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  1. Hate to burst your bubble, but the lightning on Mean Streak has always been there...
  2. Major cringe reading all of these reports and releases. Hopefully this issue will eventually go away and the company will turn around. I'd hate to see this trend keep going forward, especially for the Busch parks.
  3. Any chance you know the list of what's on the scrolls? I'd like to see if I can find them online through Google Play Music or some other online streaming service to add into my park playlist.
  4. I still owe you lunch, you did an excellent job. Too bad I can't say meet me out for a beer
  5. I still wonder if the park is already gone though. Even with the July attendance numbers in beating everything the park brought in last year, I think it's still going to go under sadly.
  6. No that was the point, I don't want Cedar Fair to get the ride, pay it off, take it and put it somewhere. I want Tumble Bug, Devils Den, Blue Streak, and others to remain there. Yes Conneaut would be able to survive, but I don't want anything to leave. It'd be a shame to go there and see blank spots, more than there already are or will be.
  7. I almost considered going in this afternoon given the rain probably kept everyone away, but the fact I still see rain outside my window, I think I'll relax and enjoy a quiet afternoon
  8. I'd like Conneaut to be able to live on it's own, however I think that time is sadly gone. Too little too late I fear, and that's what hurts the most.
  9. We'll see what comes of this. When I see old rides start popping up in the parks again like a Bayern Kurve, I'll believe it.
  10. Search and scroll is your friend. Lots of speculation out here. #Thestageknowsall
  11. Every now and then people will be dumb, those instances I won't count against them ever, that's not fair. However when you have ops being sluggish, asking if one or the other checked the gates, or having to check in a certain order things get ridiculous. I'll try to have it uploaded by weeks end, but right now I have to focus on getting other reports done.
  12. At the park right at the tower base, indeed stuck. Maintenance, ride managers, sups, and police all here on scene Edit: Lowering slowly currently as we speak
  13. What does it matter to you what my profession is. It could be free time or employment based. Fact of the matter, operations on Diamondback suck. Which was the whole point of that article. Instead of personally attacking me for whatever reason you choose to do, how about focus on the subject matter at hand.
  14. There are plenty of flyers across the world, they definitely had a stride. Also the enthusiast community was desperate for it everywhere too. I remember Pointbuzz blowing up several times during the announcement phase of the year speculating on a flyer. I've ridden quite a few RMCs. They're good, but again, I will always take a traditional wooden coaster if it was a traditional first. The Iron Horse deal is botched to me. Take Colossus, it's very sad to see something like it go. Plus again, I'm nostalgia driven for sure when it comes to rides, especially coasters.
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