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  1. I just like the thought and ingenuity of the new Banshee sign. Beast is an extremely close second though.
  2. KIfan4life


    Anyone know when they usually send out w-2s?
  3. Yes the "chainsaws" are fake this year, however I was getting some good scares Sat. night with mine :-)
  4. Not there. No chainsaws at all this year. I guess there was a safety issue last year with them somewhere.
  5. So I've noticed many of the trip reports have had less than amazing reports of Slaughterhouse. Myself and the many other members of this forum who work there would love to know......what can we do to improve your experience? What are we doing right? Wrong? With only 6 more Haunt days left, help us help you!!! Look forward to your feedback!
  6. Some people are just ***ks and refuse to have fun like normal people and think it's hilarious to hurt us.
  7. Not a big fan of the ride anyways so I say tear them down, scrap 'em and use the money to help pay for a new Kings Island coaster .
  8. Heard the Blood Drums guys rehearsing last night while we were getting ready to get our scare on and I gotta say they sounded awesome! I am stoked they are playing right next to our house so we can hear them every now and then.
  9. Those would be the Creepers. And the knee pads are just standard knee pads with a small metal plate added to make the sparks. However I do not believe they are doing the metal plates anymore due to some safety hazard or something.
  10. "Are you guys opening the Crypt for Halloween Haunt?"
  11. They can be anywhere in the park.
  12. Well I can now say that I will be joining the crew at SlaughterHouse this year! Looking forward to giving some good scares! See ya at rehearsal XGatorHead 8904!
  13. I didn't know for sure lol. Was not here from '07 to '11 cuz I was away in NM with the Air Force.
  14. Yes you can still get in with a platinum pass. They are offering admission to the Haunt as a perk if you buy a 2013 pass now.
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