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  1. I always try to ride Beast at night, but at KI also enjoy riding shake-rattle-roll after dark also. At CP, Magnum was an awesome expeience at night.
  2. As for ride cloning - I'd expect to see more of it in the years ahead. As a park needs a new ride, why completely re-engineer something at a higher cost, when you can copy for less. Remember there are many many people who haven't been to multiple different parks so any ride is a new ride to them. As an example, it'd be an interesting poll to find out how many people (even on these forums) ever rode "x-flight" at geauga lake
  3. As others said, an interesting article. I think it will be also be an interesting season to see how CF responds to the economic situation. I don't think KI will suffer from attendance issues, but the other parks without a new B&M might have more trouble. Something I'd like to see that would have me putting more $ in the CF coffers is a discount for tix at other CF parks. I don't plan to go anywhere other than KI this year, but a cheap entry option may encourage a road trip.
  4. A little off topic, but you might be a KIC addict if you ever log on just to see what "Terpy HAD to" do today
  5. Without the kids - grab the pass and go, heading to The Beast first. With the kids - listen to the National Anthem and watch them raise the flag (don't know why, I've always enjoyed this in the morning), then head for Lazytown Sportacopters (this is the only time of day this ride has a wait less than 5 minutes)
  6. You might be a KI addict if you have ever tried to personally check KI coaster statistics - ride time with a stopwatch - max speed with your gps enabled cell phone - height with a range finder - all of the above with coaster simulation software - or my favorite: hourly capacity as you wait in line. fyi, the 1000 per hour quoted by KI for SOB was pre-rebuild/new trains, and I only wish the 1430 per hour quoted by rcdb for Firehawk was true (the KI quote of 400 per train is also on the high side depending on the crew/riders)
  7. Add me to the old timers list - Screamin Demon. Although I still believe that the stand-up loop on King Cobra has to be my favorite looping experience.
  8. A park buyout. Read: A private group has in effect rented the park, and guaranteed the park revenue for the day, in exchange for exclusive use of the facilities. Wow - would be nice to be part of that private group with DB opening this year.
  9. I recommend just skipping the vending machines. Go to Subway instead where you can get a $5 footlong $6 six-inch. (sorry for repeating a line I read elsewhere without giving credit, but I couldn't find the original thread) I guess this is one advantage of dragging a stroller into KI, I can always stash an extra bottle of water or the refill cup in there.
  10. Up - except on the inside seat of The Beast helix. Don't want to elbow someone in the head again.
  11. what kind of ride experience should you expect with the crypt? If you are anything like me - None. I've waited in line multiple times and never got a chance to ride as it always seems to be having a maintenance problem of one sort or the other.
  12. If you do have to go on a weekend, you need to go on Sunday. They typically have much smaller crowds than Saturdays and while you may have to wait during the mid-afternoon peak, Sunday AM and Evening are usually quiet.
  13. You might be a KI addict if you made your son wear his Kings Island t-shirt during your recent vacation to Disney World. And speaking of Disney, I'd love someone to explain the safety requirement differences at KI v. WDW. - My son can't yet ride anything outside Nick U at KI, but Space Mountain, Big Thunder, Expedition Everest, Mission Space, etc... are all ok at Disney - At Disney, you check your own lapbar as someone walks past, but KI requires lapbars, seatbelts and a personal check of each by a ride op
  14. I got in trouble again this weekend for being in the parking lot watching testing while my wife was home watching both the kids - there is just something about seeing those trains cresting the hills!
  15. Ok - that video finally got me to move from "anonymous" lurker on these boards to registered user (post #1 here). Thanks for sharing this! To answer some of the questions that came up on the other replies - Someone already said that Taft originally had 1600 acres - Today KI is only has ~640 acres - Much of the land around KI (on both sides of the highway) was part of the original 1600. North of the Park on the East side of 71, the original land included what is now Great Wolf Lodge, the Movie Theater, the Harley shop and Restaurants at the 71 Interchange, and the School also. Across 71, the Tennis Center, Golf Course, and the houses around the Golf Course were all Taft property - Taft sold much of the land in the mid to late 80's although for the Golf Course ownership only changed to Kings Island Golf - Great American Insurance bought the Golf Course in 94 (also had purchased other Taft property in late 80's), but they sold to the Grizzly Golf Center (course name is Grizzly) in 2004 before Mason purchased in 07. During the Great American time, the course was expanded to 27 holes, but homes have now been built on 9 and it is back to an 18 hole course although not the original 18 if I recall. - If you want to see the campground, Google Maps still shows the property pre GWL (I don't see a mini-golf course)
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