line (that the ride ops can see . That would control line jumping a bit. Plain cothed security guards could walk around also and catch some of the illegal crap that goes on IE pot smoking (There seemed to be alot of that last year) Have the old hana barbara characters leave HB and walk around the park. Its always fun to have a picture taken with your favorate character (this is a suggestion I Heard ALOT when I worked at the park) Go back to diffrent uniforms for diffent rides except make them section wide. Action Zone could be a T-shirt and jeans type look with The Action Zone logo on front and the last name of the person on back and have it say like Action Zone stage hand. Coney could keep the current blue shirt and kaki pants look. Rivertown should all have the explorer outfits on. Hb and nick should be as colorful as can be with there uniforms. Maybe tyedie shirts with Nick central or HB on it. Another ride Idea is a B&M dive machine called Enter "The Core" Thats all for now.
  8. You paid attention to the fish video. Our people left the room and didnt check back in for a bit after we started.
  9. I dont think its vital so I'll tell The alarms are a clear area warning for people who may be working in the area. When the rides start testing the ride area has to be clear of everyone.
  10. It may not even be a B&M. Personally I would like to see a S&S-arrow coaster. A Turbo shot would be neat also
  11. They also make dive machines.
  12. This is someone me and you know right.
  13. shirts are from cintas shorts u have to provide. if you were there on the last day you would of saw the fof crew in the old milltart uniforms.
  14. Last year was a bad year overall for me. I am still deciding. I have made more friends there than anywhere else but I dont know im split. Thats why I didn't turn in my rehire packet.
  15. Somehow I think octoberfest is going to be there much longer.
  16. I know my status. I was sent a packet but I didnt think I would go back so I didnt bother to fill it out. I keep getting stuff like the stupid star news but the important stuff (2002 w-2) has yet to come and i would just like to get the tax crap outta the way early. I am still thinking though. Last year was very VERY negitve and I do I want to work for them or have them work for me?
  17. I still havent got my W-2 from PKI but I got a star News and Im not even a employee anymore. I may as well go back and fill out a rehire packet. But where to go?
  18. my moment was when FOF valleyed in 2001. FOF was at the controls and I was at greeter. All of a sudden I hear FOF is out of service and then guests running out. Quite scary.
  19. The parks Skyline sucks. Its all water. Before I worked there i used to hop on the hotel trams and eat on fields Ertle road. Skyline was nasty when i was there in aug. Subway I can deal with. Bringing back the chineese place YES!
  20. While were on the subject of funny outfits. Gayday 2001. guy who has to be 40 in a cub scout unifrom 3 sizes too small. Best fight was the guy who was right. HE was yelling and screaming at me at greeter because his kid couldnt ride. My sup mike said he measured em and they the kid was short. At greeter the kid was there and was tall enough. The guy was cursing up a storm. I gave a wrist band and called back up. Just as I was saying go up the exit and they will get you right on he left. I chased em down and he broke up laughing. I said sorry and go on up and he was like my best friend again. Worst one was the knock down drag out fight with a cripples mom. Bout 10 mins before closing on a saturday. family comes up to TG. I let em on cause there wasnt a line. The kid starts smarting off to me and acting like a jackass cause i was enforcing the yellow line rule. I was called everything in the book and some new ones I never heard of. She was irate. She demanded my name. Which I polietly gave. She gets on. She rides. I give em a freebie cause there was no line. She comes off and shes like I am so sorry. She had foundout that i was just enforcing the rules and that her son was infact a jerk. She was pleading with me what she could do to make it up to me. I said (im no good at guest relating) " just enjoy your night its cool" All my fights ending up with me laughing with them or at them as they walked down the exit ramp at there sheer stupidity.
  21. I was and still considering going back maybe. 2001 sob/gun 2002 sob/gun
  22. Mr. Seibert was also at Monster in Aug working exit
  23. I went for the 1st time when I was 7 and I didnt go back till I was 12. I fell in love instantly with the park. My 1st big coaster was Flight of Fear. Then Vortex for the 1st time and then with lots of urging. my 1st Beast ride was at NIGHT! Top gun my 1st coaster I was brave enough to attempt alone. King Cobra watching my brother in pain Racer Backwards for the 1st time. Running from security with my moron of a cousin for the 1st and only time. I was in love. I got a season pass in 98 went 3 times. 99 I went a few times. 2000 1 time and in 2001 I became employeed by them. I felt really good about working on the biggest coaster in the park. I loved every moment of it. Son of Beast truely broke my "fear" of coasters. From then on it was hands up eyes open and Loving every moment of it. 2001 was also my 2nd ride on pappa beast. 2002 was my 1st time I road in the front of a train. It was face/off with my sup mike. I visted the park every time i was off.....The bad part was I got yelled at EVERYTIME I DID! I was slowily loosing my love for the park. I had to quit. I returned in aug and the love was back. I was able to enjoy the park again. I had THE BEST time in the world. I was able to catch up with all my old friends from SOB. I had a wonderful conversation with Mr. Jeff seibert who was at Monster that day. I took my new taught Snapping skills from the king himself. I tore that ride up. When I came back in Nov I knew That this was a truely My "home" park. Putting The Beast down for the season was the best moment of the season. Thats how and why I fell in love with the park
  24. I dont work there anymore so I can go and talk!
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