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  1. Are you seriosly 23 years old?

  2. dude you seem like a nice guy

  3. hey were you the one who said there ma stuffed paper towels in the shoes to make em taller?
  4. is that the one with the eletronic blocks you have to place corectly if it is i hate that game its to hard
  5. i know the words and meanings its just the spellin i usually get ejected first in a spellin bee i mean who here doesnt spell dawg<D.A.W.G.>by the way im local now no longer a noob can i get a woop woop
  6. Ha ha. If not in the middle of the train, where do you suggest is the best? i would say the smothest seat you know of from personal exp. and by the way this makes post #100 can i get a woop woop
  7. where you ever there and felt a little earth trimmer as rare as they are the do happen
  8. Uh, two things: a. It is quite possible to eat at any of those places and lose weight. It's all in choices. Not one of those places is holding a gun to your head and making you purchase fattening things. Even at Kings Island, half way decent healthy choices can be found, though it is way too hard to do so. Why, for instance, can I not buy a banana in the park? An apple? Some grapes? An orange? b. Not all of us are fat. Some of us used to be, and after a long, dedicated effort, no longer are. Others are not YET fat...still others never will be. Like most generalizations, saying restaurants are trying to make us all fatTER is an unfair generalization, Some people, God bless them, can seemingly eat anything without gaining an ounce. And some of them want badly to gain, and can't. Terpy, just sayin' (and who was thrilled when, about ten days ago, in the strangest of settings, was referred to as "that little man on that table over there." I was so happy I almost forgot entirely where I was and why! you also forgot to mention the ones like me who do watch what they eat, can just simply look at a peice of food a gain weight it is all in the metabolism and genetic make-up that depends wether the are skinny and stay skinny or the fat shall stay fat even though they may appear to lose weight at first it comes back ten fold im livin proof tried dieting 3x and resalts as just stated comes back tenfold we can debate about that all day and never meet middle ground so lets drop it and move on shall we
  9. which,if you learn anything and played, roller coster tycoon showed you all about
  10. yes start him on that ity bity coaster next to scoob haunt man and step him up to fairly odd coaster then next step is runaway reptar and then Adventure Express and then racer and then the best and then you will have a coaster fanatic you aint afraid of nuthin and the i wouldnt be suprised if he/she would say mommy mommy take me on Diamondback
  11. understandable mine do about every 15-16 post just tryin to get out of noob stage so others will except me into the group and i am here to stay hopefully unless a moderator pulls the plug
  12. yeah yeah i wasnt including the commercial bob barker
  13. could anyone concure that bowling ball one where you had to stop it between the two heels and not hit the bump stop now that one is rigged
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