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    I can see The Vortex being removed in 15-20 years. I can see The Beast getting removed in 65-70 years. I can see The Racer getting removed in never.
  2. Aves


    ugh... don't They brake rides enough already? Besides, are you saying all inversions should be as slow as the later Corkscrews?
  3. The nearest water ride to Congo is not Wild Thornberrys. WHITE WATER CANYON
  4. UGH! AGAIN! People thinking they know it all but don't know SQUAT! It's entertaining at school, I laugh about it, cause we're just kids. BUT WHEN AN ADULT WRITER SCREWS UP? Everyone listens and belives them. It's sick. I can't even decide on what story to tell. How about This: I was in line for The Beast, standing next to some big kids. (At the time, I was 7). They were talking about what rides they were going to ride next. I asked them how often they came, but at the time I went once a month. They Said,"We come here ALL the time, were PKI EXPERTS" I said, "Cool. Whats The Vortex like?" They went into this explination about how cool the launch was and how you couldn't see anything in the big dome, and how there was a cool UFO.
  5. Curse Nickalodeon. I HATE this CRAP of naming rides after T.V. shows and movies. Using Roller Coasters as an Advertisment makes me SICK!
  6. Towards the middle of the page, and to the right LINK under the thing that says " FLYERS RETURNING TO Kings Island" Are you saying it wasn't a cruel sick joke?
  7. No, its cool. The Beast trilogy is legendary.
  8. They seem 200' high the first time you ride em!
  9. SOB is fine as is, it just needs a 3rd train. IN MY OPINION: SOB IS ONE OF THE BEST RIDES AT KI!
  10. Never Ride these on a full stomach: Face/Off Delerium Drop Zone Son of Beast Flight of Fear I rode Delerium after lunch, I'll never make that mistake again!
  11. Ahh, the joys of the offseason.
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