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  1. Is South Pie where the little train and the ghoster coaster is? And North Pie is where the carousel and Haunted Castle are? If South Pie is what I'm thinking it is than if it's removed I doubt too many people would notice, the attractions there are for very small children and are almost hidden, though the area is still neat.
  2. Ryan

    2006 Rumors

    ^I agree PKIbeast I cant stand him (because of this worthless war and all the stupid crap he is doing ..is it 2008 yet?) I dont support him at all! Is this a forum for politics? No. Keep your political views to yourself a$$ wipe instead of making yourself look like a dumb a$$! Atleast PKIBeast had something intelligent to say. Dont me laugh! Hey not everyone loves bush Combat...I hate the man myself he has screwed the middle class and the poor I was just agreeing with PKIbeast me and him see eye 2 eye. Nicktoon Blast was ok I liked seeing some of the old classics like Rocko,Ahh real monsters etc. Could you please elaborate as to how President Bush "screwed" the middle class and the poor? Really, I'd love to hear. Oh, and outsourcing jobs doesn't count, since President Clinton signed the bill that allowed corporations to do that. But please, tell me how President Bush ruined your life, I'd love to hear you say something that's actually more than just whining, since you know it really just makes my day and everyone else's to hear political banter, or more specifically a whiny liberal, on a PKI fan site.
  3. Ryan


    So PKI has basically shut down every effect on the ride? Are you kidding? The <a href='http://consumeralertsystem.com/cas/zx-hclick.php?hid=369' target='_blank'>chopper</a> never comes up anymore ever? The sound is completely gone? I'm sorry guys, that's more than a little ridiculous. The ride really wasn't even that fx heavy to begin with and somehow what little it did have has already been forgotten after 3 months of operation? How do you let that happen? That's really dissapointing, I don't want to ride it if there's no sound and PKI has no intention of turning anything back on out of fear of the GP. That's extremely dissapointing. Hey PKINick, do you know if any of the trains still have sound or if they ever will again? I really wanted to take my dad up there this year since he rarely rides coasters and have him ride this one since I thought he'd like what effects and theming it had. It kind of saddens me that so much would not be there anymore, specifically the sound.
  4. Yeah, I agree with your logic Bodda, that seems to be the smartest way to go. Everything gets rethemed and renamed, HBLand is overhauled with Nick Central theming that today's kids know and love and they get 2 new rides to have fun on. Sounds like a winner to me. I would like to think that the only attractions that will bite the dust will be the water maze and the meet & greet shelter, but if PKI builds a new kids coaster their logic may lead them to tear down the currently named Ghoster Coaster since they are putting in a new one anyways and use that area to build the Nicktoons Car Wash. I really hope that nothing is lost from the kids area, especially not a rollercoaster since PKI prides itself on its quantity of kids coasters. We'll see though, I'm sure whatever PKI does the kids will love it.
  5. Ryan

    PKI 05/30 and 31

    Too bad you didn't get to visit Boomerang Bay. Also oo bad alot of stuff was closed, you should try again in midseason or the end of the season on a weekend when everything's up. As for you being so dissapointed with PKI, I say don't come back for another 10 years, based on their continuous expansions by that time we should have a whole bunch of amazing attractions(not that we don't already, I'm just saying, haha). I personally liked the detail that they put into IJST and Drop Zone though with the recorded voices. To each his own.
  6. Sadly I too can't go, I have ACT's that day. To everyone who goes, have a great time! I'm sure Jeff and the rest of the PKI marketing team will make it a very fun experience like it was last year!
  7. Not to slam anyone's opinions here, but I think that if the system in place excludes many from riding the ride that Mr. Seibert(a man who I have alot of respect for and find to be a very good and very skilled person)has promoted to be open, than I think it needs to be done away with. It was understandable during the technical rehearsal period to do this, but if the ride is infact open, than this should not be neccesary. As for you wondering why someone would be ****ed at not getting to ride thanks to this system, I think it's somewhat wrong of you to judge them. Should they be annoyed that they couldn't ride for a ridiculous reason? I think they should be. The fact that I've heard so little of the ride is actually working is further annoying. Just like many of you slam people when they get ****ed that PKI doesn't take care of Tomb Raider or any other effects, and find it wrong that they be ****ed at the park. In reality, I think they should be ****ed at the park. Sure, there are plenty of excuses why things aren't working, but if you're going to charge people the admission they charge, everything should work, and if it doesn't, than the park isn't doing its job. I think that this Italian Job reservation system is really pretty stupid if it excludes some guests from not riding at all. Come on PKI, if this ride is done as you say it is, get it open , and let people on. For all of you in favor of the ride reservation system, as well as not holding the park accountable for Tomb Raider's effects being near completely gone, I'm not slamming your opinion so don't slam mine. I don't hate PKI for these faults, I just would like to see them fix them for both the passholders and the general admissions persons, and I also think everyone should be allowed to be angry at the park if they are doing something wrong without getting bashed on a PKI fan site because they can come back, because really, they shouldn't have to if they want to ride a ride PKI says is open now. With that said, IJST rocks and I can't wait to get up there in a couple of weeks and see the finished product. EDIT: Just read the article, and Seibert mentioned that it was still in technical rehearsal mode. I could've sworn it was supposed to be offically open. Can anyone clarify this?
  8. In time PKI will expand, most likely past Flight of Fear, but for the time being it seems they are just sticking to remodeling and working on the current areas of the park. They do have more than enough land to expand, it's just that they are somewhat landlocked by coasters, and getting paths to new sections would be tricky, though still possible as proven by Flight of Fear's entrance beneath The Racer. And yes, it's not bad having elevation changes in a park, and certainly possible to work around, but if you've walked back through PKI's woods you'd see their hesitation in expanding, it would not be a very easy undertaking.
  9. Ryan

    2006 Rumors

    Thanks for the comments guys! On a sidenote, wouldn't it be cool if you entered the mansion through the front door into the main hall of the Addams' mansion, and Gomez was standing on the staircase(animatronic figure)talking to guests before they entered a room on the left for the preshow? And you could have other family members like pop out of doors on the second floor occasionally, it could be really cool. But sadly I don't think we will see this attraction for some time, though it certainly seems PKD has a good shot at seeing it next year. But hey, I'm sure PKI has something nice picked out!
  10. Ryan

    2006 Rumors

    Actually, I think going with a euro fighter for Addams Family would be a fantastic idea. Since they want the drop portion and station of the ride in the mansion, it would work far better than a B&M because the euro fighter has a vertical lift hill, and in addition to that it has a drop that's more than vertical(I forget the # of degrees)so it'd be quite a thrill! Also, if PKD is getting the attraction, that's a somewhat small area from the pictures I've seen, and it looks like a euro fighter could be contained in a small area based on its wild vertical turns. Likewise, I could see PKI fitting this in over by the pond in rivertown where the salt water circus once was. It would be a few years off I think, but if PKD gets it next year I'm sure it will be a success and prompt more versions to be installed. Though if PKI filled in a bit more of the pond to make that peninsula section that juts out a little larger, and put the mansion there, the line could go around back of the mansion, maybe past a small graveyard and dock(complete with a small sunken boat and light at the end)then come back around the porch to the front door and then enter the mansion, I think they could have an incredible queue line for it. And then the coaster portion could be in a graveyard off to the side of the house where the salt water circus once was. How cool would it be to walk down from behind the Eiffel Tower and see the cool foggy graveyard with cars darting around in it? Though I don't see it happening in the next couple of years, beyond that I think it's very possible, and would definetly be the perfect place for that ride.
  11. Yeah, I agree I'd love to see a nice thrill ride. I thought by family park they meant something for everyone in the family is there, not that every ride could be ridden by every member of the family. Unfortunately, I think PKI may be going more for the latter of the two. But I think if you continue to wait, a thrill ride will come. The question is when.
  12. CPMac, while many guests may be bored by theming and see it as pointless as you do, I think it's a more creative and original way to go then just straight forward coasters. I have no problem with straight forward rides, but that's why I love PKI, they have both. If you're looking for more rides of that nature, CP is definetly your park. But to say the GP doesn't enjoy theming would be to neglect the powerhouse that is Disney, and if the GP doesn't enjoy it than Disney wouldn't be as successful as they are. I personally love theming, so I really like PKI's direction. I'm sorry if you don't enjoy it, but atleast it's not like you're losing anything with it. The person that loves theming and goes to parks where there is none is the person who might truly get dissapointed, atleast you can't lose, haha.
  13. Well, that's one opinion. If you infact do love smaller coasters as opposed to taller and faster ones, then yes, you'd probably enjoy some generic(the word you used, I'm not dissing them)wild mouse coaster. But as you said, it's a generic wild mouse. So how would a generic coaster have more staying power to the GP as opposed to something unique and different? I suppose if you love smaller coasters it would, but that's one view, and a unique one at that. I personally love dark rides, if TRTR's effects still worked I would still spend my re-ride time there, so I can relate with you. I just don't think a mouse would be as popular or have the staying power as IJST.
  14. Was Mrs. Puff's Boating School a water coaster? I knew it looked like an indoor wild mouse but if it was a water coaster too that would be even more of an amazing attraction. I really hope PKI puts one of these in.
  15. Since Nickelodeon was managing the parks now as of last year, and since they are now in the growth group of Viacom entities, who will manage Paramount Parks? Themselves? Or will a company from the value group oversee the operations like Nickelodeon was doing and Paramount Pictures before them?
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