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  1. The time machine isn't just for PKI. I witnessed the birth of Jeff Siebert. The Tacoma narrows Bridge falling down. The 1st Vekoma....ever.
  2. *goes and gets time machine and sets date for 1980* *returns* Those are indeed the old train colors. It was very hippyish looking. PKI of the late 70's and early 80's scares me.
  3. Yeah and it would be cheeper just to have Guest relations at PC print you a free ticket. Yup the 2004 pass has a much longer barcode. Its even longer than my Six Flags pass and I thought that was really long.
  4. My Evil Plans did not happen. I had to go fix my brothers PC. He lives over in Deer Park and the kiddes were out in force. Older kids (maybe 13 or 14) were trying to act all bad and stuff. Thinking it would be funny to block a street and try to heckle the people in there cars trying to get out. That is until my brother put his foot to the foor and the kids scattered like ants cause they thought he was gonna kill the,. On the good end NOONE came to my house this year and I have a nice bag of candy to myself! On the bad end my mom cooked dinner. Shes no Italian Chef. I am still suffering from that ordeal.
  5. I am thinking of sniping kids with a super soaker filled with warm water and yellow food coloring at my aunts house. If I go
  6. Haloween is on a friday so they just extended it 2 more days. You can see holiday in lights at the Zoo after christmas
  7. Sunday is going to be busy as well. I may stop up for the BB walkback and leave.
  8. Drop Zone is ALWAYS amusing to watch when its broke. Only ride funnier was face/off in 1999.
  9. Face off needs a new paint job. Its gotten REEEEEEEEAAAAAALLLLLLY bad. Drop zone looks new compared to it.
  10. One thing PKI could do is a BAFF coupon instead of having a special day. SFKK did it this year and while I would usually never take a friend there.....ever its a good thing.
  11. Yeah lets take the nogo strap off now. Once again You better be able to torch cut my seat out because I would be too scared to move.
  12. I used them alot in the spring time because I would only stay till 1pm on most spring days. During the summer though I would usualy show up at all kinds of funky times and it would be over.
  13. All I got to say is they better drop the ring of seats or they will have to take my seat with me. Thats just WAY too high to be doing stuff like that. Bring me some food and water and Im sure they will get it to fall in a day or 2.
  14. Factoid about PKD's model. It has more seats beacuse its not a gyro drop. Its a Gaint Drop. PKD decided to have more seats instead of the seats gyrating.
  15. The ones in kentucky Kingdom are better actually. That or I caught them on a good day
  16. The parks Subway franchise is a far cry from a decent one. Go down the road a bit and get a decent one. Kinda like my advice for Skyline or Larosas.
  17. Without PKI Lesordsville Lake would still be thriving and it would have that 2nd wood rollercoaster they wanted. Coney would be flooded out of existance year in and year out. Kentucky Kingdom would look REALLY good.
  18. I don't see how Drew's employment history comes into a lost artical. Anyways Item was found, park looks EVEN better for finding it and giving it back, we should all be happy. Topic closed.
  19. Then you get people like me who try to cook and end up sending people to the ER.
  20. Could shoot them the tower TTD style.
  21. It will be a blast. Just have lots of weight in your tube. The one at Holiday World was a blast this should be even better.
  22. SFMM has **** poor operations. Lines can be smaller if they ran there rides with all the trains and had more flats open. IOA is small. They packed a good amount of stuff into a small space. IOA is a year round resort. It gets packed. PKI on the other hand is a regional destination for most. PKI is a big park with all attractions open most all the time and running rides with all trains possible (SOB does not count nore does FOF.) Lines are usually 1/2 hour or less most days excpect saturdays and BAFFD's. There is no need. The disabled guest system is the same thing as a fastpass/qbot. Now think if instead of 4 ppl you had 20 with qbots in hand for there ride time. PPL in the lines are not going to be pleased. Rides like TRTR and FOF would be screwed up alot. Only ride i could see needing a fast pass system would be face off.
  23. Should of said somthing. I would of gave you my 3 concert tickets that went to waste.
  24. @_@<---Overwhelmed Hey now if My PKI pass will work in japan IM THERE!
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