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  1. LOL I hope that dumb FOF theme is gone I rather have something more modern that fof theme was shot when they lost the rights to Outer Limits... I say theme it to star trek but I must confess I aint no trekkie by a long shot.
  2. I really am looking forward to everest it looks amazing my favortie ride at disney world is Splash Mountain if only pki could add in a ride like that I would be happy but paramount gives crap we dont want look at ijst I really dislike that coaster.
  3. DANG I cant wait to go check out PKI next year I wish PKI would give us more detail of Nick Universe I cant wait to find out more!
  4. I really want to see the addams family ride happen heck I want to see the addams in all paramount parks I would go lots more because lets face it IJ:ST is fun but not great.
  5. ^ Yes they do thats why I can see them re-theming FOF in 2006 along with a Nick Expansion.
  6. Why does everyone complain about top gun? When ever I go to PKI there is always a line to greet me. Kingda Ka is gonna rock.
  7. All I really remember is: -Smurfs Enchanted Voyage -Scrappy Doo's Skating Rink -Hanna-Barbera Characters/ Smurfs meet and greets -Crafts -Marry-go-round -Christmas Light displays -Santa meet and greets -Hanna-Barbera Merry-go-round -Food(Cookies ect.)
  8. I really hope winterfest returns I loved it when I was a kid riding the Smurfs Enchanted Voyage was great I will go if they have it this holiday season.
  9. ^ PKI has gotten coasters two years in a row before I think we will see that spongebob coaster next year with other goodies like the Soundwave re-theme and maybe the nick carwash or a flying super saturator.
  10. 25 bucks... Skyflyer is only 10.
  11. If The Racer was ever taken out I would never visit PKI again! ''Stupid like replacing the flyers with grass.'' I hear next year PKI will be getting a NICK SPACE SURFER for 2006 to make for the loss of the flyers and the nick car wash to make up for the old cars.
  12. This topic is jacked okay you've got a Coaster vs a theme?
  13. ^LMFAO! I would have to say The Addams because it would be cool to see wedesday and puglesy walking around the park.
  14. WHAT?!? The Addams Family is loved by thousands of people I really hope that PKD does get the addams family and yes the addams family is very popular everyday at my store I work at circuit city we sell at least a copy of that movie. Player I seen your posts & sig on this site your a joke you say your the hottest guy with the biggest arms you aint nothing your ego is to big someone needs to let the air out of it!
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