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  1. I do have to say. I love the pics from the '90s. So many memories that come flying back when I see those pics
  2. sunday would be less crouded all around. sundays always seem to be one of the less crouded days of the week. in the AM hours there arent that many people there and even in the PM hours of park operation there usually isnt too many more people coming in. if I had to choose between going on a Sat or a Sun I would choose Sunday.
  3. First, welcome to KIC! For the crowds, it will depend. if it rains then the park will most likely be pretty dead but if the sun is shining and the temp is warm then my guess is that it will be fairly busy but nowhere near as bad if it were July. As for food, the cheapest way is to get your hands stamped and exit the park and go to a fast food place. However if you do not wish to leave the park and you are really hungry then stop by rivertown junction I think is the name of the place. It will be right beside Diamondback. It is an all-you-can-eat buffet style joint and has amazing food. It is a little pricy but it is good. although you could just pick up a full large pizza from Larose’s somewhere in the park if you don’t have too many people to feed and are looking for a small meal. If you go to this link http://www.visitkingsisland.com/things-to-do/dining then it will show you what types of food and treats Kings Island have to offer. Although it does not show any prices as prices may change throughout the season. Hope this helped a little bit and hope you stay around here on KIC.
  4. I have really got to get on here more often. I love seeing all of these pics. they are so wonderful. I always love seeing threds like this and seeing how ki looked in the past. thanks topgun for posting these!!
  5. lets hope so RD Reynolds I would spend a lot of my time in the park just in the area re-reading everything. I love history of theme parks
  6. honnestly I'd love to see something like this. my first thought was Why not Tower Gardens? they havent done anything with that area since paramount sold the park except make it one huge smoking area. wich i hardly see used when im at the park just about every day. some days yeah people will actually go to the area but most days its empty
  7. no problem JJauntFantic. I find myself always calling it Blue Ice Cream still when i get some and ive worked there for the past 3 seasons
  8. they call it blueberry ice cream but everyone will understand what you mean if you just call it blue ice cream.
  9. I never got the chance to ride KC but I loved watching it as a kid. that was one of my favorite coasters to watch when my parents waked by it. Ive only ridden one stand up and that was mantis and i thought it was pretty fun actually. I know I'd like to see another stand up at KI but I doubt it would ever happen cause I dont know of a lot of people that actually like stand up coasters and the two times I have been to CP it only took me like a max of 10-15 min wait to get on.
  10. this sounds really interesting. Id love to see if it will ever make it to other parks or if it will just stay in the disney parks due to the patent
  11. Ready for another season at KI!!!!! can't wait

  12. ^ Backlot Stunt Coaster is what its called now....thanks for the phantom theater pic!!! I remember when it first went it I was terrified of the ride but later ended up loving it and miss it so much.
  13. ^ I do have to agree with this
  14. I would love pics of phantom theater if you can find any
  15. I just found this topic today and love it! I love seeing old pictures of KI. it makes me remember things from the earliest visits i can remember when I was very young. I can't wait for this next season to start!
  16. wow look at those prices compared from then to now. I have many fond memories of KI from 92 even though I was only 4 years old at the time. I thought it was the greatest place on earth back then. I remember seeing this at one time but it has been forever it seems like
  17. looks like our questions about haunt will be answerd tomorrow at 7 I for one am excited and cant wait. I most likely wont be able to get any sleep tonight because I will be too excited and counting down the hours until it opens tomorrow
  18. well first off, welcome...as for best time to visit, if you want to go to Halloween Haunt, if i remember right the best time to come is on friday nights. for mor information on Halloween Haunt go to this site http://www.visitkingsisland.com/haunt/ it has all of the details there. as for processing your season pass, if it is the same as coney island im not sure but its pretty easy when they do processing. you fill out a pice of paper with some of your information, you give it to a person who will process your pass, they enter your info from the paper, take your picture and thats about it.
  19. ^ I completely agree with that that just means I dont have to wait until 7 pm on saturdays when I get off from my other job to head over and have a little more time to spend there
  20. is it just me or is the "all eight indoor mazes open at 5 pm" a new thing this year? I dont ever remember them opening early I believe last year it was 6pm. wow..I have worked there for 3 years now and never knew that lol...well don't I feel stupid
  21. is it just me or is the "all eight indoor mazes open at 5 pm" a new thing this year? I dont ever remember them opening early
  22. the reason why it smells like it does sometimes is cause there is a creek down in the ride area that Action Zone drains lead into. it sucks having to work sometimes when the smell gets really bad. although it really isnt sewage its mainly melted ice cream that gets suck in the creek bed and thanks to the heat it begins to rot......if i remember right...wish we could do something about it to make it not smell so bad...but yeah AE is actually one of the top rated mine train coasters believe it or not
  23. wow is opening day really just over 2 weeks away? I cant believe its already here pretty much!
  24. I hate to hear stories like this when they happen. this is why KI has height requirements posted and yet Ironically parents will still cuss out the ride ops if they dont let their kids ride. When I worked on AE I couldnt even count how many times I would be cussed out in only a 30 minute span because I wouldnt let a kid ride due to their height. not saying the kid this happened to was too short as quoted here but this is why KI enforces their height requirements. It is for everyone's safety after all and yet guests get mad when their kids are not tall enough to ride. I couldnt even imagine the loss this family is dealing with right now.
  25. Since this one hopes so as well, does that mean that two could hope so? why I do believe you are right and im sure we arent the only ones wanting to see it...or so I would assume
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