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Found 5 results

  1. Halloween Haunt is back and bloodier than ever! With two new mazes and the return of some of the most savagely popular attractions that pleased thousands of victims last year, Kings Island is certain to make some of your worst nightmares come to life! New for 2011! Mysteria will bring you to a new dimension where nothing is as it appears. You may enter this new indoor maze but be warned – you are entering on your own peril. The holidays will be experienced in an all-new way as Holiday Horror makes its debut at Halloween Haunt in 2011. Located in Planet Snoopy, Holiday Horror will turn all of your favorite holidays into horrific and terrifying scenes. Returning this year for a second encore is Hot Blooded, a wildly popular live show that has created a cult following in its tenure. Produced in-house, Hot Blooded is regarded as one of the best shows that Kings Island has ever presented. Follow a young couple as they stumble across a vampire’s lair with no escape. Love, lust, betrayal, and revenge are experienced in this soon-to-be-classic musical revue. Who’s ready to see a midget bleed?!? The Half Pint Brawlers are back for more abuse and this time there’s no stopping our little friends! Coming off of an overwhelmingly popular debut last year, everyone’s favorite “midgets” (please don’t call them “little people!”) will be making their return and will shed some real blood, much to the delight of their long-legged audience! Does waiting in line just kill you? You can survive Halloween Haunt in a brand new way with the debut of the Fright Lane at Haunt in 2011. Priced as low as twenty dollars when you buy five or more, a Fright Lane pass will let you skip the line and be amongst the first to reach the chopping block at all of Haunt’s horrific attractions! The Fright Lane pass allows you to bypass the line one time each at all of Haunt’s attractions. If all of this talk about blood, guts and midgets is making you hungry then make sure you check out Halloween Haunt’s Fright Feast. Details have yet to be released about this bloody buffet, but it has proven to be a popular last meal amongst Haunt’s victims in past years. If being scared to death isn’t your idea of a good way to spend your free time, Kings Island will offer two different family-friendly activities during the day. New this year in the Dinosaurs Alive! area of the park, “Trick or Treat With the Dinosaurs” will delight youngsters as they collect goodies from some of their favorite extinct friends. An upcharge will be associated with this activity. Making its return, Howl-o-Fest will complement Kings Island’s award winning kids’ area with special activities for kids in this family-friendly Halloween experience. Do you LOVE Kings Island? Why not come back next year too? Season passes are now on sale for 2012 at the lowest price of the year! You can purchase your new pass or renew your pass online or at the park. For more information, check out the park’s official web site: www.visitkingsisland.com
  2. It has been a long time since I've came here. But wanted to give a shout out to my former Halloween Haunt cast members. I was part of Club Blood when it first opened as the Biker and the following year as both biker and bar tender depending on the night. My final year with King's Island I was the Biker only. Life is good my lady and I have moved out to Cali expecting our first baby any day now and also are now part of the creative team with the Winchester Mystery House Fright Nights as the Make-up leads and designers. Lots of fond memories of KI and lots of love to those of you who are still part of the Haunt family. Happy Haunting.
  3. HEYY i went Halloween Haunt last friday and i got to go through Holiday Horror, Club Blood, Mysteria, Urgent Scare, and CarnEvil. Does anyone know if any of the other mazes have a chainsaw. I have heard that slaughterhouse does but im not sure. If anyone one knows i grateful appreciate the info!
  4. I took this video earlier tonight. Thought you might enjoy it.
  5. Hey Halloween Haunt employees, post here how your feeling about working for Kings Island at Halloween Haunt. Post plans to scare people, what attraction your working, and dont worry im not some dude trying to get information I actually just got a job there and ill be working in a new attraction, but im not saying what its called because of the disclosure agreement :3
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