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  1. I would expect a detailed video to be posted sometime this coming weekend. Monday at the latest! -Bill
  2. And with that in mind, I leave this web site without ever looking back! Some one asked us for our opinion and I gave mine and I get THAT in return? Nice! On a side note, I wanna thank all of you that I have become friends with from this site. YOU guys know who you are and you really are what this site is all about. Sorry it had to end this way! Keep in touch! This site is just way to darn childish for my liking! Let me know when it is safe to come back here and NOT get blasted for giving my opinion!
  3. I am probably going to get blasted for this, but here goes. My choice is "The Beast". Now, I love this ride to death! I really really do! But is just to darn over rated in my books. It is a sweet ride, but there is really nothing special to it when you look at it as a whole. When you look at the ride from the sky, the layout looks pretty darn boring! Just my opinion! Bill
  4. I remember awhile back, I was doing this walk for some charity and we walked AROUND the park! We started near the road behind timberwolf and walk totally AROUND the park! We never once stepped foot inside the park until we got back around near the water park area. Just thinking maybe that is it!?
  5. When your parent company owns MTV you can play what you want music wise. Well, it shocks me that Paramount would play any other themes besides there own! Indy, Titanic, Office Space (just seeing if your paying attention). Sure, they might own MTV, but whens the last time you seen the theme to Superman on TRL?
  6. What shocks me is that they will play movie themes from ANY movie studio! They play Star Wars (FOX) and Superman (Warner Bros.) all the time. Just thought I would point that out! By the way, Action Zone is my fav soundtrack section!
  7. Here is a picture of the ant car layout. The best one I could find anyway. Hope it gives you some idea as to what everyone is talking about. Bill
  8. I know it is not the record by a long shot, but I did it 20 times this past Easter Sunday. I wish I had your crew there that day! There was maybe 15-20 people in line but they still made me get out and get back into line to ride it again. No big deal. Was just confused as to the reason why. I mean, I made myself at home on The Beast that day riding 5 times in a row without ever having to get off the train! But I had to get out of my seat and get back in line to ride the frisbee again. What really cracked me up is that I would always make it back on the ride before the next cycle took off and a couple times I would end up in the very same seat I just got out of! Was hoping the ride op would see what I was doing and just let me stay. But it's cool! Every Onward, Bill
  9. I had a feeling the park might be a little slow today with all the rain we had this morning scaring alot of the people away. When the sun came out, I wanted to drop what I was doing and head straight for the park, but other stuff came first. BLAH! Glad you had fun!
  10. Just like me! I went to the top of crew tower today downtown and my knees were giving out on me! I can go on the highest coaster in the world and it would not scare me a bit, but put me up on the highest building in downtown cincinnati and I just want to leave! FAST! Same way with the tower at PKI. It takes me a few mins once I am on the top to get myself adjusted, but sooner or later I am good to go!
  11. bwware


    Anyone ever heard of the one about the boy falling out of "The Bat" and then get a bite from a snake when he landed onto the ground?
  12. Nice find! Makes me miss King Cobra even MORE now! Thanks!
  13. I rode it on Easter Sunday. It was smoother than it had ever been for me before. I was in the very first seat and I have been told that was why it was smoother than normal. I dont know, but I am pretty sure than me and that SOB are pretty much done with each other!
  14. Who is the lady that goes: "Ladies and Gentleman, in just 15mins, King's Island is proud to present, The Magic Of the Movies" blah blah blah.... any ideas?
  15. Thanks for that picture link! I went to that site about 2 weeks ago and they only had maybe 3 pictures of The Bat there. Now they have 11! Sweet pictures at that! Now if I could just find a video of that sucker in action!!
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