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  1. I for one honestly would rather just to see a new dark ride take its place. I remember some of the effects that were really neat the year it opened that aren't even used any more in the ride.one example are the fog curtains that the ride car would go through with boosifer's face on it. I ride the ride just about every visit I make to ki simply because it is inside with ac. Most of the "blasters" don't seem to work either. That or I always seem to get in the same cars that they don't work in. I wish somewhere in the near future that there will be another overhaul of the dark ride to something else. However, I do agree about the peppers ghost effect. I was sad when they boarded up the busts in the hallway. I felt like those were generic enough that they should have kept them. Just my thoughts.
  2. Fot me I'd have yo say Americana and Astroworld in Houston
  3. I live in the liberty township area which is about a 15-20 min drive. However I'm not sure what the apartment rates are currently running but you can pretty much baseball back roads to get to the park if you choose so which is what I did when I used to work there
  4. I remember the vine tunnel quite well. I always called it the choo choo train tunnel.cause mom and dad would always go through it when we were headed for the train. From what I was told one of my favorite rides growing up was the smurfs enchanted voyage although I don't remember it at all. I do however remember when phantom theater went in and being scared to death of it. I suppose it was because all of the ghosts we're blue and I thought they killed the smurfs
  5. I think you hit the nail on the head. I agreed with everything you wrote about. The only thing I didn't do this year was dinos after dark but since I used to work on the trail I have walked it at night before anyways while cleaning up for the night. I can't wait for the 2015 season. I've been really missing ki this off season. Its been really hard. I have been constantly having dreams about the park. Here is to hoping this year's season will be just as great if not better than last year's
  6. I absolutely agree with you. When I had my skeleton key, I kept talking about that one room. The main scare actor does an awesome job at his role
  7. http://m.daytondailynews.com/news/lifestyles/holiday/kings-island-goes-halloween-haunting/nhNC3/ not sure if it's already been said on here or not, I don't remember seeing it but it looks like it had the price for the key if it is really that cheap then I think I will have to fork over the money one night.
  8. I remember when I was working as a ride op and parents were forcing their kids to ride....even when the kid was strapped into their seat with the restraints down and everything the kids were still trying to get out of the seat. i have never understood the parents that scream at their kid and cuss them out because they are crying and pleading for the parent to not make them ride a ride.
  9. I cant ride Beast due to a bad back so I only ride steel coasters...for me I feel like Banshee will bring a great night ride. However, two of my favorite night rides are on Adventure Express and on Millennium Force for now. That may change after tomorrow night
  10. I wish I could have gone today but at least I wont have to wait too terribly long for tomorrow to get here
  11. when i tried to look at the video it said it is set to private
  12. thanks shark6495. sorry for the wrong answer. I am in class right now and only took a quick glance at it thats what I get for trying to multi task
  13. this all looks amazing!!! I cant wait until tomorrow
  14. Auntie Anne's is an option...it will be the same locations as the single day dining plan I would assume. click Here for the full list Edit: just in case the link doesn't work... https://www.visitkingsisland.com/things-to-do/dining
  15. It is finally here........the 2014 season :D so excited

  16. what I did to find it (if you are talking about the Banshee scream) was just go to Google and type in #KIBanshee and scroll down a few pictures until I found two videos of it
  17. Ok those look awesome. I think this is the first time I have actually posted in this topic but i have been reading it when I get the chance I am so excited for opening day. I’m thinking of trying to go get one of those shirts myself.
  18. It opened in 1973, and I'm 90% sure it ceased operation for Beast construction. thanks I figured it probably went out around that time. I'm just surprised I haven't heard anything about it until now
  19. amazing pictures as always...how long did the hiking trail last at KI? I never knew there was one there.
  20. This will only work if those still exist next year. I recall a time just a couple short years ago when EVERY locker in the park was of that variety, and now only the one set of them are. Also keep in mind, should they still be there and you use them, it would be wise to remove your items before 10 PM, or if you absolutely MUST get in that last 10 PM ride, pick a ride in Coney Mall or Oktoberfest, because security probably won't be too keen on you walking about after closing time unless you are headed for the main gate. This also seems like a good place for homestar92's guide to Theme Park Penny-Pinching through the use of cargo pants. Remove anything from your wallet that won't be needed for a day at KI. I learned this after an unfortunate incident on Firehawk required me to get a new Student ID card and cancel both my Debit and Credit cards. Now the only things that stay in my wallet are my gold pass, some cash if I don't plan on spending much, or my credit card if I do plan on spending a decent chunk of money. My driver's license travels to the park with me, but gets stored in my glove compartment upon arrival. I also keep an extra pair of glasses in my glove compartment at all times, so that if anything happens to my main pair, I can still get home. Also, regarding wallets, if you have an expensive or sentimentally-valuable wallet, I'd recommend getting a cheap one for theme park use. With regards to money, there is a good general rule to follow. If you are budgeting yourself $50 or less, you should probably carry cash. But if you know you will spend more, it actually makes more sense to bring a credit or debit card. The reason for this is the Fair Credit Billing Act, which states that if you report a lost or stolen card within two business days of learning that it has been lost or stolen, the most unauthorized charges for which you can be held liable is a total of $50. Phones are a toss-up around here. Many users, such as Terpy, do not typically bring a cell phone into theme parks for any number of reasons. Some of us, such as myself, need to have one with us for some reason or another (such as a mother who refuses to believe that her responsible 22-year-old son is far more likely to be hurt or killed driving to the park than he is on any rides therein, and therefore worries if she does not hear from him periodically). If you stick to a wallet, car keys, and possibly a cell phone, then cargo shorts should be perfect to hold your stuff. Zippers that run the length of the pocket are probably best, but if yours are velcro or a button in the middle, leaving the ends unfastened, safety pins for reinforcement can help ease your mind. Drinking water can save you from carrying a souvenir cup, and water is free at all concession stands and restaurants in the park. If you do choose to use a souvenir cup, then know that you will have to get a locker or leave it with a non-rider for Firehawk and probably Banshee. If you plan on riding White Water Canyon, Congo Falls, or Race For Your Life Charlie Brown, and you DON'T wear flip-flops or sandals, bring a Ziploc baggie with you. Prior to riding, remove your socks and place them in the baggie, then wear your shoes without socks for that ride. I find that wet shoes with no socks is a whole lot more tolerable than wet shoes AND socks. Then you also have dry socks to use later on when your shoes have adequately dried. Finally, sunblock. I stick to the trial-sized tubes. You can get them at most Meijer stores (and probably other places like Wal-Mart). The benefit to the trial-sized tubes is that they will also fit in cargo pockets quite nicely. Just close the lid good before you put it in your pocket, or give it its own pocket just in case. Or better yet, a Ziploc baggie. Sorry if this was slightly off-topic. there are some things in here that I would have never thought of sadly. I am definitely going to have to remember a few of these tips when i go to the park on my off days this season. Thanks for some of the tips!
  21. ^ yeah that is true as well. i feel like if they keep going with the single use/price per hour lockers then they should make them cheaper
  22. that's what I am hoping for Terpy. we shall see I suppose
  23. glad to see this come back again this year...I absolutely love seeing old(er) pictures of KI's history
  24. I just don't care for the idea of renting by hour for locker use. For me, I feel like KI could use more Daily rental lockers. I would be more likely to buy a locker for the entire day if they had more of them offered. I know there are times when I have gone up to rent one and have been told that all of the daily lockers have been rented out. When I go with a few friends we usually have someone bring a bag so we can all put our stuff in like keys, phones hats etc. while we ride a few rides so that way our pockets aren't bulging with our items in them. Plus if we put our glasses/sun glasses in our pockets we would then have to worry about our glasses hoping they won’t break. I usually hold my glasses in my hand but there have been times when they have broken on the ride while I was holding them. While I agree that it would help make the ridership increase not having bins, my group of friends and I usually use them. Luckily I have bought a few shorts with cargo pockets that stay fastened during the off season. I can see both the good and bad for not having the bins along with the good and the bad with the current locker rental prices.
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