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  1. Anymore news on this?? Any plans for the new entrance?
  2. Okay the last 20 or so posts have nothing to do with Diamondback construction. Can the mods come in and clean this up? I come to check on Diamondback and I read 2 pages of how other parks are struggling and going into bankruptcy.
  3. yes I can actually remember when KI had grass and trees. Nothing more than a concrete jungle now.
  4. The Smurfs are making a comeback! http://www.shoppingblog.com/cgi-bin/sblog.pl?sblog=1022085
  5. If you respect it so much how about using the proper capital letter at the beginning? The Beast
  6. That big mamma jamma isn't even the biggest support. WOW!
  7. I haven't been to KI this year, but it seems that everyone is reporting that the Viking Fury is always closed. This seems to be a pattern of the past right before a ride goes bye bye. Can anyone confirm any news about the Viking Fury?
  8. Had a dream last night that Kings Island Announced the return of Hanna Barbara Land for 2009! lol
  9. It probably makes it easier to have the cat walk installed with each piece. so they can just walk up as they proceed.
  10. Hey Dane did you know that Fox19 used your pic of the beginning of the lift hill on the am show this morning?
  11. Umm look close that is the chain the lift that is sitting right there. not the chain for the ride.
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