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Photo Trip Report of Carowinds

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Okay I was trying to goto Knott's Barry Farm this summer but the park closed 4 hours early. So me and my brother planned a trip to Carowinds this past fall. We have a great time got to ride the Flyers and Top Gun is my new #1 steel coaster.

So here are the pictures.





I post some more pictures later on.

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I personally have a Love/Hate relationship with Carowinds which I've always felt that it's owners have seen it the same way. Paramount seemed to treat it like it's "red headed step child" and I think Cedar Fair thinks the same way. That said I think the park needs much better landscaping and really needs more shade throughout. The part of the park where Scooby Doo (forgive me I forget the section name) is probably the best atmosphere area in the park. I too LOVE Top Gun but that's really the only great thing at the park for me. The other coasters are either pretty rough or at least look like a bucket of rust. So please don't kill me now but that's just my view.

PS---- my view wasn't always this way at one time I would of put it ahead of Kings Island due to the variety of coasters but the lack of quality has brought me to where I am now...

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Did you ride the Scooby-Doo dark ride? If so, what did you think of it? When I went last in '04 the line was insane, so I passed it up for about 20 re-rides on Top Gun.

I rode Scooby-Doo 3 times during one day. The Scooby Doo at Carowinds is 100% better than what Kings Island got. All the effects and guns work and you get up close to the effects unlike Kings Island. Also no one was wanting to ride Top Gun in the morning so they let use ride in the front 4 times and another in the back row. The lines during the day at the park where not that bad, but when I came back to Scarowinds the lines got very long. That's okay I did all the Haunted Houses which where very nicely done.

If the mods don't mind I can post some Dollywood pictures also.




Me with Borg



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