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  1. My Passholder thing is sarcasim in a ongoing joke about how goldpass holders own the park. I became a passholder because I like the rides. see the Would you cuss out a police officer? Well cussing out a Security guard be it dragonlord or anyother one will put you in a world of legal trouble. Free speech is free to a point. You would be crossing that point. [RANT] Every security guard works hard at the park. They are there for safety this has gone very far a away from the orginal intent of the topic. While security shouln't have to babysit 5,000 seasonal employees they have been asked to help enforce the rules. Dragonlord himself does his job to the letter. He does not throw his power around. Infact he is polite at what he does. He is not a robot by anymeans just take a look at my pictures. He was able to have a bit of fun and still do his job. I do not think its fair by anymeans to say that they are all powerful and like to throw em around. KI_Kid you may dislike security at PKI. You wanna see what its like when inmates run the assylum goto Kentucky Kingdom. Wanna see constant monitering goto Cedar Point. PKI is in the middle and its quite good. If you don't like it then please do not come to the park. Thats just my opinion I could be wrong. [/rant] I may not care personally but I do know the park has standards those need to be met at all times. We have made huge deal over somthing that may take 5-20 seconds total to fix. Fix the problem and then there isn't one.
  2. Anna Nicole Smith makes me wanna spew. I think another Waynes world movie would be even better. Have em show up there for a concert or somthing and let the fun happen.
  3. I never got the point of leasing. You pay payments toward somthing that will not be used and then you pay for wear and tear and have to all the maitance work. Sounds fishy to me. And to keep this OnTopicâ„¢ I think saturn is erm umm well maybe there will be alot of em at the park that day. Cars need vacations there people too. (dodged a bullet with that one)
  4. I have been hearing this rumor for a few days now. Then again the SF disney rumor was baseless. I have actually heard a few people be worried. Thats just some of the murmurs I heard what do you think?
  5. Lets KISS it for the dumb ones. You did sign a paper saying you would follow the dess code. If they ask you to do it just tuck it in. Don't cuss em out Name tags break if your a ride op easy solution is to become the driver on a coaster. Use whoever is in the booth driving the ride. Guests aren't allowed in the booth and no one really pays attention to drivers. Become then while your on the floor. Flat rides...well your SOL. If you don't like it do what I did quit and become a goldpass holder cause goldpass holders tell security what to do cause we own the park! PS: do what the man says i mean look at em Hes a bad bad man who will whoop up on ya.
  6. Quick fix off the clock have another shirt to wear. problem solved.
  7. I am sure it was just normal work being done. Ya know getting it ready for friday.
  8. I could care less how they look as long as they did there job. What they do off the clock to or from is there own time I could care less.
  9. You have more choices for coasters as well.
  10. You want staker obesssion Try JEFF PUTZ! thats a guy whos stalked
  11. Put a camera in plain sight and people usually don't risk getting caught. Also, they could call the ride and tell them as well.
  12. After the new PKIU is up will you allow me to put it up on the page. I DO endorse it thus the I should of . Sheesh what a crowd I neva get any respect.
  13. Hows about a few cameras in the lines and a central center where the lines can be monitered by security and make it seperate from the parks other cameras. Cameras would cut down alot of the jumping.
  14. maybe I should of put a . I was contacted about hosting and then he goes and makes it exclusive for the new PKIU Thus some sarcasim. Dane The site is being worked on and Will debut soon
  15. The jeff Siebert fan page doesn't endorse this game.
  16. We just need more anime at movie theaters...or a rerelease of TOP GUN!
  17. I prefer all smokers are shot on site. Then again that would make a mess. What ****es me off more than anything is those basketballs They shouldnt be inflated at all give em a coupon for 2 bucks off a pump or somthing. More than smoking,drinking,mullets,people who think there french Those basketballs.
  18. Depends. Someone can ask very nicely and if the people are just a few a head its no problem. If there nasty about it and rude Then I just block the way if they cause a fight then I make enough noise to stop operation of the ride and have security called. I also still know the number to communications and will call security myself if no one notices.
  19. Details she still died as a result of it
  20. A lawsuit is unlikely. The 5 fun and saftey guidelines are clearly posted. Looks to me she had heart problems and high blood pressure so theres 2 of em.
  21. Yes it is a very sad thing that happened. Ride was back open saturday though so all is okay it seems.
  22. Karen Krekeler, a mother of four young children from Bethel, had been to Kings Island many times and never had any problems in the past, WLWT Eyewitness News 5's Sheree Paolello reported exclusively Tuesday. And she'd never any heart problems in her past, but on Friday, while riding the rollercoaster Top Gun, she suffered a heart attack and died. Preliminary autopsy reports showed that Karen Krekeler's heart may have been enlarged and the excitement of the ride, coupled with high blood pressure, may have caused the heart attack. But more tests are being done, Paolello reported. Her funeral is Wednesday morning. Link. http://www.channelcincinnati.com/news/2368...334/detail.html Credit WLWT Channel 5
  23. I liked the ride better with the OTSR's
  24. The yoda song thats on the CD isnt the same as what he did.
  25. PKI's is still the tallest GYRO drop. PKD's doesnt rotate.
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