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  1. All Paramount Parks have Drop Zones. That is a 1st for paramount.
  2. RCCA did build it. They cut corners everywhere and didn't go off the blue prints. The desginer said he didn't even wanna have his name anywhere near this ride. They also got bad wood. PKI's crew knows what there doing its better than it was in 2000. They had it running great a few weeks ago. The brakes in the MCBR were off or light trim and the lift seemed to have been sped up a bit. We also Road in wheel seats and it was great and airtime on the 1st drop was great for that ride. It was running faster and not shuffleboarding in the helix. People were cheering instead of rubbing there necks. No trackwork was involved with this.
  3. Its better with 2 trains than with 3. with 3 you would have to be stopped in the MCBR. Top guns themeing was closed off cause it needed a extra staff position and they didn't want one down there They re routed the line and there you have it. It may be back soon from what I heard. FOF is indoors which means the paint does not fade the themeing doesnt fade or have to be in the weather. To answer your question Subwoofers.
  4. Dragonlord dont be a jeff putz okay? Someone new will ask a question over again GET USED TO IT!
  5. I do beleve the 2001 and 2003 will have some PKI and at 10 bucks There great!
  6. 25 million is the most that will most likely be spent on one ride in one season due to it being how much the park will make back in one season.
  7. Cant fire some one who doesnt work for the park new clues I walk on the water
  8. Could be But international is very far away. \ \ \ \ \ electricity Thats your clue and Adventure Village is too far away
  9. No coaster it is not. More clues Suspended no more.
  10. No coaster. Another hint last one sucked Sand pit net ball Big metal move
  11. That feeling maybe cancer you may wanna seek a medical professional. As for RIPcobra you are no fun. Another clue. ______is falling down _____ is falling down _____ is being moved around My fair lady
  12. You figured it out good show old chap But I am not going to give it all away just yet. Yes we can make a game out of this More clues later.
  13. Yeah but when you tell them everything there is no room for argument later on. Mostly he wants to be friendly give advice for 1st timers. The day I heard it there was a lot of 1st timers.
  14. Lets see here Racer forwards 2 Backwards 10 Beast: 15 Sob around 50+ this year(150 Life time) Scooby doo HC Around 10 Top gun around 20 Delirum 1 TRTR 1 Skyfler 5 AE: 10 Wild thornberries 5 White water canyon 6 Flying Eagles 100+ I lost count. Monster 7 Scrambler have not ridden this season. Face/off 3. Congo 10+ Slingshot have not ridden this season Vortex 15 Action theater combined around 20 Beastie 15+ Tower 3 Viking fury have not ridden this season. Wipeout beach in WW around 20 times. Thats all I can remember. I cant ride drop zone or Reptar so I dont bother.
  15. I have heard your spiel your the only one to do it.
  16. I went ahead in TIME ITS NOT! Theres tons of water but not a drop to drink
  17. With the bickering going on in the new for 2004 forum Aaron and I forgot I had a time machine. Well I went ahead and dusted it off. Got rid of the porn I have been stashing inside it and got In. I started it up but I was a bit delayed I didn't have any fuel. I had to goto Villain supply for some nuclear products and 2 inept guards for the price of 1. Its off to late Aug 2003. I arrive just in time for the annoucement. Now using the Bill and Ted anything I say happens theory I snag myself a VIP pass and await the press conference. The annoucement is taking place by The Racer Infact its right in front of the entrance. Jeff Siebert takes the stand. I take a photo and stroke my camera lovingly. Jeff starts to speak I listen in Jeff: Ladies and gentlemen welcome. Today we will be telling you what 2004 brings instore for the park. I look around and its being carried on every Television in the park. Jeff: Today we announce the new ride for 2004 Ladies and gentlemen I present to you............... He stopps actors that are dressed as borg come out then people dressed in starfleet garb fight them. They fight the borg off and then theres a explosion and we see the ride in all its glory. Jeff: I present to you from S&S sports power in Utah. STAR TREK WARP CORE ESCAPE! Random person: WHAT THE H*LL WE WANTED A COASTER Another random person: WHAT THE F*ck man. I say we burn this place to the ground! More enthueasts hear this: BURN BURN! We want a coaster not some Greatly themed and exciting attraction that will give us more thirllls and attract more people! I run away. This Isn't good. The mob sees me and they are going to attack. MOB: HE was right! BURN SOBRIDER! BURN! HIM! I didn't think I could escape and then heroicly out of nowhere Jeff Siebert runs out and rescues me from the mob. Jeff: Are you alright sir? I was in shock Jeff he rescued me how sweet! We started running away. Then we see the horror of all horrors they have torched The Racers! We go back to his office. His office is well protected as security and PKI police are outside the door. Jeff: I have been saving this for just such a occasion. Racers will be better than ever! He puts a key into a place on the wall and it opens and out comes John Allen. Jeff: Park made darn sure he was cloned and his brain transplanted to this body. We find out that they have tried to torch The Beast but the crew has held them back. All important personal are to be taken by a chopper out of here. Jeff had me taken with them. We flew over the park. It was pure chaos. The tower had started to burn! I asked how it could and Jeff told me that the paint was quite flamable but the mob that had gathered around it will most likely be dead or really sick anyways cause the paint had lead in in it. I was escorted home by police. Luckily I wasn't there at the time so I was safe. The me that was there before remembered to get the time machine and put it back in its spot. I used it to go forward 2 years. In all I found out that The Racers had been destroyed but where rebuilt as the 1st hyper wooden racers ever. They were done by S&S wood so they were done right. The tower has suffered minor damage and was repainted. Aaron was slated to start college soon and he was shutting down PKIU. I on the other hand was missing and delared dead due to the fact that I forgot to come back to today. I corrected that error. Now that error has been fixed who knows what the timeline will hold. Events were changed and who knows what tomarrow holds. I can tell you this its not a rollercoaster. Disclaimer: All events are Truthful everything is based on a true story of what can happen. We do have the power to shape the future. We can be who we want to be. We can choose our own name and our own future togeather or some crap like you heard at the end of sons of liberty. Sobriders Adventures in time and time travel experence is © Sobrider May not be copied or resued in anyway shape for form.
  18. I talk to people while I am in line.
  19. Not hard to build a a coaster that short so quick. You may say they need a new coaster. Public wants somthing else. They have done some considerable market research to find out what the public wants. Most people are happy with the coasters and LOVE the new rides that have been put in. Delirium is a HUGE hit and so is Scooby. Even with all of Tomb Raiders problems its a hit with the public as well. Vortex is almost 20 years old and its still a crowd pleaser. It never has a line cause its a people move. The rethemed Log flume and Vekoma junor invert was a huge hit. When water works was redone the last time with the addition of wipeout beach and such it was a HUGE hit that drew alot of people in the park. They know what the public wants and here its not a new coaster. Oh and some footers were in place for TTD by this time last year.
  20. Let your hopes wait a year or 2. Park is adressing a more urgent issue for next year.
  21. Birdy was relable with 2002 and 2003's attaractions. It takes a Very long time to put in footers for a coaster. Birdy told me the fate of king cobra in November 2001. With the cincinnati winters they usually get a early jump when building a coaster. In other words they would of said somthing already. But When you have extra time on your hands you tend to not tell the public. My birdy has been at the park for quite a long time and is confortable enough to trust me. Thats how I know. You make friends you get places.
  22. When your nice to people they tell you things. They let us know and then we drop hints and its good for the park cause it spurs intrest. Aarons birdy is a different birdy than mine but its the same info. I can tell you this a coaster is not comming next year. The park WILL be doing more to make the experence different and fun. If you don't like it start your own site.
  23. Good Tr but its out of control. Locked.
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