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  1. Oh give me a BREAK!! Watched the POV, and what a huge disappointment. I was seriously hoping for KI to do a coaster right, and all this is going to be is a dull, out-out-back journey with no serious overbanked curves or huge drops. I give up on Kings Island. I'm leaving the site. Enjoy the boring looking coaster next year.
  2. No, I said I didn't see the point in signing up for a website that I will only visit one time. Besides, why did KI set up the YT link if it's not going to be used? yeah honestly it took less than a minute. Just do it and quit *****in Back off, dude. I asked a very simple question over there, and got no answer. I have very valid reasons for not wanting to sign up for a website that I'm only going to visit one time. Watch your mouth, too. You're a new member and I don't appreciate your tone with me!
  3. No, I said I didn't see the point in signing up for a website that I will only visit one time. Besides, why did KI set up the YT link if it's not going to be used? I don't think it was you that I saw saying that... Then I humbly apologize.
  4. No, I said I didn't see the point in signing up for a website that I will only visit one time. Besides, why did KI set up the YT link if it's not going to be used?
  5. Double post... You know what? It's not worth the hassle. I'll just catch the news when I can catch it.
  6. Isn't it safe to assume that if the park is directing traffic to the page on LiveStream and not mentioning YouTube that it won't be streaming the announcement on YouTube? No, Thane, I try not to assume anything. Besides, the KI PR channel on YT had the link set up days ago. I'm asking a very simple question, really. I just want to know if that YT link will still work. That's all. I don't see the point in signing up for a website if I will only visit that site one time. I would just as soon wait until the details are posted here, or when they hit the news late tonight or tomorrow morning.
  7. ^ Truly, it's such an easy question. I just want to know if the live announcement will still be aired on the KI YouTube channel. If I have to sign up for Livestream, fine - so be it. But if NOT, I'd like to know sometime before tomorrow afternoon.
  8. ^ I did read the first post...I'm simply asking if we will still be able to watch in at the YouTube link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nG9Du4exO64 Otherwise, I'll have to sign up for LiveStream, which I'd rather not do if I don't have to.
  9. Does this mean we will not be able to watch it on YouTube?
  10. ^ Awesome! Thanks so much for the response. And Welcome to KIC.
  11. I may have overlooked the answer to this question, if it has already been asked, but... I won't be able to make it to the announcement Thursday evening, so will it be aired live anywhere? On the KI website? Here? Somewhere else?
  12. EVERYONE else? I don't recall saying which team I was on.
  13. IIRC, you were the eternal optimist, holding out hope 'til the end, that it was an Intamin.
  14. Well you see, as some have suggested, the hint about "Over the river and through the woods" is an allusion to Little Red Riding Hood. What few people know is that Little Red Riding Hood was actually Jack's girlfriend...you know, from the Beanstalk tale. Jack was just his nickname. His full name was John. Anyway, the two of them used to frolic around in the woods, and often would climb Jack's beanstalk to visit the giant who lived at the top. You see, the giant wasn't such a bad guy. In fact, he owned his own amusement park, complete with a fun little roller coaster that looked like a train, and he loved when little kids came to visit him. Jack and Little Red loved the coaster, and had so much fun riding it. (BTW, that's where the "Riding" part of her name actually came from). Later, when Jack...er, Johnny (as Red called him)...learned that his beloved Red was eaten by a wolf, it made him very sad and he wanted to create a monument dedicated to her. What better way to do that than to build a replica of the giant's roller coaster, and dedicate it to her! So Johnny...er, Jack...climbed the beanstalk one last time to swipe the giant's gold coins. And with them he was able to pay for the construction of a magical, fun-filled coaster of his own - and he dedicated it to Red. He named it Johnny's Little Red Choo Choo. Oh, there was a HUGE celebration throughout all the land. Even the last little pig came out of his brick house to join in the festivities. It's said that the spirit of Red rides the coaster day and night, and whenever Jack is down he hops on himself so he can once again ride with the love of his life. HA!! Wow, you have some great Photoshop skills! Kiddie rides are underated. Rode Flying Ace Aerial Chase last night love that ride. [emoji3]Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk Yeah, I've had some fun on The Beastie when the ride ops would let us go through for 2-3 rides in a row when there weren't any people in line. That was years ago.
  15. Again, just speculating. More like dreaming, knowing my luck and what I'd like to see at the park. I'm not really holding my breath about anything related to the project. For all I know, it could be Johnny's Little Red Choo-Choo Kiddie Coaster and only goes 25' high.
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