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  1. It was cute. Sadly my photos are so butchered by the low rez. RPG maker is fun to mess with. PKI's design office isn't that nice though. Watch em add a fire place.
  2. Print em out and show them to him. Its a great little place to have some fun at. That unexpected water hazzard on the mini golf course was great. I had a hole in 1!
  3. Thats what the sign used to look like This is what it looked like Saturday
  4. Jeff Siebert was out there for a LONG time today. We chatted when I was there. 31 years of high winds took it toll on the sign. The new one will most likely the biggest tallest fastest and only looping sign.
  5. The park is a family park. They dropped out of the rollercoaster wars. PKI is focuing on rides that are better for the families. The new water park will be impressive to say the least! Why would you wanna be just like the park thats within an easy driving distance. KC was falling apart and the parts were not available. Delirum is a people eater. Thats always a good thing. You may not like it but Its a hit. Scooby has also been a hit. I expect the water park to be the same.. A new coaster will comming soon. Not 2004 but maybe 2005.
  6. Well I am suppost to be in my dorm at school. I am lazy and decide to wait till sunday to finish moving in. I was able to get togeather a little somthing with some friends. BUT! With the damage at PKI, I had to get a peek and I needed a SOB ride bad. We arrive at PKI around 11:30. We park in the gold pass lot and we see Jeff Siebert *SIGH*. We were just surveying the damage and he was talking to a reporter anyways. He comes over to us and starts talking. Hes sad that I didn't bring my camera in his shining moment of being in charge. He tells us there will be a new sign for 2004 (with great enthueasim). He said it will be alot nicer than the old one. Yet there kinda miffed about spending the money on fixing the old one just to have it fall over when a little guest of wind goes by. We go into the park. Rob has a 2004 pass already(this is important). We goto SOB the wait is 45 and we wait it for a good ride in the back seat. We leave the park around 1:10 Now I know this is PKIunlimited but since I did this all in one day you get my stricker's grove TR too! We drive the 25 min drive from PKI over to stricker's. Its packed when we get there. *side note* Those of you who are saying WTF is stricker's grove its a private park in Ross Ohio about 30 mins from PKI. Its usually open 2 days a year but this year it was 3. They have 2 wooden coasters and a small collection of flat rides. *end side note* We arrive and are ready to fly. We get on there flyers and nothing. We try a few more times nothing. Okay. We go ride there crazy dasy flat ride. Then the rides closed for a hour for a lunch break. We go hit a round of mini golf. ON the way. We spot a few ppl. AZ_KINDA_GUY,fof ect ect. We get snuffed and dirty looks from them. We move on to the mini golf course. I get my butt kicked by about 10 strokes. We walk back and we try to be nice and see why were getting the dirty looks and they all get up! We go grab some food and we sit down. As were eating a magician comes over and does a cheezy card trick. There was a church there doing outreach so I guess he was with them. I had a 10 of diamonds he kept showing the 8 of clubs. We played along to be nice though Finally FOF explains that his GF was sick. She was sorry they werent mad at us. Doesnt explain Sparky though . They hung with us. We did the flyers and there rollercoasters. The kiddie whip and the kiddie turtle (They will let you ride most anything here. ) They leave around 6 we leave at 6:30. We needed some flyer funk though. On a whim we goto PKI again. Not knowing if it was 8 or 9 pm closing time. We get there at 7:45. Free parking. BUT rob didnt get his hand stamped! Luckily he had his 2003 pass still on him and that got him in. I had a hand stamp. We make a beeline for the flying Eagles. Noticeing the scrambler is missing (fear fest haunted house line). We get 2 of our best Flyers rides EVER. We then get to SOB. Where we were in the front and they said 3 more trains will run. We would be on the last one out. They change there mind and then say 2 more trains!. We move to 6.2 and had a stellar ride. There Supervior who I think is named drew or george or somebody was nice about it though . I had a great time at both parks.
  7. Being used for a line for the haunted house. You could see the rope and stuff in the area. Get a jump start on maitance too.
  8. They just replaced boards on em ouch. Well maybe we will see a sign with the new logo on it and a color board.
  9. Yeah didnt you hear ? They are making delirum go all the way around. This is not happening at PKI at all
  10. The 1 time I road it it was a 1 cycle wait. Great ride. Worth every second! Watch for somthing new for this weekend
  11. The "funnel" ride is like zinga at holiday world. That was a fun ride. Looks good though doesn't it?
  12. http://www.ultimaterollercoaster.com/forum...cgi?read=135918
  13. DANG! man I am glad I left. What BS im guessing conessions or not the park may not let them back. Crap like this is getting out of hand everywhere. Cheeleaders suck anyways.
  14. The park has tornado locations. Restrooms are good places to go. Others are announced over the PA system.
  15. I am sure the park has blueprints for all of the rides onsite anyways. Somthing did get destoryed it would be easy to rebuild.
  16. King Cobra was removed because it was getting old. Steel cannot be relpaced as easilly or cheeply as wood. Bad managment during the late 80's is what caused alot of the flat rides to be removed. King Cobra did pick off 2 also. Lion Country Safari was in conjunction with the cincinnati zoo. I don't think they would ever wanna do that again. Apparently the relationship didn't end well. Racer Backwards or recaR as some like to call it. It was put backwards due to the Bats downtime. As for barvarian beatlle it was a galaxy coaster. If you want to ride one goto coney Island (cincy) and ride Pepsi Python. Congo(amazon)Falls does fit the Action Zone theme. Days of thunder was in the FX theater. It was the 1st movie I think it goes Days of thunder james bond 7th Portal Spongebob in 3d. PKI dropped out of the coaster wars. The park is gearing themselfs towards families. Delirium is a good example of a thrill ride thats good to watch. I don't think moving older rides around will increase popularity. Most of PKI's guests are locals. They have ridden it all and know what they like to ride. As for the mouse. They were polled last year for 2003's ride. 2 options were Gaint Frisbee or Wild mouse ride. The Gaint Frisbee won by a large margin. Alot of the history has been discussed at a Yahoo Group Called History of PKI I am not sure how much of the archives has been wiped out by Yahoo's many glitches. As for teenage ninja. HAVE I NOT TAUGHT YOU NOTHING!?
  17. Well I had said i would goto the park today with a friend so I did. We road SOB,Racer and the flyers. The park was getting crowded and we left. Wow shortest TR of the year for me
  18. I may come up if I have any juice left from SFWOA.
  19. If its the show I think your talking about it was filmed in 2000
  20. I had not planned PKI but I saw the park was open. I went. I arrived to a dead park. Very few people there. ] 1st trip of the day was Scooby Doo's Haunted Castle. I got 1700 with a slowdown. Some of the animatronics were not working. Next I walked leasurly though the glass shop and back outside down to the flyers. I get down there and theres JEFF SIEBERT *sighs* j/k. I intoduced myself as the nut who made the fan page. Suddenly I hear Sobrider? I turn around and its Shadow2k3. Hes early for work he wants to ride The Beast. I joined him. For a morning beast ride it wasn't too bad. Helix is still great though. I BS with shadow for a bit and we go our seperate ways. I head back to a now operating flyers and Jeff says he wants me to show him what I got. Great Pressure. I warned him I needed a few cycles to warm up. I Flew around 4 cycles and by 4th one had a pattern going good with good hard snaps. I left the flyers in search of water (it was muggy) no stands in sight I head to the AC wonder that is Spongebob in 3d. Ive ridden the ride so many times its not funny. Funny still. As I leave I see good old dragonlord. I join him for 20 or so mins while hes on patrol. The park was so dead security could of been fake and it would of sufficed. He goes on his lunch break and I am thristy so I decide to have some lunch. I went to the mandorin chineese food place and got a combo. I relaxed for around a half hour. I took a restroom Break and went into Action Zone. Having just ate SOB was out and so was Delirium or Face/off So I decide to hitup Top gun. It was a walkon THAT TURNED INTO A 10 MIN WAIT! I was staning in my stall for 10 mins while the crew allowed girls and PARENTS to switch seats OVER 5 times. I wasn't happy but there was no one I knew down there nore at SOB. I would have to goto GR to express my unhappyness(I didnt theres a side story) I then decide to ride Adventure Express for 2 cycles. I head over to the fudge place in coney shop and BS with shadow for a bit(amost 45 mins) A CP local comes and talks with me for a while. (clever ruse to think im not loiterning) Ran over to bubba gumps and got a drink. Came back Area manager was there. Here a weather report on the radio. I Plan to leave around 4pm. Its already 3 and I wanted to fly some more. I got about 3 more rides in and the sky started to open. I decide its best to make my way back up to the front and leave. I do that but I figured Im already soaked go ride Son of Beast. I did it sucked. Washboarding was horrible 2 cycles and it was enough. I Then got a footlong at skyline and proceeded to eat it while riding Shake rattle and roll J/k. The place was dead. I road everything I wanted to ride. Very fun day overall!
  21. Park should just host ozzfest or somthing those always go well. People are a bit older too. Weird AL was the only concert I was interested in this year. Cept for that ******* Guard named george that made everyone sit down.
  22. Knocking down the coasters was kinda stupid But a flood would of got em anyways. Theres a rumor thats 31 years old that 2 of The Racer trains are from coney.
  23. PKI may not be the park it once was but it is still a great park today. Bladeplay you should give it a try. I didn't goto the park till 1993 so it was after linder had his run of the place what I miss most is Cobra. 1st standup and watching my brother scream in pain! I don't miss KCKC I hated that ride.
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