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Question about TimberWolf:

Do you think it would be possible to have a Fearzone-type attraction on the TimberWolf walkway in October?

I was just asking because, in terms of Halloween festivities, Club Blood is the only attraction in Action Zone, and even with Face Off and Drop Zone open, there's almost NO traffic over in those directions (at least during the Haunt).

Also, since the T-Wolf walkway is wide enough to hold two one-way streets, and the fact that it's not a major pathway for Guest Flow like the Floral Clock/Swan Lake path, a fearzone like worksite can easily fit inside T-Wolf and be setup to where you don't have to wait in line to go walk a straight line. Plus, it could easily make a perfect second Haunt attraction for Action Zone (worksite).

At least I think so.

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That is a good idea. I have personally thought that Timberwolf could be used to house another show/musical revue during Haunt. It would be an excelent stage for a show the magnitude of say Bill and Teds at Universal. Even though I dont particularly like The attractions at theme parks around Halloween, I thought Bill and Teds was easily the 2nd best show I had ever seen in a theme park and would have paid HHN admission just to see it. I thought it was really that good! I would gladly pay upcharge admission for a haunt event at Kings Island if they added another grand musical revue show or comedy routine.

For anyone wondering, here is the list of my favorite shows of all time at any themepark (live action). In no particular order, although ordered!

1. Fantasmic - Walt Disney World (after hours celebration)

2. Bill and Teds Excellent Halloween adventure - Universal Studios

3. Beauty and The Beast- WDW Disney Studios

4. Beatle Juices Graveyard Revue- Universal Studios

5. Dr Fright's Dead mans Party- SFOG

6. Katonga- Busch Gardens Africa

7-20. Too dang many to name, I love my shows!

Three of those shows are Halloween shows, it certainly is a draw for me, And I would like to see one more haunted show at KI!

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