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2008 New Attraction


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Hey guys,

I was wondering.. What new ride(s) would you guys wanna see in the 2008 season?

I was hoping for maybe some kind of steel vertical drop coasters, they're always fun. :) Been on both of them in the US (Sheikra and Griffon.. BEST STEEL COASTERS IN THE WORLD) Maybe an eagle type thing. Kinda like Maverick's teme but with a bird and so on. I was also maybe thinking another duel coaster, like The Racer.. but not just an out-and-back coaster. More like Dueling Dragons at Universal Studios. Maybe base the ride off The Racer.

LOL! Racer.5 heh,

(NEVER SAYING THAT THERE WILL ABSOLUTELY BE A COASTER FOR NEXT SEASON. Maybe there might be a thrill ride like Tomb Raider. But watever 2008 brings, i hope its great!)


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