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  1. How about Fast Lane AKA que bots!?
  2. 2. EXPANDED RIDE RESERVATION SYSTEM THAT ALLOWS PASSHOLDERS TO AVOID WAITING IN LONG LINES (aka an expanded “WALK ON WEDNESDAYSâ€) <Sarcasim>Thats exactly what we need qbot <sarcasim> 4. INCLUSION IN A GOLD PASS REWARDS PROGRAM, WHERE YOUR GOLD PASS EARNS YOU INSTANT PARK CASH DEPENDING ON HOW MANY TIMES YOU VISIT. This I like. I already have 2 visits with my 2004 pass! 7. GOLD PASS EXPRESS LANE TO AVOID THE LINES ON THE NEW TAZMANIAN TYPHOON WATER RIDE IN BOOMERANG BAY WATER PARK RESORT Isnt that the same as #2? 8. A $10 OFF COUPON TOWARD THE PURCHASE OF YOUR 2004 SEASON PASS How about a rebate IF we have already purchased our passes? 10. DISCOUNTED SOUVENIR CUP WITH FREE SOFT DRINK REFILLS ALL SEASON LONG Hmm smells fishy could it be there ripping off Holiday Worlds idea? Naah PLUS I do that now already by buying a cup and filling it up with water all day long.
  3. We all know what oscars food is made of it ends with paper and starts with news.
  4. The flyers at PKI and PGA are the same type of ride different company. I am not sure about PKD's Pki's PGA's PKD's
  5. Its not the offical site. But it is watched. Dragonlord Last time I looked after termination you can pretty much say what you want. Also the leagality of it is in question if you were a minor during your employement. Most companies make you sign them anymore but they don't hold much unless the company actually hurt by it. I know 1 or 2 sites online that have PKI's operational codes. Also the leagality of your privacy is also a concern. PKI Policy isn't rock solid by any means. Also most ISP's arent going to be to happy if they have to give up info because of there legal concerns. Infact alot of this is being faught in court right now as a result of what the RIAA is doing. PKI's contract may soon not be worth the recycled paper there printed on. Its a very tangled legal web. PKI really only enforces the contracts when your employed by them. They fire you and its over. PKI Is not god when it comes to things like this and concert tickets. I get all my info from the keyhole people and there contractors.
  6. Last time I checked the PKIU servers were not on Kings Island's property. Admissions does not deal with concert only admissions. Thats ticketmaster. I am not selling on park property unless they own West Chester. I just wanna get rid of em. Thats all. There REALLY good seats. I even sent FOF into harms way to get me them.
  7. I just wanna get rid of em. These aren't park tickets either. There ticketmasters. Fine I will ebay em. PLUS It doesn't say no resale
  8. A couple people couldn't go this weekend and so I am gonna get rid of the tickets. Selling them for face value $5.00. These are concert admisson only tickets so you must either buy a ticket or have a season pass. Email me if your interested.
  9. I agree that this is a false report and I have recieved complaints so Topic closed
  10. Reptars at PKI,PKD and Silver Streak at PCW are the same ride. PGA's is just a rethemed green slime mine coaster or whatver it was called.
  11. I drove by on the way back from the Ohio Renaissance Festival and it was packed tomarrow doesnt look likely
  12. Yeah no problem but look at the crap I got from the creator:D. The file is deleted off my server now.
  13. I was thinking about it but im almost at 30 visits and thats a little much
  14. Actually I was gonna take it offline after Chef downloaded it. He didn't seem to familar with the whole zipping idea this simplifies the method. I could just give aaron the EXE file when he comes on if you prefer. Ryan a little tidbit the exe file would be better for the next game. From the winzip classic menu goto actions and make exe file after you zip everything togeather. That way people like chef do not have to get winzip. I hope chef sees it soon I dont have that kind of bandwith to leave that file up all night.
  15. You can download winzip by going to www.winzip.com It has a unlimited free trial. EDIT I am uploading the game to my server as an exe file so that way you dont have to pay for winzip!Jeff sieberts big adventure in EXE format It will create a folder on your desktop with the game inside then all you do is click on the icon from there. Hope aaron or ryan mind me helping.
  16. I believe they do. Mason is also close as well if they need more help.
  17. But what happens if its incomplete?
  18. Aaron by staff you mean your stuff animals and by planning you mean in RCT2 right? Really though a june date would be good. Middle of june after the 20th would even be better.
  19. You do realise I am being silly. Famous, does that mean area managers can get me on from the exits now!?
  20. http://www.enquirer.com/midday/10/10042003...s_mday_pki.html
  21. Why would we want to do that! Jeff Siebert fan page and PKIU day!
  22. HAHAH yeah it was great last year! You just couldn't laugh about it. You know you love me
  23. Whatever. The jeff siebert fan page should be updated with the new photos later today.
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