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10/28 Superb Visit - last for 2007


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Today I went to Kings Island, its last day of operations for the season, with my family. The sole focus was on Nickelodeon Universe for my 3-year old son.

We started the day by riding the Fairly Odd Coaster. Little Chef (my son) was the youngest kid there and had a great time.

Then Little Chef rode Blue's Skidoo. He doesn't much care for the TV show, but he loves the ride. Next all 3 of us (Little Chef, Mrs. Chef, and I) rode Lazytown Sportacopters and enjoyed the scenery of Nickelodeon Universe. Little Chef and I then rode Little Bill's Giggle Coaster.

After that Little Chef rode Jimmy Neutron's Atom Smashers for the very first time! He was very brave and enjoyed his first bumper car experience. Next my son rode Nick Jr. Drivers - and he sat next to a lucky young lady who will probably dream of marrying him for the next 30 years. :lol:

Next my son rode Go Diego Go. All 3 of us then rode La Adventura de Azul. My wife liked the scenery. Therefore, she took pictures. After the ride, we saw SpongeBob Squarepants in person and took pictures with him.

Little Chef then rode Swiper's Sweeper for the very first time and laughed whenever he finish a lap around the track. After that we saw and took pictures with Patrick Star. Little Chef and I then ran through SpongeBob SquarePants Bikini Bottom Bash Foam Maze - and there was VERY little foam.

Little Chef then requested popcorn, so I bought some and we had a snack.

We then rode Timmy's Air Tours. Little Chef was more interested in the painted bus than the actual ride. :lol:

Much to my surprise, Little Chef then led me to Phantom Flyers. He was by far the youngest and bravest rider, soaring high in the sky. :rolleyes:

Next we boarded the Pumpkin Patch Express. Little Chef enjoyed the train ride and the pumpkin patch.

Then I treated my family to lunch at Wings buffet after that. We all ate 2 plates each. If you are hungry, Wings is the only eatery at KI where you can get a fair deal.

Next my son and I rode Nick-O-Round - TWICE. It was the first time Little Chef ever sat on the horse instead of the bench.

Little Chef then requested blueberry ice cream, which I bought for him. While he ate ice cream with my wife, I went to the top of the Eiffel Tower to look at my beloved park.

After that Little Chef ran back to Blue's Skidoo for a final ride for the year. He wanted to stay longer in the park, but Mrs. Chef had errands to run. So we left the park and won't be back until April 2008. This visit was the most active of my son's life.

Have a great post-2007, pre-2008 season everyone.

Best regards,

Charles aka Italian Chef


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Yep. I have been swamped with work all weekend and have been unable to visit the park this weekend. (My midterm review for studio is tomorrow). I hope to hit up the park for bare bones nights tomorrow and Wednesday night. Have to get my end of year fix of The Beast, Delirium, Drop Zone, Flight of Fear and Firehawk.

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I was there today for my last visit of the year too. At first this morning I was abit worried, see I live a hour and half away and so I got up early and found ice to scrap off my truck. It was all up hill from there. My fellow rider and myself got to KI around 10:30 and was very pleased to see them passing out the CF Jackets. $40.00 dollar jacket? I think not but still it's free and on time so I'm not complaining.

It was somewhat a long line waiting for the jackets and by the time we got in the Park it was 11:30. No worries, all rides were walk on's even though they only had 2 trains running on both Vortex and The Beast. There wasn't even a line for Sonny-boy. Its seemed all the woodies were running pretty fast and smooth today, or maybe that was becuase it tends to get a little cold this time of year and I think you notice that it a bit more at 60 MPH!

Overall it was a killer day. We got 11 coaster rides in 3 hours before heading home. Kings Island, I will miss you, and I'll be there opening day next season.

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Sunday was truly awesome I was there from 2 till 11:30, I believe I set a personal record riding 24 roller coasters:

The Beast 4 times

The Vortex 4 times

Flight of Fear 8 times

The Racer 3 times

italian job 3 times

Top Gun 1 time

Face Off 1 Time

Also the viking ship twice, the shake rattle and roll once, the monster once and with the elephant turned off I got to ride the Log Flume (I was excited about that)

There were times I walked on The Beast and Vortex and there was only like 4 or 5 people in the station.

I hope it will be as dead on Tuesday, not for the parks sake but for mine :)

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We took the grandkids for the last day of Nick or Treat too!! They had a blast but we did stay for the Haunt as well. Never missed a single night of it. I really enjoyed what they did with the Nick or Treat!!! It was sooo well done and soo cute!! We did the train and took some picks of the kids running around having fun checking things out.

Italian for some reason we always seem to be at the same place and same time and never know it or meet up. Maybe next year we will be luckier!

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