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  1. @Notatroll!!! quick question do you consider Apollo chariot and Phantom's revenge hypers? Because if anything I think drop height matters way more then hill height because the drop determines speed.
  2. Yeah sorry bout that must have misclicked and hit the skip to final page instead of next.
  3. Idk how to do pictures on here anymore, but someone on reddit pointed out that in one of the far away images Racer has a backwards car, obviously not confirmed but definitely something interesting. Could be a very subtle troll or something to get excited about.
  4. I personally would prefer Fury seating, the staggered seats on DB while offering a great view force it to be designed differently and they can't take turns as quickly. I'd much prefer the whipiness on this ride for the banking and turns while the staggered seating works for DB because its mainly just floater hills. Also I'm pretty sure Shambala was the last B&M with staggered seating but I could be wrong.
  5. That was with the formal invitation to the announcement. It really didn't have much teasing from the actual park, a lot of it was just speculation on here. Then ofc Don reads here from time to time and posted a picture of "Splintercat" the night before to make people freak out. I think day of the announcement was like Tree's falling and Saw mill audio but nothing huge.
  6. ^ This was actually something I talked about with a friend recently. KI's Giga had to be different from 3 different rides while still being great and unique. You don't want it to just be a carbon copy of Fury so you can't make the new ride just like it, even though Fury is an outstanding ride. You can't have it be super close to MF because of it's proximity and you want people to attend both parks. But you also can't have it be too airtime focused otherwise the GP will think its just larger Diamondback and then your attendance doesn't get the increase you want. While you can complain about length, which no shortage of people are doing, I personally was extremely impressed with how B&M made this project different enough from all 3 while still making what seems to be a potentially top 10-15 ride. Going to be a very fun season next year and hopefully we see a really nice boost in attendance and maintain that so CF continues to see us as a park they can grow.
  7. Millenium Flyers are heavier then the PTC trains so they might to add supports to make them usable. I doubt KI would want to or had space for that kind of project with how the midways are on either side of the coaster.
  8. Pretty sure it won't be another coaster. They are already getting an intamin multi launch for 2020, to get a 355ft tall giga the year after would be a HUGE investment.
  9. They do own the land, however a lot of it isn't really usable in its current state and they probably cant get within a certain range of the river.
  10. So did a quick check on RCDB the only other coasters B&M are making for 2020 are Mako, the SWSD dive, which looks to be much lighter almost Leviathanish colors. Hersheyparks hyper, and a Wing coaster for China. Can we confirm its the KI giga back there? No not yet, but its pretty likely. Personally I like the color and think its going to be awesome to see this tower over Racer and Coney Mall if this is it and can't wait to hear the name and theme around what will most likely become my new favorite ride.
  11. Personally I would take the giga. TTD does it's one thing really well, but I am a multiple elements kinda guy. Love Beast, but MT really made me appreciate modern wood coasters a lot more because how much it packed into such a small layout.
  12. I would say its pretty doubtful with a drop of 301. MF goes 92 for comparison with a drop of 300. I think its just going to be the Tallest,Fastest coaster in SW Ohio. Just saying the coaster has a 300ft drop will get the general public to show up. It might not be the enthusiast's wet dream coaster like people thought it would, but I would not be surprised to see it rank consistently in the top 10 of stuff like the Golden Tickets.
  13. Well that was certainly unexpected to have the full plans before any teasing from the park. I'm pretty happy for us to finally get our giga and hopefully the theme and color are a great addition to the back of the park. Some will complain about the length of it but personally I'd rather have a coaster that speeds into the final break run and I look to the people next to me with a "what did we just ride" look. Going to be a fun 2020 season for sure.
  14. Just going to chime in and say that a lot of people were disappointed with Mystic Timber's layout when it got leaked as well. Just because something looks straight doesn't mean it can't be an overbanked section or crest in a way that gives you a nice pop of ejector airtime. Whatever it is should be a great ride and while it might not be what we all wanted the coaster will be a major investment into the park and we are lucky to get 3 roller coasters in 6 years. Looking forward to more decoding on theme,color and even still layout depending on footers until the reveal.
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