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  1. Agreed, I lurk in some park Facebook groups because they sometimes can have good information like crowd reports but I hate when someone asks an innocent question and get insults and horrible replies. I also prefer forums where you are anonymous compared to Facebook.
  2. https://twitter.com/DisneyFoodBlog/status/1280583868924428289 Things aren't looking so good at Disney, and this is during a cast member preview.
  3. I wish they would have built a separate gate water park. There aren't enough slides/attractions for the crowds it gets (last year Breaker's Edge had a 3 hour posted wait on weekdays multiple times) and the wave pool actually has a queue set up with a time limit in the water because of the demand. Not counting kids slides, there are only 8 water slides. It also caused the park to remove their great rapids ride to add the lazy river and wave pool.
  4. Hersheypark is following what Universal did and now requires a face shield to be worn if anyone can't wear a mask for medical reasons. Reports from today that some coasters like Great Bear and Candymonium are loading every row but only 1 party per row unless there are 2 single riders. Other coasters like Fahrenheit and the wooden coasters are loading every other row. https://www.hersheypark.com/info/faqs.php?categories[]=21 "If you have a disability that prevents you from wearing a face covering, our alternative accommodation is to bring and wear a face shield during your visit. Please note that face shields are not permitted on certain attractions, and guests will have to switch to a face covering for those experiences."
  5. SDL is one of my favorite coasters and probably my 4th favorite in the park after Great Bear, Comet and Storm Runner. I have only skipped it on one trip in the last few years and that was only because the ride was closed all day. I hope it's open in time for Christmas Candylane since it is my favorite coaster running for that event.
  6. Hersheypark replied on Facebook or Instagram that they couldn't get the required maintenance finished because of the virus. sooperdooperlooper and the Kissing Tower are also listed as temporarily closed.
  7. Another Cedar Fair park reopening, Dorney Park on July 8th for pass holders, July 11th for everyone. The water park isn't going to open with the rest of the park. https://www.wfmz.com/news/area/lehighvalley/dorney-park-to-open-july-8-for-season-passholders-july-11-to-public/article_ead26910-b78e-11ea-b3b4-73d7a6376d85.html
  8. It looks like Six Flags was smart to reopen the drive through safari at Great Adventure. This is just the traffic to get to the entrance road to the park and reportedly is about 2 hours total in line to get to the ticket booths: https://www.facebook.com/eric.laino.5/videos/10223103974577389/
  9. Hersheypark now plans to open in July if permitted by the state. https://stories.hersheypa.com/covid-19-impact-across-hershey-entertainment--resorts?_ga=2.113460807.118733164.1590776022-1803085748.1470043098#Hersheypark
  10. https://www.kalahariresorts.com/covid-19-update/ " With the recent guidance from the state officials restricting large gatherings, we have made the decision to temporarily close all locations and plan to re-open as directed below: Ohio, Friday, June 5, 2020 Pennsylvania on Tuesday, June 16, 2020 Wisconsin on Wednesday, May, 27, 2020 Lake Delton Waterfront Villas, now open* Trappers Turn Golf Club, now open" I think they are too optimistic about the PA location reopening next month. The county Kalahari is in is still in the red level (stay at home). They might not get to yellow by then It has to get to green to reopen.
  11. Six Flags Great Adventure is reopening the safari as a drive through attraction (how it used to be before 2013). https://www.nj.com/news/2020/05/six-flags-drive-through-safari-is-back-after-coronavirus-restrictions-loosened.html
  12. Diamond Elite and Diamond Members It sounds like Platinum and Gold Members are at the same priority reservation level as season pass holders
  13. I'm guessing the penalty will be similar to anyone with a Diamond or Diamond Elite membership and has to reserve preferred parking. If you reserve it, and don't cancel up to the day before your visit and then don't show up, you lose preferred parking privileges for 30 days.
  14. I like that idea, the closest they have gotten to that is having green lights on Dominator and Eagles flags on the tower when the Eagles were in the NFC Championship and then the Super Bowl 2 years ago. https://facebook.com/dorneypark/photos/and-dominator-stays-green-gobirds-flyeaglesfly-superbowlbound/10156018187836788/
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